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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

18 March 1977. Thought for the Week: "Europe is cut in two and, I believe, will either be wholly crushed into servile oblivion at one more move in the great game or rise again. Much power to sway the decision, either way, has passed from Europe to America, so that I felt an urgent need of the mind to go there. The balance of money-power and manufacture power has shifted greatly thither, and 'if the world is governed by very different persons from what those believe who are not behind the scenes' (Disraeli's words) then America is today the land which they will chiefly seek to divide, rule and use for the completion of their plan.
Douglas Reed, in Foreword to Far and Wide (1951)


At the conclusion of an intensive week of lecturing and fact-finding in South Africa, Mr. Eric Butler sent this report
Communist inspired riots in African townships, and the desperate Rhodesian situation, have shattered some of the traditional complacency amongst South Africans.

The new Carter Administration is making it clear that it is determined to increase pressure on the South African Government to modify drastically internal policies. Powerful U.S. business organisations are threatening that they may have to withdraw from South Africa unless the Carter Administration's requirements are met. Many of the same American business organisations are involved in providing economic blood transfusions to the Soviet Union and Communist China but there are no suggestions of applying pressure to the Communists to change their policies.

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, former Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, has been visiting South Africa, and while the Admiral understands the major strategic importance of Southern Africa in the struggle for the world, he has warned the South Africans that "it is quite clear that no help can ever be expected from my country under the present policies of the South African Government." This is the type of news, which encourages the criminals of the Kremlin to intensify their strategy against Rhodesia and South Africa.

In both T.V. and radio interviews I have warned South Africans that irrespective of what internal concessions are made in both Rhodesia and South Africa, these will not halt the mounting revolutionary pressures on Southern Africa, stressing the chilling dimensions of evil in the modern world, where the power men of international finance openly support the Communist criminals and insist that Europeans in Southern Africa must jeopardise a whole way of life. On top of this are South Africa's escalating internal finance economic problems, with continuing high inflation having the same devastating impact that it is in Australia and elsewhere. South Africa's last massive devaluation has no more helped the South Africans than the similar devaluation by the Fraser Government is helping Australians.

Buffeted by growing external and internal pressures, the Vorster Government has now been subjected to an attack from a new flank. A recently published book by one of South Africa's leading businessmen, Dr. A.D. Wassenaar, Assault on Private Enterprise, has been something of a national sensation, with Prime Minister Vorster feeling it necessary to attempt to defend his Government in Parliament against the charge that he is in fact creating the socialist "freeway to Communism." It has come as a shock to many South Africans to be told that a Government generally described as strongly anti-Communist, has in fact fostered much of the Marxist economic programme, as outlined in the basic Marxist text book The Communist Manifesto.

Dr. Wasenaar documents just how far South Africa has moved down the Socialist road with nationalisation of basic industries, heavy progressive income tax, abolition of the rights of inheritance and centralised control of transport in the hands of the State. He points out that it was internal economic decay in Portugal, which made the revolutionary military coup of 1975 possible. Every weakening of the genuine free enterprise system. a basic feature of which is decentralised economic power in the form of widespread ownership of property, is a victory for Communism, irrespective of what label is applied to the process.

Dr. Wassenaar stresses that the future of all the Western democracies now depends upon whether the progressive weakening of the free enterprise economic system can be halted and reversed. If it can't, then the ultimate triumph of Communism is inevitable.

South Africa is at the same crossroads, which all the non-Communist countries have reached, its situation intensified by an exploited race situation. This exploitation has only been made possible by the modern myth that all men are equal, and that democracy only exists where there is a one-man-one-vote system.
If the future of civilisation depends upon merely counting heads, irrespective of what is inside them, then the future is bleak.

What is required is that individuals in all spheres of human activity are made personally responsible for the policies they support. This also applies to Western politicians, who are making or endorsing the disastrous decisions which are producing such disastrous results.

My impression is that South African politicians are going to come under increasing pressure from electors beginning to grasp that they must play a more active role in shaping their own destinies. South Africans are beginning to realise that, like all Western peoples, they are threatened both from within and from without. And that the labels of Governments mean little, as witnessed by a Fraser Government supporting the Communist advance in Southern Africa. Needless to say, I have apologised to South Africans for the treacherous policy of the Fraser Government.


