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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

May 26 1978. Thought for the Week: "The inherent tendency of a mass civilisation with quantitive values is to crush the individual person into a common average type, to create a general level of mediocrity; to transform all education into an instrument for training docile, passive servants of the bureaucracy, willing to accept the mass produced hand out in every field from philosophy to tinned food. The tyranny of a mass civilisation is infinitely more crushing, all pervasive and demoralising than any of the merely political or religious despotisms of peasant or city-states, because besides being formless and impersonal, it poisons the very root of aspiration - the intelligence itself."
David Kelly in The Hungry Sheep (1955)


by Eric D. Butler.
At the recent World Anti-Communist Conference in Washington DC. strong resolutions were passed condemning the escalation of terrorism in all parts of the world. It is not only the growth of terrorism, which indicates the sickness of traditional Civilisation, but the double standards of Western politicians concerning terrorism.

While in Washington I had the opportunity of studying the mass of evidence assembled by well-known writer, Robin Moore, author of the best seller, The French Connection, on the sickening type of terrorism being used against the Rhodesians. Moore has spent much time in Rhodesia, where he and his wife, aided by volunteers, have been running an unofficial American Embassy. Needless to say, Andrew Young and the American State Department are violently hostile to the Moore project, which amongst other activities, caters for the estimated 600 Americans now serving in the Rhodesian forces.

Moore's book on Rhodesia, as yet unavailable in Australia, provides an unassailable record of the Marxist backed terrorist movement in Rhodesia. I apologise to squeamish readers in advance, but it is important that Australians know the type of creature Robert Mugabe is, one of those leaders of the "Patriotic Front" which the Fraser Government, echoing the Carter Administration, insists must be brought into a Rhodesian "settlement". Mugabe is a eunuch, the result of an operation, which white doctors had to perform to save his life from a cancerous condition resulting from prolonged venereal disease. Mugabe, the man who says that Idi Amin of Uganda is the African leader he most admires, directs terrorists whenever they kill a white man to remove his genitals and stuff them down his throat. Some of the acts of animal sadism practised against African women are too revolting to write about.

I returned to Australia to be confronted by a letter dated May 8th, and signed by Mr. F. B. Cooper, "Acting First Assistant Secretary Western Division", Department of Foreign Affairs, in which it is stated: "The Government believes that the Anglo-American proposals offer the most acceptable basis for a lasting settlement in Rhodesia… They envisage the inclusion of the Patriotic Front in the negotiating process. The Front enjoys considerable support amongst black Rhodesian nationalists ... The Government therefore supports the current efforts of the British and United Governments to win acceptance of their proposals by all shades of Rhodesian opinion, including the Patriotic Front.

It is now clear that Foreign Minister Peacock and Prime Minister Fraser have no independent foreign policy concerning Southern Africa; that they are prepared to follow the Washington-London line of attempting to impose on Rhodesia first and South Africa later, the type of savagery now a feature of much of Africa.

As I write the latest example of the "Patriotic Front's" revolting activities in Rhodesia is provided with the execution of three Red Cross workers on their way to assist a black community. This atrocity has been described as the worst suffered by the international aid organisation since the end of the Second World War.

The Foreign Affairs statement that the "Patriotic Front enjoys considerable support amongst black Rhodesian nationalists" is an insult to commonsense. If Nkomo and Mugabe believe that they have such support then why are their terrorist thugs butchering and torturing their fellow blacks? Why do they not offer themselves for election? The answer is that both by their words and bloody deeds, these two creatures, both preparing to destroy each other after they have destroyed orderly government in Rhodesia, have no interest in any type of rule except through the gun.

Anyone familiar with the realities of Africa knows that the only hope of persuading sufficient Europeans to remain in Rhodesia to sustain the economy, is for the European to be in the position to ensure that an independent judiciary, backed by the forces of law and order, is maintained. This fact is conceded by the three Africans - Chief Chirau, The Rev. Sithole and Bishop Muzorewa - who have agreed that the European minority is vital to Rhodesia.
Mugabe, Nkomo and their Communist backers fear a settlement, which ensures that law and order is maintained, and the Europeans encouraged to stay. And the Department of Foreign Affairs' letter reflects the same fear.

While admitting that the internal agreement signed on March 3rd is a "positive development", the writer of the letter continues, "However, an examination of the text of the agreement makes it clear that it provides for a number of entrenched clauses, in such key areas as the judiciary, the public service and the police and defence forces. The effect of these is that the white minority would be able to block any changes in these areas which they did not like by virtue of their privileged position in the new parliament, for at least ten years."
This statement clearly reveals that Mr. Peacock and Mr. Fraser, and those who support them in the Cabinet, are endorsing a policy designed to destroy in Rhodesia the right of the whites to ensure that law and order is maintained.

If law and order cannot be maintained, the Europeans will make one more retreat in Africa, there will be yet another bloodbath and the Soviet strategists will smile with satisfaction. Prime Minister Fraser and his colleagues must be told in the bluntest possible language that Australians do not wish to support criminal barbarians like Mugabe and Nkomo. We have already provided them with aid and comfort with the economic aid to Marxist Mozambique. The time has come to call a halt and to insist upon a stand in favour of civilised values.


Several good reasons can be advanced in favour of a larger Australian population, but only if that population is effectively decentralised. Even if the population of the big cities could be increased by 25 per cent, this would merely result in a progressive multiplication of the social and economic problems already so obvious. Five million extra people in the big cities would not contribute to the defence of Australia; they would provide bigger targets for destruction.
In spite of the obvious, the Federal Government is now proposing a big increase in the migrant rate, with some of its spokesmen making the most absurd claims.

Six months have passed since Prime Minister Fraser was making firm claims about how his Government's finance economic strategy was successful. Although there has been a fractional decrease in unemployment and inflation over the past six months, and no reduction in bank interest rates, events has, as we predicted, flatly contradicted what was predicted. The promised massive international investment in Australia has not materialised, one result being that the Federal Government is providing State Governments with more freedom to borrow overseas.

The Federal Government now appears to be turning to yet one more expedient to try to "get the economy moving" - a much bigger migration rate. But there is a new suggestion: that wealthy foreigners should be encouraged to settle in Australia to establish job-creating enterprises. Several ethnic community leaders have ridiculed the proposal, correctly observing that there are not too many people in other countries with $200,000 (a sum mentioned by a Government spokesman) to invest in Australia. Those with this amount would have to be regarded as moderately wealthy and successful in their own countries and most unlikely to want to go elsewhere.

In adding his voice to the claim that Australia requires a big increase in migrants, Deputy Prime Minister Doug Anthony has implicitly admitted that there is a general insufficiency of purchasing power. Speaking in Darwin last weekend, Mr. Anthony said that migrants brought savings with them and "migrant spending, therefore, adds to demand and helps create additional jobs."
It is true that increased consumer demand is required at present.

The policies of Mr. Anthony and his colleagues have been deliberately directed towards reducing demand, allegedly necessary to "fight" inflation. These policies have stripped rural Australia of a large part of its population and industries. The Federal Government can make a start towards increasing demand by the simple process of drastically reducing Sales Tax. And if it follows this up by making it financially possible for Australian wives to stay in their own homes, Australia's best migrants - more babies - will arrive automatically.

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