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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

April 7 1978. Thought for the Week: "Since the publication of my first book, Religion, Red and Rotten, a significant change has occurred in the quarters of liberal-ecumenism. They have become more bold and fearless in their strange anti-Christian announcements, publications, press releases, and the execution of various programmes and policies. Their continued and increased support of our sworn enemies is generally known by those who seek to keep themselves informed regarding such matters. Correctly speaking, it is a form of spiritual treason to Christ and country."
Reverend Henry Pike, in the Preface to WHY?


"It was no accident that only days before President Carter left for his talks in Nigeria this weekend the U.S. State Department should have suddenly announced its discovery of 'serious inadequacies' in the Rhodesian internal settlement for black majority rule." - Michael Barnard, in The Age (Melbourne) April 1st.
We have long held that, as what we term the Conspiracy draws more closely to its final goal, it will be forced to reveal and expose itself more nakedly. This is happening right now in Southern Africa. Why did President Carter choose Nigeria to make his fresh attack on South Africa? The answer can be given in one word - OIL!

Mr. Barnard continues: "Nigeria, the hub of black Africa - and, by coincidence the No. 2 supplier of oil to the United States - is solidly against the package agreed between the white leader, Ian Smith and Rhodesia's widely popular black moderates." Now who would be financially interested in the production of oil in Nigeria, and its export to the U.S.A.? No prizes for saying the Rockefellers.
The black moderate Rhodesian leaders, and the Smith Government have agreed upon the path to black majority rule by the end of this year, but the terrorist leaders of the "Patriotic Front", Mugabe and Nkomo, refuse any cooperation, and threaten continued violence; and they mean it too.

Mr. Barnard asserts that Washington will almost certainly ditch the Rhodesian settlement; we had not the slightest doubt that it would. Neither Washington, nor London will agree to any settlement that will not virtually guarantee the victory of the Communist backed Patriotic Front. Our own little lap dogs in Canberra will toddle along beside their masters! Mr. Barnard draws attention to, one, Sam Nujoma, the S.W.A.P.O. leader from South West Africa, "whose thugs have just assassinated Chief Clemens Kapuuo, no doubt as part of an attempt to eliminate all black moderate leaders in the territory".
This Sam Nujoma stated on T.V. that S.W.A.P.O. wasn't interested in black majority rule, but only in power by revolution, and documents recently captured by Rhodesian forces confirm the Soviet-Cuban direction of the guerilla war there.

So we have irrefutable evidence, again, of the virtual symbiosis (Oxford English Dictionary: "Association of two different organisms living attached to one another; such association advantageous to both, etc.) of Monopoly Capitalism and International Communism. The Money Power centred in New York and Washington, exerting pressure on the U.S. Government through such agencies as the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) and via the "bought" politicians, brings about a rejection of any political settlement which could produce stability in the African area, whilst simultaneously the agents of the International Communist conspiracy exploit the thus produced inflammable political situation militarily, and by subversion.

Mr. Barnard rightly refers to the Kremlin's strategy for the destruction of white controlled Southern Africa, viz. "the creation of a pliant band of client States - Angola, Namibia (South West Africa), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe!) and Mozambique - across the Southern breadth of the continent. South Africa cut off from the rest of Africa by land, with the Soviet Navy gaining control of the sea-lanes of Southern Africa.
Much more can be said. However, if an aware, intelligent person cannot now see the Conspiracy standing naked in Africa, then such a person is beyond hope, and doesn't want to see.


In an article on education in The Bulletin, 28/3/78 Peter Samuel gives examples of the bizarre manner in which taxpayers' funds are being allocated by the Schools Commission.... "The Canberra politicians were rather disturbed at recent publicity of the purchase of a large $30,000 yacht under the Schools Commission "innovations program". The man in charge told a television reporter that its great educational benefit was to make the children 'self actuating'.
The yacht is probably an example of relatively harmless extravagance in the purchase of so-called educational materials being funded by taxpayers. One could quibble as to whether a $30,000 yacht is harmful to children; but such misspending is doing untold harm to the taxpayers of Australia, many of them farmers or manufacturers being decimated by rising costs.

