Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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May 19 1978. Thought for the Week: "I speak of possessions insofar as they have in them the tradition of culture. Possessions mean inner superiority, distinguishing classes of men. Not much belongs to the idea of possessions: a small well cared for farm, a nice piece of well made handwork, a small garden upon which one looks with love, the clean house of a mountain man, a few books or a print of old art. What matters is that these things have been transformed into a world permeated by personality. True possessions are spiritual; only then are they real culture. To reckon an item of property's worth in money is somehow a misunderstanding or a desecration. To divide it (among strangers) after the death of the owner is a kind of murder. But who understands that? Who has today eyes and feeling for the inward, almost metaphysical difference between possessions and money? True possessions are an extension of oneself."
Oswald Spengler; quoted by Richard Swartzbaugh in The Mediator (1973)


"Australian businessmen were challenged to sell more products to China following a big industrial modernisation plan started by the Chinese Government." The Age (Melbourne) May 5th.

It was the late Nikita Khrushchev who said that trade to Communist nations, was more important for its political advantages than for economic necessity. The same goes for the Communist power men in Peking.
With the ominous shadow of a general Western economic collapse spreading across our horizon, the dangers involved in any Australian "dependence" on trade with Communist China should be obvious. With no alternative trade outlets, Australia, and any other country in the same position, would be at the mercy of Peking, which could then dictate terms, e.g. no more trade unless an Independent Black State is allowed across the North of Australia, What do you think of that? Don't you think it could happen?!

What makes the overall picture so murky is that the Red Chinese are modernising their plants in industry to do all this with credits made available by "American" banks, with full encouragement by the "American" Government. Philip Lynch, Federal Minister for Industry & Commerce, has been in Red China getting the red carpet treatment and is now enjoining Australian manufacturers to "go Chinese" at full speed. Our Phil is patting himself on the back, but the Tiger is smiling behind him.


In our recent coverage of the Aurukun-Mornington Island controversy, we expressed our belief that the simple people living on the settlements were prey to the sophisticated propaganda aimed at them by the minority of radicals. Now comes confirmation from those people themselves. A report in The Australian (27/4/78) said that a group of Aurukun Aboriginals "thought it better to remain under the administration of the Queensland Government. Community councillor Fred Kerindun led a seven-man delegation at a Brisbane news conference, and said he was speaking on behalf of the Aurukun Community Council when he said the Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr. Viner, had backed out of responsibility. "The State Government has been looking after us for the past couple of years, so we will back the State," Mr. Kerindun said. "If the Federal Government are going to back out, we have no other Government to go to but Queensland"... Mr. Kerindun said "In the past couple of weeks there have been a lot of people at Aurukun and our people have become confused. What we want to do is sit and listen and think for ourselves without outsiders telling us what to do."

It is quite obvious that the last thing wanted by the left wing agitators is that the Aborigines should have the chance to think things out for themselves. Instead, they are the raw material, which the revolutionaries wish to bully, intimidate, coerce and confuse into a position where racial disturbance can be used as an excuse for the interference of the United Nations.


The Melbourne Age (13/4/78) reported as follows: "The Communist Party of Australia - biggest of the three Marxist parties on the political scene - has started an image selling campaign in the Labor movement. First shot in the campaign went off on Friday night with the official opening of the new CPA headquarters in the city followed by a buffet dinner. Those at the opening heard of the virtues of Euro-Communism and the widening of contacts between the forces of the broad Left, both in the political and industrial scenes. The 250 guests included the Press, ALP politicians and union leaders of all political shapes ... Mr. Halfpenny, one of the Party's most valuable assets, told the opening that, although the CPA had always been a tiny force in the Australian scene, it had in the past been vital in setting new standards within the union movement. In fact, Mr. Halfpenny said, former party members who included the South Australian Premier, Mr. Dunstan, may have had the most influence in the political events of the country..." Need we say more?