Mr. Edward Rock, former Assistant National Director of the Australian League of Rights, holidaying in New Zealand, sends us a few observations

"My stay in New Zealand coincided with the visit there of Her Majesty, and Prince Philip. If there are any Republican feelings in New Zealand (and one must suppose in a country where socialism has for a long time been the second philosophy - there must be), it was swamped by a genuine patriotic fervour. Even the Press exuded warmth, which acknowledged an innate understanding that the Monarchy represented something so widely and deeply valued that it could not be denied.

"Responding to a toast from both the Nationalist and the Labor Party leaders, the Queen thanked them for the unity of loyalty expressed for the Monarchy. One wonders if she will be able to say the same in Australia where Mr. Whitlam has made it clear that he would welcome a Republican system of Government for Australia.
If New Zealanders exhibit a healthy understanding of the Monarchy, the same can be said of their understanding towards their politicians.

Punting down the Shotover River at Queenstown a discussion arose amongst the passengers on the rubber raft, on recent price rises and inflation. One New Zealander observed that Mr. Muldoon had gained office by trickery and suggested that as they would be "no better putting the other crowd in", the best solution would be to dump all politicians into Wakitapa Lake, which because of its glacial coldness, allows humans in its waters a survival period of some 12-14 minutes. They should be held there, he said, until they gave firm promises of changed policies.
"I observed that the making of promises was the stock-in-trade of politicians; whereby all agreed that it would be best to leave them in the Lake.

The same unconscious irony was expressed by a Maori bus driver in Wellington as he pointed out the new Parliament House being built in the design of a beehive, and called as such. "That's where we keep our drones, the most expensive in the world", he said. Such remarks reflect the disillusionment of New Zealanders with their politicians.

Mr. Muldoon vehemently opposed a recent wage increase of 6%, saying it should only have been 3%. Shortly before this, he and his fellow parliamentarians accepted a 10% increase in salary.

"In the month I have been in New Zealand the price of coal, the staple heating fuel in New Zealand, has risen from $11 per ton to $39 per ton. Electricity charges have risen by an average of 30%. "Mr. Muldoon has announced that the Government will not continue the subsidy on butter, and the price will rise by another 7 cents per half kilogram. At the sane time he has announced that inflation is New Zealand's number one enemy. All very familiar to Australians who experience the same doubletalk and hypocrisy from their Government."


A report from "Intelligence Digest" (U.K. Feb. 16th) only serves to confirm the League's warnings in recent years; viz, massive technological and financial aid pouring into the Soviet Union, the West's sworn enemy. This would appear to support Lenin's famous prediction that the Capitalists would supply the rope with which the communists hang them. And this situation will continue so long as the West adheres to the fallacious economic conventions of the past. The injection of such aid into the Soviet Union has been fully documented and authenticated in Dr. Antony Sutton's "National Suicide", price $3.60 post paid from all League offices.

The "Intelligence Digest" article runs: "The Chinese leaders are equally concerned about the weakness of N.A.T.O. and the West's refusal to face the dangers ahead, and especially about the reluctance to spend more on strengthening the defence of the West. They are similarly concerned with the tremendous flow of Western technology and expertise into the Soviet Union, and have said so in no uncertain terms."

The Party Game

If the Parties had been what they pretended to be, the Labor Party representative of the lower income groups, and the Conservative Party representative of the middle-income groups, the choice would have been more reasonable. But Labor, if it had done away with poverty and insecurity, as it professes to do, would have done away with the need to represent poverty and insecurity - it would have done away with its chief power of appeal to the people, and in so doing would automatically have filled the ranks of the Conservatives.
And if the Conservatives, being in power, had protected the people, especially owners of property, against the raids of the tax collectors and against other monopolies, they thus would have secured the people in their new won freedom and made them free of both Parties.
But in practice nothing like this has happened. Both Parties have helped and encouraged the growth of monopolies and cartels and large trade unions wherein the individual has become a mere cog in the machine, having practically no say in the policy of those vast organizations. The determined policy of both Parties has been to deprive individuals of any chance of establishing their independence and to force them to be dependent on the charity of the State as administered by the Party boss and his henchmen.
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