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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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June 9 1978. Thought for the Week: "Belloc's sense of history gave him what most men now lack. He had a sense of the tangible results of Christendom, of a Europe united in creed and purpose, of a Western World that had been an entity in creed and culture. Because of this he had a feeling for discipline, for order (a living organic order) for life integral and harmonious. Today when youths without any living sense of the past, or any conception of tradition that is the soul of living order, shout for they know not what in terms of the hasty, the extempore, the random, we most need the fundamental sense of an Hilaire Belloc. We need his intuition of the soul of history."
American poet E. Merrill Root in essay on Hilaire Belloc, the famous English historian.


Six months after the last Federal Elections, events have confirmed all our warnings concerning what would happen if the Fraser Government adhered to its restrictive finance economic policy. The promised economic recovery has not taken place. Business organisations are currently forecasting that conditions are going to worsen, not improve. There has been a marginal decrease in inflation, the price being continuing high unemployment, business bankruptcies, drastically reduced profit margins for smaller and medium sized business organisations, and a rural crisis, which continues to drive farmers, and graziers off their properties and to reduce those surviving to serf like conditions.
It is now clear that there is even worse to come unless Australian taxpayers decide to revolt before the next Federal Budget.

In recent weeks there has been a campaign by the Fraser Government to condition taxpayers for a "tough" Budget. Typical of the statements being made is that of Mr. Robinson, Minister for Finance. In an address read on his behalf (Mr. Robinson has been temporarily relieved of his duties because of the Royal Commission examining charges that he influenced electoral redistribution) to the 20th anniversary dinner of the Australian Finance Convention in Canberra on May 29th, Mr. Robinson claimed that the Government's "strategy" was proving correct.

"It has been a long, hard grind to restore responsibility to government spending", he said. "But we still have some way to go. Now is not the time to let go .... The clear priority is to continue maximum restraint on government spending."

The restraint policy is designed, amongst other objectives, to reduce the Federal deficit. But even on this issue the Government is failing. The deficit is running at a much higher figure than projected. Looked at in terms of holding onto office, the Fraser Government's strategy is to impose a hard budget for 1978-79, based upon the belief that there is no fear of any effective opposition, this to be followed by an easier budget for 1979-80 as a preliminary to the next Federal Elections.

Senator Sir Reginald Wright has demonstrated to all Australians just how cynical and hypocritical the Fraser Government is aided, of course, by the ALP, whose Members also agreed to vote themselves pension handouts at the expense of the taxpayers. The philosophy underlying the Government's policies is, in spite of clichés about freedom, to treat electors like docile tax serfs. If democracy is to be brought to life in Australia, then electors must unite to tell their elected, paid representatives that they are determined to have some say in the type of Federal Budget being prepared. A number of steps are urgently essential to halt the increasing disasters being experienced by the Australian people. But a major first step must be taken.

For reasons clearly outlined in the League of Rights' anti-Sales Tax brochure, the abolition, or major reduction in Sales Tax would bring a wide range of prices down immediately, the first effect being to increase purchasing power without at the same time stimulating bigger wage increases and more inflation. Every section of the Australian community, all types of producers as well as consumers would benefit. Increased business activity would start to reduce the number of unemployed.

A number of business leaders have called for such a policy. Trade Union President Bob Hawke has advocated this policy. Any survey reveals that it has the support of the majority of the Australian taxpayers. But modern Governments blatantly disregard what taxpayers feel - so long as the taxpayers merely mutter amongst themselves and take no action. The Australian League of Rights is therefore sponsoring and encouraging a nationwide campaign on one single issue - Sales Tax. We urge all On Target readers to obtain and effectively distribute the Anti- Sales Tax brochure issued last week. Action groups should take the issue up immediately.

Letters should be sent to Members of Parliament, stating simply that it is the will of the elector to have Sales Tax abolished. Businessmen should be approached to participate. This campaign will be one of top priority for the League up until the Federal Budget in August. If enough electoral pressure can be applied to defeat the destructive and inflationary Sales Tax, not only will a major step have been taken towards proper economic recovery, but the electors will have demonstrated that they do not need to go on being treated as serfs by those who should be their servants.


Melbourne and near Melbourne supporters are urged to make every effort to attend, with their friends, Mr. Eric Butler's meeting at the Loyal Orange Institute, 524 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, on next Tuesday, June 13th at 7.45 p.m., to hear a report on the recent World Anti-Communist Conference in Washington, and an up to the minute assessment of the global situation as it affects Australia. The League's coming campaigns will be outlined. There will be a big display of literature, with many new books available. Open to the public.


Last weekend in Melbourne saw the establishment of one more political party, the National Front. Linked with the much-publicised British National Front, the Australian National Front presents some laudable objectives. But so do a number of other parties, including the Liberal and National-Country parties. As longtime observers of party politics, we note that modern parties all desert even their own stated objectives when they obtain office. We are of course, familiar with the pleas of the founders of new parties, "We will be different". But why should they be different when they are concerned primarily with obtaining power?
From time to time we have been asked about the British National Front. Whatever may be said in favour of its policies concerning the race issue, its finance economic policies are a reflection of Hitler's National Socialism. The League rejects all forms of Socialism. The creation of one more political party in Australia can only contribute to the further fragmentation of Australian society at a time when what is essential is a movement which will unite electors and bring Members of Parliament, irrespective of labels, under the effective control of the electors.

Prime Minister Fraser may not have been successful in seeing U.S. President Jimmy Carter last weekend in the U.S.A. But like his Foreign Minister, Mr. Andrew Peacock, who has stayed with Mr. David Rockefeller, Mr. Fraser was able to associate with those who exercise real power in the United States. He was the houseguest of Mr. Nelson Rockefeller.
Australian journalist Wallace Brown travelling with Prime Minister Fraser's s party, comments, "As a connection with the Democratic administration of peanut farmer Jimmy Carter, Nelson Rockefeller does not amount to a row of Georgian beans. But, as a pipeline to U.S. bankers and investors there is probably nobody better with whom Mr. Fraser could have secluded himself ....." Mr. Wallace Brown apparently does not know that Jimmy Carter would not have become President without endorsing the Trilateral Commission - a major feature of the Rockefeller's current strategy for creating the "New World Order".

After applying the same destructive policies used by the Fraser Government, the American Government was not able - without risking an open revolution - to reduce the inflation rate below 7%. It is now rising again, one factor being an increase in beef following the destruction of American herds. Australia is following the same pattern. Those beef producers who have managed to survive will gain a little respite, but inflation will be the end result.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159