The Editorial in The Australian (May 13th) well asks - "How free are we?" and then makes some penetrating observations, with which we certainly agree. The Editorial then observes that many of us are not free at all; the Editorialist is making reference to those unfortunates who have become "wage slaves".. ."We have become the victims, the captives, of a society which promises freedom from want and drudgery through technology which provides machines and labour saving appliances and recreational facilities like motor cars and boats - so long as we are prepared to submit to drudgery to gain the money to pay for the technology."
Well, it's bad enough, but it could be worse; especially so if we heed Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago".

A great deal of truth is told in the sentence: "Too many people work not for the pleasure of what they are doing but to earn money to pay for what they want to do."
C.H. Douglas once remarked upon the man who will endure atrocious conditions to knock a little white ball about the countryside (golf) but be unhappy at "gainful" employment in relatively good conditions a matter of "what the individual wants, and needs to do." We are all different - each one of us, and "one man's meat is another man's poison."

Unfortunately, the Editorial fizzles out in generalisations and vagueness .. "We cannot turn back the clock on technology… but we can turn forward the thinking of mankind." This is alright as far as it goes, but what sort of thinking? Genuine researchers, geniuses, historians, and others who have pointed out the wrong directions taken by mankind have had their works suppressed, and suffered all manner of persecution for daring to tell the truth against the forces in charge of the world's present destinies… These will ultimately be vanquished, but the conflicts will be horrible. However, our freedom is being talked about more and more, and this in itself is a good thing: a problem clearly defined is a problem half solved.


"Ordinary citizens were threatened with being trapped by a vast net of laws, a retiring Supreme Court judge warned yesterday." The Age (Melbourne) May 13th.

Sir Oliver Gillard ended a distinguished career in law with this warning to his fellow countrymen. He made special mention of the huge number of inspectors operating at all levels of government; Federal, State and Local, and added that they equaled the number of police. As a matter of fact certain inspectors for various statutory bodies, such as the Egg Board, have even greater powers in some areas than do the police.

Sir Oliver comments on this: "We now have hordes of inspectors, not subject to the discipline of judges' rules (as are police) and armed with powers under various acts denied to policemen in the investigation of crime and nobody does anything about it."

The only people who would do anything about it are ourselves. There is no hope of a lessening of governmental power from governments: it is in the nature of governments that they tend to increase their powers at the expense of the individual - the stronger the government, the weaker the individual - and vice versa.

The true role of government is to maintain the rule of law in the various avenues of activity in the body politic. The role of government is not, repeat not, to intrude more and more into the personal lives and activities of the individual so long as there is no breach of the rule of law. The government should just set down the conditions under which a free enterprise society may operate which are, we emphasise again - the maximum freedom for the individual within the rule of law. And what is law? Traditionally in the Christian West (now in rapid decline) it is the embodiment of the Christian ethic into legislation. That it has been in decline for some time indicates that it has been under attack (which it has); but that is another story.


The "Intelligence Digest" (UK) May 10th, '78, carries this comment: "The American banking system is undergoing a dramatic change. We have constantly warned that the whole system is in danger of collapsing due in a similar way to the problems, which, in a miniature fashion, affected the British banking system with the secondary, collapses a few years ago. There are now near collapses in many areas of the United States, and these are effectively being hushed up by rapid takeovers before the collapses occur. Several of these have been recently witnessed, such as the Marine Midland in New York. Many more will follow. The advice to you, as we have stated in the past, is to make certain that you use more than one bank do not put all your eggs into the one basket, otherwise you will end up with them all being cracked." (End of article).

A new Movement has been formed in South Africa. It is the "South Africa First Campaign", which will work closely with the "Save Rhodesia Campaign". The new Movement's main aim is to alert the South African public to psychological warfare emanating from abroad. One of its first attacks has been against Sanford J. Ungar, Director of Publications for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It was this "Endowment for Peace" which some years ago had prepared an invasion plan of Southern Africa, employing a 93,000 strong U.N. invasion armada. Sanford Ungar has been paying a (unwelcome) visit to South Africa, and he said he has no knowledge of the (in)famous document. The new Movement denies this. The League published this document in one of its journals some years ago.

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