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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

May 5 1978. Thought for the Week: "Among the many remarkable changes witnessed in my lifetime, none has struck me more forcibly than that which has occurred in the relative importance of Religion and Politics. For, whereas in my childhood and youth religion was still the principal field where fervour and fanaticism reigned, it has been my fate to see political doctrines and ideologies completely supersede it in all adult minds. It is as if the decline in religious Faith which has accompanied the spread of education and enlightenment, by preventing mankind from gratifying its need of some absorbing belief, has avenged itself by seizing on politics as an alternative field in which to exercise the human susceptibility to fanaticism."
Captain Anthony Ludovici, in the Preface to "The Specious Origins of Liberalism"(1967).


"The Queensland Premier, Mr. Bjelke-Petersen, said last night he could foresee 'no change at all' to the State Government's legislation on Aurukun and Mornington Island." - The Age (Melbourne); May 1st.

As we have predicted, the centralisers are about to "come again" on the issue of control of areas of North Queensland, which are intended to be handed over to Canberra control in readiness for the time when the United Nations will mount an attack (using racism as the weapon) on Australia to have our North flung open to hordes of non-Europeans. These hordes will in short enough time become radicalised into a revolutionary force, amply supplied with the most modern armaments to threaten the very existence of Australia as we have known it

Is it really ridiculous to foresee the presence of tens of thousands of trained Cuban soldiers fighting their way south from North Queensland? We don't think so! They are now in Africa, and they can land in Australia. What is to stop them? Our Defence is a sick joke. Senator Neville Bonner, Aboriginal Senator for Queensland is making threatening noises because he opposes the Queensland State Government legislation to grant local government and leaseholds to the aborigines on the reserves in the dispute. Senator Bonner wants Canberra to have full control of the regions; the Queensland Government, most probably as aware of the dangers inherent in this proposal as we are, is digging in ready for the next round. We like Premier Bjelke-Petersen' s remark concerning Senator Bonner, viz. "He's supposed to be representing Queensland - not fighting it."

What a succinct condemnation of the Party system of government! The Senate was set up by the framers of the Australian Constitution to represent and guard the interests of the six States, or any further States. We realise that Senator Bonner' s race causes him to take a strong stand on what he thinks is a correct course of action; nevertheless, the situation is that a Senator for Queensland is defying the Government of Queensland. He is unable to foresee the disastrous implications of the Canberra "attack" because of his emotional involvement, and any trained psychiatrist will tell us that emotional distress does bring on a distortion of judgment.


"The Zionist Movement has been suffering some heavy public relations setbacks in recent years. Perhaps this is why the anti-German, Jewish propaganda story, Holocaust, is not only being promoted in book stores through North America, but is now being serialised in the Press and projected into the living room via, T.V. A total psychological, brainwashing assault is obviously under way.

A sharp word about the Zionists or about the blacks and there's an uproar of righteous indignation, and screams of "racism" in the media. But for 39 years now our media have been flogging the German people. Isn't it about time to call it off? After all, it's an open secret now that the "Six Million" propaganda is one of the most scandalous exaggerations in the annals of psychological warfare. Indeed Jews did die in Hitler's Germany. So did Protestants and Catholics and atheists. This happens under totalitarianism of any hue.

For every victim of Nazi persecution there have been ten victims of Communist tyranny. Yet our media remain strangely silent on Red holocausts such as the Katyn Forest massacre. Or for that matter, on the Allied bombing in the last weeks of the (European) War of the helpless refugee swollen civilian multitudes of the defenceless German city of Dresden, which slaughtered more than 100,000 in a night. Or the senseless American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the collapsing Japanese was suing for peace. Or for that matter the Zionist treatment of Arab people and others who stood in their way in Palestine in the late 40s. Obviously none of us is without sin, and none has a monopoly on either virtue or persecution."

Read "The Hoax of the 20th Century" by Professor A. Butz. Price $5.60 posted, from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne, Vic. 3001.

Actress Vanessa Redgrave caused a great stir earlier this month when, in accepting a Hollywood Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, she used the occasion to rail against 'Zionist Hoodlums'. What neither the audience nor the public realised was that in England Miss Redgrave's political leanings are well known. As Human Events of April 15th puts it; 'She was an early supporter of the ban-the-bomb movement and went to visit Communist Cuba long before it was the 'in' thing to do, ...For several years she has been a member of the Workers' Revolutionary Party, a Trotskyite splinter group known for its support of violent revolutionary activities'. It seems Miss Redgraves and her brother, Corin, finance a school for revolutionaries in Derbyshire, offering a two-week course in the ' overthrow of capitalism' for a tuition of only $60. So what's new in Hollywood, notorious for its Millionaire Reds." (End of Canadian On Target items).


