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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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23 December 1977. Thought for the Week: "The plight of humanity is of its own making. It is the inevitable outcome of a progressive violation of the Canon - of shutting off the outward-looking, fear-dominated Mind from Reality. The resulting conflict in the sphere of human affairs is fundamentally a conflict between the spiritual concept of Life and the 'materialistic' concept of Life - between the power of Faith and the forces generated by fear - between the power of God and the forces of Mammon - between Christ and Anti-Christ.
Upon the outcome of the conflict there can be no doubt, for the forces of evil having no Absolute Reality cannot prevail against the power of Faith stemming from a realisation of Reality. It is not simply a case of the forces of evil ultimately bringing destruction upon themselves, but in terms of Reality they are defeated now."
L.D. Byrne, O.B.E., in Faith, Power and Action.


By Eric D. Butler
For my wife and me one of the most enjoyable events in the League of Rights year, is the pre-Christmas party, which we have been privileged to host at "Runnymede" for many years. The sight and sound of supporters' children singing Christmas carols, with parents joining in, provides moving evidence of the reality of family - a reality which has been given a special significance by the Christian Revelation. That reality is under heavy attack today, with tragic results for the large number of children of "liberated" parents. No stable social structure can endure if the basic unit of family is eroded. This is a truth that even Lenin and the early Communists had to obey when they discovered that their policies for destroying the family were leading to anarchy. They had to reverse themselves.

One of the guests at this year's pre-Christmas party was heard to say during one of those intimate small group discussions which are a feature of this annual event: "The truth I discovered through the League has changed my life. It has given me a better understanding of many things, including Christianity. Here we are tonight as members of the League family, with our kids, enjoying a special type of fellowship. We are all different but share a common purpose. Our lives have meaning. Through the League we have started to practise those principles we hope will eventually transform that wider family termed society."

I am sure the sentiments expressed by this person will be endorsed by League supporters right around Australia. Hearing them expressed at our pre-Christmas party was enough to make my evening. The election results appeared a triviality compared with the essence of the views expressed.

One of the criticisms levelled at the League is that it does not get involved in the power struggle associated with modern party politics. "Why don't you form your own party and ask electors to judge your policies?" To attempt to combat the forces of Evil by attempting to use the same methods as those forces would confer upon them a semblance of Reality.

The League rejects the widely held view that Truth has ever been revealed by counting heads. If "majority rule" reflects Truth, then Christ was completely wrong. The majority demanded than He be crucified. Truth ultimately triumphs, as observed in the statement that the mills of God grind slowly, but they do grind.

Mr. Ivor Benson of South Africa has made a contribution to this subject in a most perceptive article, "The 'K' Factor in World Politics", published in the December issue of Mr. Benson' s Behind the News. The essence of Mr. Benson's theme is that realities are demonstrating the folly of the "racial equality" dogma, and that those evil whites who have attempted to manipulate blacks are being let down by the blacks themselves who keep on demonstrating their basic natures. And the majority of blacks are the main victims of White sponsored evil policies.

The message of the League of Rights at this time in history when Evil appears to be in the ascendant, is for sufficient people to live their lives in Faith, with firm conviction that if they act in accordance with that Faith, they are making a vital contribution to the triumph of Truth. C.H. Douglas advised that the only way to deal with Black Magic, much of it manifest in the many myths of the twentieth century, is to treat it as if it did not exist. The course of evil events is not going to be changed by accepting or adopting the methods of those responsible for those events.

The League is a unique political movement, which stresses that Faith and the knowledge of Truth are the source of a power, which potentially has no limits. But in order to affect the material world Faith must be expressed in appropriate action. It is not the size of the counter-force against the forces of Evil, which will be effective, but the power of Faith. Faith inspired action eliminates fear; fear of all the propaganda and the instruments of coercion used by forces of Evil.

An association of individuals who consistently act in accordance with their Faith and Reality can change the course of history from what it otherwise would have been. It is this type of association, which the League of Rights fosters. It provides the vision of the Kingdom of God on earth. Christmas is an appropriate time for League of Rights supporters to ponder on this matter and to be thankful that they have already been able to enrich their lives through a greater understanding of Truth.
A Happy and Holy Christmas to all readers and their loved ones.


President Sadat of Egypt was forced into his "peace initiative" with Israel because of his nation' s mounting internal problems. He hopes that a peace agreement with Israel will enable Egypt to devote far less to military expenditure. The former Zionist terrorist Begin seeks to take advantage of Sadat's problems by offering what are superficially attractive concessions. But the Begin proposal for the West Bank will not remove the basic problem of the up rooted Palestinians. Genuine peace is impossible in the Middle East until this problem is solved.

West Germany is making a major contribution towards the building of a new Moscow air terminal, to be completed in time for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. 300 West German workers are on the job. The air terminal will be presented as yet another example of "Communist achievement."

Africa has become the major focal point for Castro's Cuban foreign policy. Castro has urged young Cubans to learn the "imperialist languages", English and French, to enable them to fulfill their "international duty" in the major parts of Africa. While Cuban military intervention in Africa has tended to focus Western attention on the actions of Cuban troops, little attention has been paid to the Cuban civilian presence. They are a major feature of the long-term strategy to revolutionise Africa. These civilians are "volunteers" from Cuba's Che Guevara International Detachment. Castro indicates what he has in mind when he said recently that in Angola there would soon be a million children being taught and trained by Cuban "volunteer" teachers. The Castro programme for a new type of colonising in Africa has the full backing of the Soviet. It is placing a big strain on the Cuban economy. But given the "normalisation" of relations with Carter's U.S.A., no doubt the Rockefellers and their associates will be willing to provide the same type of credits they are extending to the Soviet.

Prime Minister Ian Smith's negotiations with black leaders inside Rhodesia are paying dividends in the sense that Smith is gaining still more time. We agree with Ken Dickinson, writing in the British On Target, who suggests that Ian Smith may have upstaged the British, Americans and the Soviet with his support for "one man, one vote." This has never worked anywhere in Africa, which Ian Smith knows. It is not inconceivable that Smith could get a Constitution, which would ensure that white rights were safeguarded in Rhodesia, even with a black Prime Minister. Ian Smith has demonstrated that he is a great survivor. He may survive long enough for an awakening in the West concerning the necessity to stop supporting the programme of revolution in Africa.

The latest available information shows that the Soviet blocs total indebtedness is approximately $48,000 million. This is an increase of $39,000 million since the beginning of 1971. Professor Richard Portes of London University expresses the view that the total debt may be $100,000 million by 1980. Weekly Review, England, of December 7, reports that approximately $29,000 million of the present Soviet debt is owed to Western commercial banks, including David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan. The largest creditor is West Germany. Soviet indebtedness to the American commercial banks is over $42,000 million. And the Soviet owes another $1,000 million to the US Government. So much for the "Communist miracle". Western traitors are engaged in making the West produce to keep the Communist barbarians in business. And still there are those simple students who believe what they are taught about the "anti-Capitalist" Communist States.

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