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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

September 15 1978. Thought for the Week: "The letter of the law is too cold and formal to have a beneficial influence on society. When the tissue of life is woven of legalistic relations, there is an atmosphere of moral mediocrity, paralysing man's noblest impulses."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his Harvard address, A World Split Apart.


Conducting last weekend the funeral service for the victims of the butchery associated with the shooting down of a Rhodesian civilian aircraft, the Dean of Salisbury appropriately commented upon the "'deafening silence" from Western Church and political leaders. Using a Soviet supplied guided missile, Nkomo's terrorists, operating out of Zambia, headed by that darling of the World Council of Churches, Kaunda, brought down an aircraft with a large loss of life.
There would have been a worldwide uproar if Palestinian terrorists had used a guided missile to bring down a civilian aircraft.

Over the years Rhodesians, both black and white, have suffered the most shocking acts of terrorism while the Western politicians have tried to look the other way. Not even the killing of missionaries produced a reaction. But now comes what surely must be the ultimate in butchery. The handful of survivors of the plane crash, including the injured, were invited by a group of terrorists to show themselves so that they could be helped. As soon as they stood up they were shot. The badly injured were shot first. Several were bayoneted as well as shot.
As the Dean of Salisbury said, the ghastly event was such that it called for some reaction from Christians and civilised people. But not a word from the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury or any other Christian leader, expressing regret and sympathy.

Instead of condemning a deed so black and vile that words are inadequate to describe it, the British and American Governments urged Prime Minister Ian Smith not to retaliate by attacking into Zambia and Mozambique. There is no suggestion that Western economic and other aid to Zambia and Mozambique, the two major bases from which the Communist backed terrorists are operating, should be halted unless support for terrorism ended. The advice to Ian Smith is to sit down passively and permit the terrorists to do as they like.

Prime Minister Smith took a major political risk in meeting secretly with Nkomo in a desperate attempt to persuade him that he should be prepared to face the Rhodesian electors if he was convinced that he would be elected. But Nkomo knows that he has no hope of obtaining more than a small percentage of the African vote. Like his murderous colleague Mugabe, Nkomo seeks to come to power by the use of terror. His response to Ian Smith's offer, the shooting down of a plane, about which he gloated, reveals him for what he is.
It is not for us to tell Rhodesians what to do in their present desperate plight. But we can assure them that if they take the necessary bold offensives essential to strike down the terrorists before they reach Rhodesia, taking every opportunity to tell the world why they must do so, they will find that the sickness amongst Western political leaders does not extend to all the people.

There is a growing revulsion against what the Rhodesians are being forced to suffer. That revulsion in Australia should be directed against Prime Minister Fraser and his colleagues. Needless to say, Malcolm Fraser has not sent a message of sympathy and regret concerning the aircraft butchery. So far from doing this, the Minister for Immigration, Mr. MacKellar has ruled that Rhodesian golfers, invited to attend a golf tournament in Fiji, with the approval of the Fijian Government, cannot use the Sydney airport for transit purposes, even through the Rhodesians would be only at the airport for several hours. MacKellar insists that his ruling is based upon "Government policy" - and, of course, reflects UN decisions.

The time has come for all real Australians to tell Prime Minister Fraser and his colleagues just what they feel about their "deafening silence, to urge them to stop crawling before the UN rabble, and to speak out like civilised people in defence of those trying to hold a line for the West on the Zambesi.


Anyone who has taken the time to read and understand - not a very difficult undertaking - any of the booklets on finance and economics issued by The League of Rights, cannot alter the FACT that under present finance economic policies there is no solution to the deepening crisis in all industrialised nations. These policies make it mathematically certain that debt will expand, total taxation will remain high, and financial inflation will continue.
As a result of acquiring this understanding, many of our supporters have been able to avoid some of the worst mistakes of their fellows; have been able to take avoiding action. But in the long run, no one can protect oneself completely against a process of disintegration, which flows inevitably from present disastrous policies.

