Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

April 28 1978. Thought for the Week: "For those gifted with insight and exceptional powers of induction, a few incontrovertible facts are sometimes all that is needed to provide an infallible picture of the total reality. Such people are called 'prophets' and are always punished, and some even done to death for revealing too soon what everyone is bound to find out sooner or later."
Ivor Benson, in A Time to Speak (1977)


The real truth about Western reaction to Rhodesia's internal settlement is emerging. Refusing to concede that the Smith Government has made every concession originally sought, the twin Brutuses of the Western world - Mr. Cyrus Vance, the US Secretary of State, and the British Foreign Secretary Dr. Owen - have made every effort to maintain Communist initiative.

On their trip to Southern Africa, the first stop was to meet the terrorist leaders of the Patriotic Front, Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. This meeting was in Dar-es-Salaam, capital of Tanzania, where not so long ago Arab businessmen were whipped through the streets for daring to protest against the enforced marriage of their daughters to Africans.

The Sydney Morning Herald (17/4/78) under the heading "Guerillas Want Marxist State in Rhodesia" went on to say: "Rhodesian guerilla leaders today snubbed the Anglo-American proposals for a peace settlement, and demanded the establishment of a single party Marxist State." Did Dr. Owen and Cyrus Vance go home? After all, a single party Marxist State could hardly be said to equate with the so-called "majority rule" which they are supposed to be espousing.

Robert Mugabe went on to elaborate:
"We believe the multi party system is a luxury in a State which should concentrate on policies to help society," he said. He said the Front aimed to create a one party Marxist State in Rhodesia after it achieves black majority rule... The guerilla chiefs demanded a major role in the lead up to black rule and the disbanding of the Rhodesian Police Force.
"The Patriotic Front must have a predominant role. The Army must be ours," Mr. Mugabe told reporters."

Vance and Owen went on to South Africa and Rhodesia to press claims for inclusion of the Patriotic Front in Rhodesia's future. No doubt they will use the devastating dialectical semantics usually employed to justify such two faced behaviour. They will probably claim that inclusion of the people who want a Marxist State in Rhodesia is necessary to prevent the spread of Communism in Africa!

While Dr. Owen was away from Britain, a slight embarrassment blew up in the British Parliament. The Australian (18/4/78) reported: "Britain's Foreign Secretary, David Owen, has given away too many signed pictures of himself, according to Labor MP Arthur Lewis. He says about 25,000 of them were sent by Dr. Owen to his admirers and well wishers last year at a cost to taxpayers of $8,500. Mr. Lewis has tabled a parliamentary question calling on the international trouble shooter to stop this practice."

Meanwhile, General Idi Amin Dada has appealed to Cuba to let the African States fight their own wars. "Cuba is not helping the liberation movements in Africa but is interfering in the internal affairs of African countries." Amin is discovering that he who sups with the devil needs a long spoon.

Jeremy Lee reports on his tour of South Australia

"The Adelaide Conservative Club meeting was one of the best held for a long time, with a large number of new faces. This was followed by a number of country meetings and Social Dynamics schools. The meeting at Nuriootpa was of a high standard. A good school was held at Port Germain, and an excellent school at Maitland on the York Peninsula.
It is clear that Local Government in South Australia has been almost completely emasculated by the State Government, and many people observed that even the building of a shed on a farm or a property now requires permission from Adelaide. There is wide concern over education. The M.A.C.O.S. programme, rejected in Queensland, New Zealand and 98% of schools in the United States, is already in quite a number of South Australian schools. A number of other "mind bending" curricula are in the pipeline, including SEMP, and a South Australian production, SERIM. However, there is some first class work now being done by actionists in South Australia, and we can be sure that the socialist Dunstan Government won't be having it all its own way. Good meetings were held in Kaniva and Minyip, in western Victoria, and also in Bairnsdale in the Gippsland. The Gippsland dinner at Sale was of a very high standard, with a strong spiritual motivation. I was particularly impressed with the steady activity in all centres where I spoke.


We are pleased to advise readers that "We Are What We Eat", the material of the Paper presented at the Australian League of Rights 1977 Annual Seminar, in Melbourne is now ready in booklet form. The price is $1 posted. Order from your nearest League Office.


"United States aircraft at one stage during the Angolan war flew in military supplies to South African held bases there, the Minister for Defence told Parliament in Cape Town." The Age (Melbourne) April 20th. The treachery of Western leaders such as Cyrus Vance and David Owen is well illustrated in the first article in this issue of On Target. Present day Washington is the headquarters of such international "hearties" as Jimmy Carter, Wall Street's pet poodle (for the moment), "Ziggy" Brzezinski, successor to Kissinger, a One Worlder, a Trilateralist, a C.F.R. catalyst who initiates "complex" reactions (his words), the "complexity" always favouring the Communist bloc.

