Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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16 September 1977. Thought for the Week: ".... Leisure, restricted though it has been, has nevertheless given us all the values of Civilisation, as well as some of the values of Culture. Civilisations may be said to be the creation of Leisure, just as Culture may be said to be the right use of Leisure. The fact that we are tolerably civilised and only very elementarily cultured is due to the relative restriction in the past of economic Leisure. Civilisation is the work of a Leisured class; Culture is the achievement of a Leisured people. If history is any guide, we might expect the world, as Leisure became universal, to pass from the epoch of Civilisation into an epoch of Culture."
A.R. Orage.


Every student of Marxism-Leninism is familiar with Lenin's teaching that a national revolution is impossible unless there is a national crisis affecting both employers and employees. The basic cause of the deepening crisis in every industrialised country has nothing whatever to do with the private ownership of the means of production; increasing friction is generated by a monetary policy, which produces continuing inflation.

The Marxist Trade Union leader urges employees to strike for higher wages against the "exploiting" employer, in most cases fully aware that higher wages are of no permanent benefit. The employer resists paying higher wages, not because he is an evil capitalist", but because in most cases he has to increase his financial debt to pay the increased wages, and must then attempt to recover the increased wage costs, plus interest charges, through higher prices. The mathematics of the situation is beyond dispute.

Elections as such are not going to halt growing social disintegration while present financial policies are pursued. Deputy Prime Minister Doug Anthony said late last week that he is prepared to fight an early Federal Election on "a completely unruly society" if necessary. While we well understand why Mr. Anthony and his colleagues would prefer to fight an election on the theme of "who is running the country" instead of on the state of the economy, what if they manage to get themselves re-elected? Their majority would be substantially reduced. But the "unruly society" would not go away because Mr. Anthony and his colleagues got themselves re-elected. In fact it is certain that the revolutionary ferment would be increased.

Former Federal Liberal Member John Jess was right when he warned last weekend that there are groups at both ends of the political spectrum who are seeking confrontation, and that such a confrontation can only end in disaster for orderly society. The present situation can only be defused by removing the basic cause.

The Marxist-Leninists are confident that the Fraser Government will not remove that cause by implementing a constructive policy of reversing inflation. They fear the type of policy put forward in the "Petersen Plan" because they know that a drastic reduction in Sales Tax, the freezing of aggregate taxation, and the lowering of food prices by the use of consumer discounts, would not only reduce costs and prices, but would start to stimulate the economy without further inflation.

Law and order in a society is only possible when the members of that society have enough incentive to encourage them to support the principle of voluntary co-operation. Attempted compulsion in a society where there is growing friction leads to revolution. The Fraser Government is one of the greatest assets the Marxist-Leninist conspiracy has ever had in Australian history. Unless that Government can be pressured to change its finance economic policies, the stage is being set for revolution.


The problem of migrant groups in Australia has, predictably, become a major political issue. The Federal Opposition leader Mr. Gough Whitlam has attacked the Fraser Government's alleged policies towards migrants. He charges that the Government's policies are hurting the migrants more than other Australians. Mr. Whitlam is, of course, concerned with obtaining as many migrant votes as possible at the next Federal elections.

Mr. Gordon Bryant, Mr. Whitlam's colleague, charges that the Fraser Government is "discriminating" against the Italian community by attempting to deport an Italian Communist journalist, who has now gone underground. Mr. Bryant says that the Italian community requires the services of this Communist journalist.

Victorian Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Mr. Jona, charges that community attitudes have resulted in many migrant children having to adopt a "schizophrenic life style". Opening a Melbourne seminar, "Ethnic Youth, the Past, Present and Future", last weekend, Mr. Jona said that although migrant cultures were being accepted, the acceptance had only been at surface level. The problems of educating migrant children and of providing adequate teachers have been increasingly publicised. Some migrant teachers are also claiming that they are being "discriminated" against.

Mr. Jona says that the "Total Australian Community" campaign and legislation aimed at creating an understanding of the culturally diverse nature of our society. Mr. Grassby glibly talks about "the family of the nation." At one time the United States was held up as the successful "melting pot." But the latest fad is to stress the "pluralistic society".

Irrespective of what is said, and what legislation is passed, there are certain basic truths, which are beyond dispute, except to those obsessed with their ideologies. A stable society must be a homogeneous society, with a dominant culture, philosophy and religion. One group can successfully absorb other groups with different cultures at a slow rate. But when the rate is rapid the inevitable result is fragmentation, friction and breakdown. This suits the revolutionaries, as witnessed by what is happening in the United Kingdom. There is still time for Australians to avoid what is happening in other countries. This requires a realistic approach to the immigrant question, even if the result is the hackneyed charge of "racism.


We are informed that Prime Minister Fraser rang the evil Bishop Lamont on the eve of the recent ABC TV programme, "Monday Conference", to wish him well. Those who saw the programme will recall how Senator Glen Sheil of Queensland, who visited Rhodesia during the last parliamentary recess, made a most impressive showing. We do not subscribe to the growing view that Prime Minister Fraser is some type of conscious subversive. He is a shallow man with a philosophy, which explains his rigid viewpoint on many issues. He has a fixation on the Rhodesian and South African situation, which makes him susceptible to the poisonous advice of his Foreign Affairs experts.

Reliable reports from the United States reveal that President Carter has secretly agreed to support military intervention by a U.N. "peace-keeping" force in Rhodesia as part of a joint British-U.S. programme to bring "black majority rule" in Southern Africa. The strategy is to get a U.N. force involved in Rhodesia first, and then to expand against South Africa. Recent statements by the British Socialists confirm the American reports. Mr. Ian Smith is warned "the game is up", and that he must go to make way for a government imposed by the British and American Governments, using U.N. forces. Where does the Fraser Government stand in all this? It has piously said it opposes the use of force against Rhodesia. Now is the time for intensified action on the Rhodesian issue.

Former Attorney General Ellicott is no doubt being honest when he says he resigned his portfolio on a question of principle. But he has been rather selective on the question of principle. He did manage to remain a Minister in a Government which has shamelessly broken most of the promises made at the 1975 Federal Elections. Anyone who listens to a recording of Mr. Malcolm Fraser's opening election speech will note that one of the loudest bursts of applause came when he promised no more Australian aid to terrorist organisations. We have no evidence that Mr. Ellicott opposed Australian meat and wheat being sent to the Communist base, Mozambique, to help feed terrorists murdering Rhodesian civilians. And presumably if Mr. Ellicott had not resigned, he would have framed the legislation required to attempt to close down the Rhodesian Information Centre in Sydney.

Threats by militant leaders of rural movements to organise food blockades are further chilling evidence of the inevitable disintegration of orderly society in Australia unless the Fraser-Anthony Government constructively reverses its financial policies. The National Director of the Cattlemen's Union, Mr. Barry Cassell, said in Adelaide last week that previous strikes in the meat industry would seem like Sunday school picnics if cattlemen were forced to vent their anger publicly." This kind of talk is music to the ears of the professional Marxist revolutionaries. It is to be deplored. Primary producers can give a lead in uniting the Australian community by pressing for the adoption of financial policies which would lower the price of food to consumers, this stimulating production and eroding the Communist backed campaigns for ever higher wages. A starting point would be consumer discounts on all foodstuffs, much lower interest rates, and the reorganising of the rural debt on to a long-term basis. The rural community is not going to solve its problems by declaring war on the rest of the community.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159