Visiting investment counsellor, Jerome Smith correctly observes that if the world slump worsens - and he predicts it will - democracy will be destroyed. Mr. Smith's advice is that instead of people putting their savings in the banks - those who have sufficient to spare! - they should put them into what he terms "real assets", mainly gold and silver; perhaps also diamonds. One cannot eat, drink or use for shelter any of Mr. Smith's "real assets". They can only be used to obtain food, clothing shelter and other amenities - providing these are available!

The truth is that no infallible hedge against inflation is possible while present financial policies are used to drive mankind towards an abyss over which other Civilisations have been pushed in the past. Under present finance economic policies the only way to obtain even a small reduction in the inflation rate, is to impose the type of restrictive policies being used by the Fraser Government. But as pointed out by the American Brookings Institute, under American conditions, a restrictive policy which increases the unemployment rate by 1% over three years, only results in a 1% reduction in the inflation rate. The economic and social damage inflicted by the restraint policy reaches a stage where, to avoid an open revolution, it must be reversed.
The Americans were unable to reduce the inflation rate below 7%, and now the rate is rising, as it is in all leading non- Communist industrial nations.
Stimulating economies under present rules not only makes higher inflation inevitable, but increased production requires greater export drives and more international trade friction.

The world planners, the architects of the "New International Economic Order", are operating on the assumption that they can exploit the deepening crisis to impose their programme of central global financial and raw material controls before there is complete disintegration. We doubt that Mr. Fraser and his colleagues really understand what it is all about. Before the last Federal Elections, Mr. Fraser was dogmatic that once the "summer hump" had been passed, unemployment would fall steadily as a result of his Government's policies.

In last weekend's electorate broadcast, Mr. Fraser was appealing to Australians to give his Government time to deal with growing unemployment. Faced with the fact that the Australian people are reacting to the Government's restrictive policies by saving more, Mr. Fraser's colleague Eric Robinson made a fervent appeal for Australians to go out and spend, an indirect admission that no revival in the economy is possible without greater consumer purchasing power. And yet the thrust of the Budget is to REDUCE purchasing power!

By the end of this year and early next year, the Fraser strategy" will have produced an explosive situation. That situation can only be avoided by reducing financial costs and increasing purchasing power. The abolition of Sales Tax remains the first realistic option available to a Government which genuinely wishes to avoid further social disintegration, Anyone who reads and understands the following books, will have a firm understanding of why deepening crisis is inevitable under present financial rules, and what is necessary for averting greater disasters: "Natural Cost and the Ownership of Money", 75 cents. "The Money Trick" $1.35 and "A Programme for Reversing Inflation" 75 cents.


Victorian Zionist leader, Mr. Isi Leibler, has been having some difficulty in explaining to some of his fellow Zionists why he visited the Soviet Union recently in connection with arranging air travel for the Moscow Olympic games. Mr. Leibler's company, Jetset Tours Pty. Ltd., now in business with Mr. Bob Hawke, has been appointed as official Australian travel agent for the Moscow Games. This appointment, clearly acceptable to the Soviet Government, raises some obvious questions, one being, "Just how genuine is the Soviet's professed anti-Zionism?"
In an interview with Paul Ormonde in "The Herald", Melbourne of August 29th, Mr. Leibler attempts to answer fellow Jews critical of his travel arrangements with Moscow at a time when some Jewish critics of the Soviet regime have been imprisoned. Referring to Jewish migration from the Soviet Union, Mr. Leibler said that 160,000 have been permitted to leave in the past ten years, and that 2,000 a month are currently leaving. The real reason for the special treatment of Jews, as compared with that of Christians and others desirous of leaving the Soviet, is analysed in Eric Butler's "Censored History", price 75 cents posted.

Learning from the experience of the Soviet, the Chinese Communists are confident that they can use carefully controlled tourism both to obtain foreign credits and to brainwash sufficient tourists to turn them into unconscious propagandists for Communist China. Recent reports state that the Chinese Communists are now happy to welcome senior Australian military officers on a "study course". Not so many years ago the senior Ministers in the Fraser Government, including Mr. Fraser himself, were warning Australians of the dangers of the southward thrust of Communist China. The peril was so great that young Australians had to be committed to battle in the Vietnam no win war. Now the same Ministers are telling Australians of the great advantages which will flow by sending increasing Australian exports to China.

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