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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

9 December 1977. Thought for the Week: "An iron law of history: the qualities needed to obtain power are the exact opposite of those needed to use it wisely."
Richard Needham in Toronto Globe & Mail, Canada, Aug.31


One of the outstanding features of the election campaign has been the blatant distortion of fact and the use of the "Big Lie" by many of the party candidates. It is not surprising that electors have become cynical about the business of politics, with many openly expressing the view that "it doesn't really matter who wins."

A climate is developing in which people could lose faith in the democratic system of government and accept a dictatorship. But we are pleased to note that the League of Rights' concept of electors involving themselves constructively in an election by insisting that they are the source of all political power has grown vigorously.

Irrespective of who is Prime Minister next week, Australia will continue on a revolutionary course unless present finance economic policies are constructively reversed. As the election results will be known before readers obtain this issue of On Target, we will make no further election comment, but place on record some of the specific predictions made during the last week of the campaign. They will be handy for future reference.

"He (Mr. Doug Anthony) said the Government had been unable to reduce unemployment in the past two years because of high inflation, high interest rates and depressed investment. 'Unfortunately, in getting these basic economic factors correct, the last area to get improvement is unemployment', he said. 'Having created the basis for a sound economy, the jobs will be there. But in the meantime we have a big problem with unemployment. I think we are going to go through the peak of this in the first quarter of next year. Then it will start to move down as interest rates and inflation come down - as they will.' - The Australian, December 5th.

The Labor Party's economic policy would cut inflation by 5% in the next 12 months, the Opposition Leader, Mr. Whitlam, said yesterday. And he said Labor had policies which would reduce unemployment by at least 100,000 within a year." - The Sun, Melbourne December 5th.

"The Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser, has promised to cut up to $10 a week from the average building society new homes loan programme by reducing interest rates. Mr. Fraser said yesterday the Federal Government's policies on interest rates would affect hundreds of thousands of people 'directly and indirectly' and reduce the cost of buying a new home ... The effect of the lower rates on existing mortgages would be even more widely felt." - The Australian, December 5th.

"The Government believed inflation would be 6% to 8% next year, the Treasurer, Mr. Howard, said last night. He said the Government believed unemployment would start to fall early in the new year and would continue to fall in a steady and sustainable manner. Mr. Howard, speaking on A.T.V.-O's Firing Line, said he did not want to make a prediction on what would happen when the Government's economic strategy brought inflation down to 6% or 8%. He said the Government might want to reduce it further or might want to stimulate the economy." - The Age, Melbourne, December 5th.


This week has witnessed yet another example of the rot afflicting Western political leaders. British Foreign Secretary, Dr. Owen, has invited the leaders of the Rhodesian "Patriotic Front", Mr. Joshua Nkomo, and Mr. Mugabe, to London later this month for talks. The proposed talks are how to try to salvage the Anglo-American proposals for Rhodesia, rejected by the Rhodesian Government.

The Anglo-American proposals were a demand that Rhodesia surrender unconditionally, with the terrorists being brought into the Rhodesian armed forces. The Rhodesian Government responded by not only rejecting the surrender demand, but by a bold offensive into Mozambique which eliminated large numbers of terrorists. Prime Minister Smith has at the same time invited African leaders to cooperate in working out an internal settlement for Rhodesia.

As every competent observer on the Rhodesian situation has pointed out, it does not matter what arrangements are made between whites and blacks inside Rhodesia for any new constitution; the forces of international revolution are determined to impose their own "solution". As the American Negro journalist and ordained Minister, Mr. Ralph Moss, pointed out when in Australia, Nkomo and Mugabe are two murderous thugs who should be in prison. But they are the two men who, although they openly insist that Rhodesia must be ruled by the gun, and who both want to be in the top position in Rhodesia, are treated with such respect by Western politicians like Dr. Owen.

It is the tribal Rhodesian blacks that continue to be the main victims of the murderous activities of the terrorists who follow Nkomo and Mugabe. And behind this campaign is the Soviet Union in an unholy alliance with Western Governments.

In a message just to hand from the Rev. Father Arthur Lewis, Chairman of the Rhodesia Christian Group, we are told that the battle for Rhodesia is the battle to hold the line for civilised government and decency against the dark forces marshaled behind Communism. Father Lewis tells all civilised people everywhere the truth:"… you have a stark choice. Either you get stuck into the battle for Rhodesia, which is your front line. Or you sit back and wait for the New Dark Age to envelop yourself, your family and your country. If that happens it will take centuries longer to rebuild anything like a Christian civilisation than it would to recover after a nuclear holocaust. Rhodesia is the front line of your defence, spiritual and material.

As Father Lewis says, Rhodesia fights on "unafraid", an inspiration to all who are not spiritually dead. The light continues to burn. Those keeping it alight are buying a little more time for a sick West, providing it with a chance to re-discover its soul and to turn on its cowardly and shallow politicians.


From time to time the League is visited by supporters of the British "National Front". Mr. John Tyndall, leader of the "Front" in the United Kingdom, was quoted recently as saying that a branch of the "Front" is to be set up in Australia. The. League has been invited by one "Front" enthusiast to "join forces". The League is a strictly non-party political movement and has constantly pointed out that what Australia requires is not another political party, but new policies. Apart from this, the League feels that the tactics of the "British Front", with the stress on street marching and "direct action" are counter productive. Those attracted to party political power game tend to neglect the truth that hard, in-depth study is required by those who want to reverse the tide now flowing so strongly against Civilisation.

The notorious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was responsible for the 1966 plan for an Anglo-American invasion of South Africa. We now learn that Institute is proposing that the U.S.A. should support Communist China's claims to Taiwan's off shore oil fields. The Institute's "Asian expert'", Selig S. Harrison, says that his proposals "would dispel any lingering doubts about U.S. intentions, both for the companies and for Peking....we would be legally stating that the only China is Peking and Taiwan is its province." As the oil companies are controlled by the Rockefellers, this proposal is of some significance. We notice that Mr. David Rockefeller appears to be paying considerable attention to Taiwan in recent times. The Free Chinese would be well advised to treat Mr. David Rockefeller with the greatest suspicion.

The Soviet's rejection of the invitation to attend the informal Middle East conference in Cairo does not mean that President Sadat's direct approach to Israel has any basic merit. In the military conflicts with Israel the Egyptians have had to bear the brunt of the fighting. Sadat has serious internal problems and does not relish another military conflict. The basic cause of the Middle East crisis continues to be the question of the people deprived of their homeland by the establishment and expansion of Israel, the Palestinians. Until they receive genuine justice of some kind, the Middle East will continue to be a festering sore exploited by the Marxist revolutionaries and their many dupes.
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