Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

April 21 1978. Thought for the Week: "Russia is intent on wrecking the chance of a negotiated settlement and orderly transfer of power, for Rhodesia is merely the first obstacle on her way to South Africa. The fact that the Rhodesian Army's immediate enemies happen to be black terrorist armies of Karl Marx in Mozambique, that most of them probably never heard of Marx; and have perhaps only the haziest idea of what they are supposed to be fighting for, is neither here nor there. The Rhodesians, I imagine, would much prefer to be fighting their real enemies, who are mostly white and out of reach. The Rhodesians do know what they are fighting for. They know they are fighting for the fine and potentially ever finer country they have made for themselves, whether they are white or black; and they know they have the only organised military force in the world that is now in action against the forces of International Communism. That is to say, they have the only organised military force in the world that is fighting and dying for the West, or, in plainer terms, for you and me. Shouldn't this rate at least a single cheer?"
General Sir Walter Walker, KGB, CBE, DSO in an address Feb.'77


Mr. Eric Butler, visiting Canada on his way to the 1978 World Anti-Communist Conference in Washington, U.S.A. reports from Calgary, Alberta

Australia's Commissioner for Race Relations, Mr. Al Grassby, should make a visit to Canada and make a grass roots survey of how his "family of the nation" fad is working out in practice. But perhaps it would be a waste of the Australian taxpayers' money to send Mr. Grassby as he is a fanatical theorist who does not want to be confused by facts.

The lessons of Canada can profitably be considered by Australians before they are plunged into the same turmoil convulsing Canada. After a Calgary public meeting a middle aged lady approached me to ask whether I, as a visitor, could explain to her what had gone wrong in Canada. She prefaced her query by stating that she had never been greatly interested in politics, was a "typical tolerant" Canadian who had never worried much about colour of a person's skin, accepted the people of Quebec as fellow Canadians, and liked those French Canadians she occasionally met in Western Canada - even though some of them spoke English with a different accent.

"But all that has changed", said the lady. "Now we are told that we English speaking Canadians must all learn to accept and speak French whether we want to or not. There seems to be some kind of plot to destroy our culture and subject us to rule by French Canadians down there in Ottawa. It makes me so mad. And on top of this we now have all these East Indians coming into the country. They are taking over whole areas and forcing us out. They are a pushy arrogant lot and their ways are not our ways."

"Where is it going to end?" asked the woman with a note of despair in her voice. The Canadian Confederation worked reasonably well, the major source of friction being centralised financial policies, while the two dominant cultures, French and English, were confined to two parts of Canada. Following their military defeat of the French, the British offered those French willing to stay under the British flag the opportunity to maintain their own culture, including religion, in Quebec. There was no suggestion that the whole of Canada should become bilingual, as is now being insisted.

As passions mount in English speaking Canada, it is not surprising that some even suggest that the attempt to force French on the whole nation is an attempt to reverse the military defeat suffered on the Plains of Abraham! But there is no doubt about a definite strategy to turn the whole of Canada into a bilingual country. One of the fastest selling books in Canada at the moment, by a most respected authority, makes this clear. The result is that large numbers of normally tolerant English speaking Canadians have become violently anti-French Canadian. Feelings have been further intensified by the policies of the Separatist Provincial Government of Quebec, which is attempting to down grade the English language

Not surprisingly, some spokesmen for Canada's large number of people of Ukrainian background are suggesting that the Ukrainian language should be officially recognised along with French. Other ethnic groups, including the recently arrived East Indians, are starting to insist that they must not be "discriminated against."
The end result of this process must be the disintegration of the Canadian Confederation.

The lessons of history teach that no harmonious political and social system is possible unless there is a homogeneous people with a dominant philosophy and culture. As demonstrated by Wilmot Robertson in his great classic, The Dispossessed Majority, the Anglo-Saxon majority in the United States has been defeated, (at least for the time being) by its enemies manipulating a number of minority groups against it. There is a mass of evidence to suggest that there is a conscious world-wide policy to fragment the English-speaking world by immigration policies, which result in alien minorities, which can then be exploited to further a process of disintegration. True nationalism and associated loyalties are then eroded. This ensures that there is not too much resistance to the creation of a New World Order.

Canadians are awakening fast to the peril now upon them. Australians should heed the Canadian, not to mention the British, experiences of the multiracial and multicultural societies, halt all non-European immigration and insist that all those wishing to become Australian citizens become reasonably proficient in the English language.