Peter Samuel went on: "...Various elaborate "social education" programs are based on creepy encounter group and psychiatric models that aim to turn classrooms into mind bending self-criticism centres. The major project of the Curriculum Development Centre in Canberra is a $1 million Social Education Materials Project based on materials for teachers to set up role-playing games and simulation of the agonies of family breakdown and other adult problems. It aims to force all kids through the psychological mincing machine.

Throughout the community there is a concern about standards in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, yet the Federal Government finds itself funding a lavish development of curriculum materials of a character many voters find dangerous. The CDC has also been churning out lavish packs of slides, tapes and booklets for schools putting a very one-sided view on environmental and town planning issues, and on so called sexism.

If there is a case for centralised curriculum development then it is clearly in the development of non-controversial, generally acceptable material for remedying grave deficiencies in the teaching of the three Rs. Instead, it is producing, for example, "discussion and stimulus material focusing on the breakdown of relationships, separation, divorce and social and interpersonal pressures." One such curriculum has kids doing homework by snooping on their parents "quarrels and then re-enacting them in school." (end of article quote)

Many Australian parents will recognise in the above article the Marxist manipulation of curriculum so evident elsewhere in the world. Apart from anything else, constitutionally the Commonwealth Government has no place in education; it is the province of the States. Whether State Governments have the fortitude to send the Curriculum Development Centre, and particularly the Social Education Materials Project (SEMP) packing, may well decide the future of Australian children.


"The New Zealand tour was the best and most fruitful I have undertaken. Throughout both islands there is a deepening of understanding, and the New Zealand League of Rights is in the position to precipitate some constructive action. Supporters in New Zealand were elated at the large number of newcomers, particularly young people, at the Auckland meeting before I flew back to Australia.
The Tasmanian situation is also heartening. Apart from public meetings and addresses to service clubs, I have so far conducted three Social Dynamics Schools, with two more to be completed before I continue to South Australia. Although this is only the second tour in Tasmania, there is already sufficient interest and concern to anticipate the first official League dinner and seminar in the State, already being planned for the end of the year. Transport and accommodation on this tour has been volunteered throughout Tasmania. Media coverage, both through television and radio, has been good. All in all, the first three months of 1978 have indicated that morale is high in New Zealand and Tasmania, even though there is little to relish for the economic hazards that lie ahead."


True to form, Mr. Malcolm Fraser didn't hesitate to embarrass two of his own Ministers when things weren't going his way in his dispute over aboriginal reserves in Queensland with the Queensland Government. Last week Mr. Ian Viner (Aboriginal Affairs) and Mr. Peter Nixon (Transport) had discussions with the Queensland Government on this dispute, and a compromise was reached. In a 5p.m. press conference on March 29th Mr. Viner claimed a victory for common sense. Two or three hours later Senator Neville Bonner threatened to resign over the back down, as he saw it, by the Commonwealth Government. Then, after a telephone conversation between Mr. Viner and Mr. Fraser, the deal was off, and Mr. Viner repudiated his former "victory for common sense", of a few hours before.

The Director of the Rhodesia Information Centre in Sydney has said - The Age Melbourne April 1st., that the Commonwealth Government should now drop proposed legislation to close it down. The report adds that Mr. Van Der Spuy made the request in a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Andrew Peacock, and so far he has received no reply, although his letter was written a month ago. We can't pretend to be surprised. We are not sure whether Mr. Van Der Spuy is being naive, or has his tongue bursting out of his cheek when he says; "I would have thought the Australian Government would be falling over themselves with delight at the settlement (in Rhodesia)". Well, perhaps he is wiser now, after the latest Carter puppet show in Nigeria, and the poisonous duplicity of Washington.

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