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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

29 September 1978. Thought for the Week: ". . .civilisation depends absolutely upon quality, while quality, in turn, depends upon inheritance. Environment may bring out all there is in a man, but hereditary predetermines what there is to bring."
Lothrop Stoddard in "The Revolt Against Civilisation".


In last week's "On Target" we correctly predicted what was going to happen in the Werriwa by-election. The swing of nearly 12% against the Fraser Government, compared with the vote at the last Federal Elections, was greater than even we had anticipated, while the Labor Party has been pleasantly surprised by the size of the Labor vote.
There is no doubt whatever that the massive Labor vote was one of protest against the Fraser Government's Budget.

Prime Minister Fraser entered the contest and invited the electors to vote on his policies, which he has persistently claimed are appreciated by the Australian people. He now offers the lame excuse that the vote was not surprising as Werriwa is one of the safest Labor electorates in Australia. While it is true, as Mr. Fraser says, that electors traditionally use by-elections to criticise Governments, this only happens when there is something to criticise the Governments about. Labor won 50 of the 51 polling booths in the electorate, including that at Ingleburn Military Camp, which has never voted Labor before. This vote reflects the strong feeling against the Government's cut in military expenditure.
The one polling booth where the Liberal Party candidate won was in the relatively wealthy area of Cobbidy in the Narrellan subdivision. But an analysis of the vote here confirms our view that the deepest bitterness concerning the Fraser Government is amongst traditional Liberal supporters, who feel that they have been betrayed.

In 1977 the Cobbidy polling booth returned a massive four to one vote for the Liberals. On Saturday this booth recorded a swing of 14% against the Fraser Government. Mr. Fraser's nervous backbench should be looking hard at these figures. Prime Minister Fraser did concede that his policies may have had some bearing upon the electoral backlash when he said, "This year the Government has been forced to make some difficult decisions in the long term interests of the nation. It has shown it is not prepared to shirk its responsibilities for the sake of short term political gains." But, unfortunately for Australia, the policies being imposed by the Fraser Government were mathematically certain to produce more business bankruptcies, more unemployment, and growing social friction.

Government apologists who console themselves with the thought that the Werriwa by-election result would not be reflected in a general election, at which the fate of the Government would be at stake, are doomed to some rude shocks as the situation unfolds. Increasing numbers of loyal Australians are becoming disturbed as they discover that, so far from working to serve the long-term interests of Australia, the Government is betraying the nation. Every effort is being made to "hock" Australia by seeking overseas loans on a scale which makes the Whitlam Government appear moderate, while the Fraser-Peacock drive to betray Australia to the New International Economic Order will produce increasing resentment as the truth is forced into the open.
We note that there is something akin to panic in some circles as Jeremy Lee's book, "Upon That Mountain" circulates with many searching questions new being asked.
The Opposition leader, Mr. Hayden offers no alternative. He also supports the New International Economic Order and heavy taxation. His only disagreement with the Fraser Government concerns how the heavy taxation should be levied.

There is only one way in which Australia's future can be assured, and that is by a grassroots, non-party movement, which demands that the politicians at Canberra represent the clearly stated policies of the electors. More than a change of leadership is required if the present Coalition Government is to save itself and prevent the victory of a Hayden led Labor Party. Replacing Mr. Fraser with Mr. Andrew Peacock, for example, would be disastrous.

What is required is the election of a leader prepared to select a Cabinet of men who will challenge the permanent Government, the entrenched non-elected officials of the Treasury and the Reserve Bank, and to demand the implementation of policies which would soon move Australia off the disaster course on which it is now travelling.
If Government backbench Members heed the lesson of the Werriwa by election they should be able to see what is required. Not only is Australia's future at stake; their own political futures are now very much in doubt. Their electors should now point this out to them!


Conservatives Beware, the Communist-homosexual axis has launched a nation-wide campaign programme to disrupt conservative meetings. The Communist-homosexual-dominated Australian Union of students has triggered the drive with a lengthy smearing of the Festival of Light's Mrs. Mary Whitehouse, whom they correctly identify as an effective enemy; and one who must be prevented from communicating her message of "Light".
The A.U.S. National newspaper, "National U" lists the steps that must be taken to stop conservatives exercising freedom of speech, and one step is to disrupt public meetings, Nazi style.
In Brisbane the homosexuals turned out in force at the City Hall, and between barrages of filthy language and calls for Marxist revolution they implied that after the "revolution", those listening to Mary Whitehouse would be dealt with. Yes, dealt with!

Mrs. Whitehouse, a 67 year-old grandmother, was subjected to violent assault by young thugs who had left their academic advisers outside, and who scurried like frightened dingoes when faced with arrest. Queensland's famous educational standards campaigner, Mrs. Rhona Joyner, confronted the foul mouthed protesters, smiled confidently, but was met with a barrage of hate that was described by veteran reporters as "satanic". The homosexuals were successful, however, for next day the Festival of Light message was suppressed in the monopoly "Courier Mail" by a mass of protester oriented news. Brisbane media watchers said this wasn't surprising, since the "Courier Mail" has been giving splash treatment to every squawk of the Communist-social-democrat-organised few, but has significantly suppressed news of mass rallies of the Festival of Light and other Conservative groups. Conservatives in the Queensland capital say the suppression is now a major scandal and is bound to create some fireworks in the months to come as "insiders" are exposed, and publicity given to those responsible for the Nazi-like tactics."


The dominating theme of the League's National Weekend, was that healthy growth and continuity were being sustained. One of the features of all the functions was the number of younger people present. Mr. David Thompson, the young West Australian who has accepted the challenge to direct the New Zealand League of Rights was a tremendous "hit" with his audience when he presented his Seminar Paper on "The Betrayal of Youth". This Paper, along with other Papers delivered at the League's National Seminar, will be published in booklet form as quickly as possible. David Thompson will be serving full time with the Australian League of Rights until he leaves for New Zealand early in 1979. Those attending the League's National Action Conference heard out lined an inspiring programme of vigorous continuity. Those who have over the years hoped that the League of Rights would die away, have been confronted with the living evidence that the League continues to flourish.


Mr. Barry Cassel, National Director of The Cattlemen's Union, told the Union' s national convention last weekend, that it could become the catalyst of a new Australian political party. Mr. Cassel is correct when he says that many politicians have "lost the confidence of their people." Australia does not require any more political parties. No one can convincingly explain why another party should be any different to present parties. What is required is a non-party political movement, which will bring politicians, irrespective of their party labels, under the effective control of their electors. Mrs. Barbara Treloar's new book, "Fleeced" exposes what is behind the drive to force primary producers into one centralised structure.

The Camp David exercise concerning the Middle East crisis was one more classic example of the power of carefully orchestrated propaganda to delude people. If President Jimmy Carter really wanted to defuse the crisis, he could do this by instructing Israel and the Political Zionists that they had to do as he required, handing back Arab territory, assuring the Israelis that he would guarantee their borders. He could simply point out that without American support Israel could not survive more than a short period. But President Carter dare not do that, because of the power and influence of International Political Zionism. The Camp David exercise was one, which does not touch the basic cause of the Middle East crisis. Anyone who wants to study a short history of the reality should consult Eric Butler's book, "Censored History". In the meantime the Soviet is delighted with a situation, which ensures that its influence in the Middle East is sustained and increased.

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