Mr. Eric Butler sends the following report on American foreign policy.

President Jimmy Carter's Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Andrew Young, has been described as Carter's "Communist arm". Although the part Negro Mr. Young has been a long time personal friend of President Carter, and is credited with having played a vital role in persuading an overwhelming majority of Negroes to vote for Jimmy Carter at the last Presidential elections, it is certain that Andrew Young only retains his influential position in the Carter Administration because he is acceptable to the power groups who selected Carter to advance their strategy of creating a "New World Order".
Andrew Young's pro Communist statements and attitudes are acceptable to the real policy makers, those operating now through what is known as the Trilateral Commission.

Those who have read Gary Allen's Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter were introduced to the new and relatively unknown Trilateral Commission for promoting World Government. A study of the founding members of the Trilateral Commission, men like David Rockefeller of the Chase Manhattan Bank, reveals that the overwhelming majority were members of the semi secret international group known as the Bilderbergers. These men are longtime advocates of cooperation with the Communists to produce a "New World Order". Exposure of the Bilderbergers, and the shattering revelation that one of the most prominent of the group, Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, was a criminal confidence man, was at least partly responsible for the creation of a new international movement, the Trilateral Commission, to further the advancement of the "New World Order" concept.

It was at a dinner in London in 1972 that David Rockefeller explained to Jimmy Carter what was proposed through the Trilateral Commission, then in process of being formed. When Jimmy Carter accepted the offer to join, he took his first major step towards winning the American Presidency. The Trilateralists ensured that Jimmy Carter had adequate financial support and publicity.
The American media generally suppressed this vital information and created the impression that the simple peanut farmer from rural Georgia, a "born again Christian", was battling almost single handedly to make his way to the White House in the face of opposition from "The Establishment". No mention was made of the fact that Jimmy Carter had joined the Trilateral Commission, or to the ultimate aims of the Trilateralists.

While the American media still say comparatively little about the Trilateral Commission, resourceful investigators like Dr. Antony Sutton, well known author of National Suicide, Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler, and similar works, are starting to produce a disturbing picture.

In the 1976/77 Winter (No. 13) issue of Trilogue, the official quarterly magazine of the Trilateral Commission, Jimmy Carter wrote of the necessity of cooperation between three regions, America, Japan and Europe, being essential "in the global search for a more just and stable world order." In the same issue of Trialogue, Dr. Henry Kissinger's successor, Mr. Brzezinski, head of the National Security Council, wrote, "This collaboration must be dedicated to the fashioning of a more just and equitable world order." Brzezinski's ideas of his world order were outlined in 1969 in a book, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era.
This prominent Trilateralist wrote of mankind moving through different stages of evolution, the third stage being Marxism, which "represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision."
The fourth and final stage is Brzezinski's "Technetronic Era", the result of "American-Communist evolutionary transformations." The Trilateralists plan to renovate the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, with the creation of an international currency to be known as "Bancor".

The trilateralists are also advocating an international grain reserve system from which the Soviet Union would also benefit. World control by a World Government of finance and food is seen as the completion of the "American-Communist evolutionary transformation" visualised by Brzezinski. The determination of the Trilateralists to collaborate with the Communists helps explain why they are determined that Mr. Ian Smith is not going to be permitted to carry through any agreement in Rhodesia which does not include the Soviet's representatives, Mugabe and Nkomo. Rhodesia and South Africa could prove the test of whether there is enough moral courage and spiritual strength left in the West to at last take a stand against the power maniacs and their Grand Design.

Power Without Responsibility

The Moral Law has ceased to apply to governments. Governments recognise neither the laws of God nor man; they make their own laws; they are a law unto themselves. Governments hold that the "voice of the people is the voice of God", and the voice of the party boss being the "voice of the people", is the voice of God. And so stealing and killing not only become legal and moral they become something divine; something worthy of the greatest admiration when done at the behest of the party boss. Thus we progress helplessly, to bigger and better wars run by governments, and to more and more stealing of the people's money and property by governments.
Having one set of laws for private individuals, and another for government officials is sufficient to disrupt any society; the terrible menace of this is seen when we examine the actions of men in our community who hide behind the anonymity of some organisation, thus escaping the consequences of their misdeeds. A British Prime Minister aptly described the actions of these gentlemen when he rebuked a section of the Press with these words: "They exercise the ancient prerogative of the harlot - Power without responsibility.
from Our Sham Democracy, by James Guthrie (1946).
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