We advise supporters that fresh stocks of Religion, Red and Rotten, Rev. Henry Pike's masterful exposure of the World Council of Churches, are well on the way to us. We are taking paid orders for this book: price is $2.15 posted.
We have stocks of WHY?, Rev. Pike's second book on the threat of the World Council of Churches, in which he investigates the Council's mischief making in Asia, Latin America, etc. Price is $2.40 posted. Order from your nearest League office.


The following item appeared as an Editorial in The Herald (Melbourne) April 24th, which we republish without comment: "It's a late and no doubt futile question to ask now in Australia, but perhaps it should be put. Are metrics really worth the trouble? The British public apparently is unconvinced. The Minister in charge of Metrication, Mr. Fraser, has declared that it is 'clearly impossible for the Government to proceed' against existing hostility. "While we continue to flounder here in a mish mash of the metric and imperial systems, the British are predictably preferring their own tradition to an import that has the two undesirable characteristics of being both French and logical. They believe that it is better to continue with something deeply ingrained in your own culture, even if it is more complicated, than to abandon that culture for the illusions of profitable simplicity. Most likely they are right, and it may be a pity that we have not shown a similar intuitive wisdom.
"There are other things to be noted about the British position. The public, instead of kow towing feebly to official requirements, shows effective revolt. The Government, on its side, takes notice of public feeling and declines to use its full coercive powers. By Australian standards this is rather old fashioned democracy; but perhaps we should look at it closely all the same."


A special survey conducted by the Bureau of Statistics has invalidated some manpower myths. Apparently there is no shortage of skilled workers at all; in fact, some 16,000 tradesmen are unemployed. This runs counter to the cherished assessments of the Department of Immigration, which has believed that qualified tradesmen are in short supply. We are amused to read from time to time that some Immigration bureaucrat is urging the immigration of skilled tradesmen from abroad to "stimulate employment": each tradesman is supposed to confer employment on two or three unskilled workers. We have never been able to find out how this would come about, as we are old fashioned in our economic beliefs and hold that if the money is not available for development and services then skilled tradesmen can be imported until all the bureaucrats are blue in the face, those tradesmen still won't have jobs.

Communist governments don't like any people to be unemployed in their active years: everyone has the "freedom to work", a cherished principle according to Marxist holy writ. Of course, realistically, one has the "freedom to work" because of the lack of economic security not to work, or perhaps to work at what one wants to work at and not what one is forced to work at. We hope readers are still with us. The Government of Vietnam has found jobs for 700,000 unemployed by "transferring" them to the 100 "new economic zones", and by the development of handicraft industries. They are all busy; too busy to make much trouble for the Government. Immediately after the "Russian" revolution of 1917, much machinery was deliberately destroyed in the large cities in order that as many people as possible be kept with their noses to the grindstone. The motive was political, naturally - idle people make trouble. It is very easy to "solve" the unemployment problem by the destruction of machinery.

The Forces of Destruction

The forces, which are destroying democratic government and the "Reign of Law" as we knew it, and which are feverishly building up a totalitarian police State along the lines of national Socialist Germany, are very powerful. These forces can be identified under the following headings: The International Financial Houses, especially those of German origin operating from New York; Leaders of the large political parties, especially the Labor Party; The Communist Party, especially the Communist union bosses; Graduates of the London School of Economics; Many of the large daily papers, especially those least suspected, such as "The Times", of London; Most of the regular commentators on the A.B.C. The Federal Government bureaucracy.
In the face of this overwhelming and well organised attack the reader may well ask; "What am I expected to do against such odds?" Well this question has to be answered but before I answer it I wish to reduce such questions to manageable proportions: also I feel that certain explanations are necessary. I do not think any dictator can make serfs out of free men, but I do believe that serfs make dictators; this then throws back on you some of the onus for the behaviour of arrogant bureaucrats, and it indicates very clearly that the only way to avoid being a serf is not to be one. After all, you are not alone in this community, and there is an organisation in every State willing to help you. Those who are continually doing shady things hate publicity, and publicity can always be arranged.
from Our Sham Democracy by James Guthrie (1946)
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159