At a Trilateral Commission meeting held at Bonn, Germany, in October last year (1977) Ziggy told his listeners that "we" must abandon a "concentrated" foreign policy and take on a "complex" one. The "new" policy of the U.S.A. (and presumably the West) is "no longer focused on a single dramatic task such as the defence of the West. Instead we must engage ourselves on the distant and difficult goal of giving shape to a world that has suddenly become politically awakened and socially restless".

Even such little echoes as our own Andrew Peacock are now snapping into line. In a Press Release, dated April 6, 1978, in a speech to the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Peacock carps on the "new international era", the "new pattern of international economic relationships", and (wait for it) "complex problems". Furthermore, our Andrew draws attention to the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sydney (and Bowral) N.S.W., and ridicules "suspicious Commonwealth traditionalists". The New Era has descended! Ziggy says so.

But back to South Africa. The point is that, after flying in arms to South African bases in Angola, the United States (Washington) supported United Nations allegations of South African aggression. Kissinger threatened Mr. Vorster about this very matter on his visit to Southern Africa at the time. Mr. Botha, the South African Minister for Defence, says: "It was the collapse of American leadership in Angola that resulted in that half (of the Organisation of African Unity) turning around and looking for another strong man". Mr. Botha was referring to the occasion when the Organisation of African Unity was split over the issue of South African involvement in Angola, with half the member States refusing to condemn South Africa. This was a typical "Washington Wobble" to which we have become accustomed.
Washington, that capital of dirty tricks, rug pulling, backstabbing: that centre of Western "leadership" to save us from Communism. But then, we have now taken on a "complex" policy, and that means no more defence of ourselves. Let's just have a few more years before the Comrades cut our throats.


Mr. Porter, the Queensland Minister for Aboriginal and Island Affairs told the Queensland Parliament that the Federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs was "riddled with leftwing Communist activists" - as if we, ourselves, didn't know! He added that these subversives bored into the Department during the Whitlam era. Again, no surprise. We believe that Communist activists are strategically placed in most Government Departments; Commonwealth and State - but mainly Commonwealth, where most of the power is. Peacock's Department - Foreign Affairs - would be well and truly white anted; the Defence Department also.

Our kinsmen in Britain (Mr. Grassby won't like that!) are putting up a better fight against absurd metrication than we are. Britons don't want to give up their miles, pounds, rods, poles and/or perches. We were happy to read that the average Briton looks upon kilometers and grammes as having no place at all West of the English Channel. Mr. Callaghan's "Labour" Government in Britain is prepared to "delay" its metrication programme unless everyone shows more enthusiasm. In a letter to one hundred trade associations, the Minister in Charge of Metrication, Mr. John Fraser, asserted that it was "clearly impossible for the Government to proceed against a background of hostility." Good. Mr. Fraser added that the choice facing the Government was whether to press on with the metrication programme, or whether the imperial units should be left to wither away in the shops over a long period. Our guess is that the metric units will wither away, and over a short period, if the British Government takes off the pressure.

The Reign of Law

The prestige, which once surrounded be law, and which firmly established the "Reign of Law", was derived from the fact that the law was above the king, and was administered by judges who were elected for life. There was a continuous body of constitutional law and precedent, originally invoked against the king himself, and designed to protect the private citizen against him; judges therefore sometimes ignored statutes enacted by the king, and by Parliament if those statutes were repugnant to the main body of constitutional law. In other words, judges very naturally recognised that neither kings nor parliaments were gods, and that no body of independent and intelligent men were going to permit their community to be destroyed by larrikins, even though they professed to rule by the divine right of the king, or by the divine right of the "majority."
Modern governments, however, although more powerful than ancient kings, and although they exercise all the prerogatives of kings, do not permit to the people any protection through constitutional law; and today tax collectors can enter houses without a warrant, take money without permission, victimise minorities, and permit men to be robbed of their very means of livelihood - and against all this there is no protection under the law.
A new Petition of Rights (not a Bill of Rights. . .On Target) backed by all the best elements in the community, will have to be presented to Parliament, and whether Parliament accepts or rejects it will not make such difference; the fact that people will begin to see clearly the nature of modern parliaments will be a liberal education helping them to move towards the next step.
from Our Sham Democracy, by James Guthrie (1946)
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159