Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

6 October 1978. Thought for the Week: "For a long time, certain political parties have made a play of opposing centralisation. They paid lip service at any rate, to the idea that centralised power was inimical to individual freedom. But their one time ardor has died away, and the objectives have been watered down to a point where the differences between all parties in the political spectrum are superficial indeed. This is true not only of Australia, but of all English speaking nations. More and more the survival of the very parliamentary system itself is under question."
Jeremy Lee, in the Introduction to his "Upon that Mountain".


The significance of the Fraser Government's back down on a part of its Budget should not be minimised. The Werriwa by-election result demonstrated to the Government that the growing tax revolt was deeply rooted and that it could not be ignored. As we have persistently stressed the Achilles Heel of the Fraser Government is its big majority. The backbench Members have been feeling the growing pressure from the electorate, and now that they have demonstrated that they can force some concessions from a Cabinet, which claimed it would not be shifted, they are going to increase the pressure as they see the electoral stocks of the Government progressively sinking. At this time it is most important that electors increase their pressure.

Last week also saw Prime Minister Fraser changing his "tack" on the unemployment issue. The man, who dogmatically promised before the last elections that unemployment would progressively fall this year, now concedes that unemployment will be a major problem into next year. He has endorsed the frank estimates of Minister Tony Street. When questioned on his pre-election promises in the light of what he is now saying, Mr. Fraser again demonstrated that he could rarely bring himself to admit that he has misled electors. He claims that unemployment has in fact fallen, but unfortunately not fast enough!

The truth is that Malcolm Fraser's star is now waning and that unless he can bring himself to reverse his finance economic strategy his own colleagues will be forced to revolt if they wish to survive the next Federal elections. We are encouraged by the developments of last week and congratulate that dedicated army of actionists who have made their contribution towards producing these developments.


"The W.A. Premier, Sir Charles Court, is fiercely opposing moves by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Anthony, to centralise iron ore marketing to Japan. The Age, (Melbourne) September 30th.

The nub of the issue is that Sir Charles Court accused Mr. Anthony of attempting to get control of iron ore marketing through a cartel arrangement run from Canberra. We really doubt if either Sir Charles Court or Mr. Anthony understand the full implications of the basis of their disagreement. Mr. Anthony probably feels that the hard-nosed Japanese price negotiators can be more effectively dealt with if faced by a single Australian pricing Authority for iron ore, or any other commodity. If dealing with a number of price sources, the Japanese steel mills, acting in unison, can pick one price source off against another to the disadvantage of Australia. That's Mr. Anthony's beef!
Sir Charles Court's complaint is that this is just another try on by Canberra to rumble a State: Charles Court's State! He is telling Canberra to keep out of his Western Australian affairs; and the overall situation is not improved by the obviously ambivalent attitude of some of the iron ore companies.

Beyond all this there is a design, and Mr. Anthony and Sir Charles Court are working towards it, probably unconsciously. International Finance is inherently centralising, as are the operations of International Finance; mineral exploitation being one such operation. Complete local (i.e. Australian) control is necessary before the control of any essential commodity, such as iron ore, is relinquished to international control: this is in line with the plan (plot) for the New International Economic Order.
We assume that actionists in Western Australia have bought Jeremy Lee's book -"Upon That Mountain: A Plot to Betray Australia's Independence" - to the attention of key figures in their State.


"It was wrong to think of automation as a destroyer of jobs, the Premier, Mr. Hamer, said last night: The Sun (Melbourne) October 2nd.

If automation does not reduce ever-escalating costs in manufacture by replacing labour, then what is the point of it? Many "economists of repute" still cling to the silly myth that automation creates more jobs than it displaces. Mr. Hamer mentioned in support of his view the First Industrial Revolution, which did drive countless thousands of men and women from a slow rural life into monstrous factories; children also. But at that time, Britain was the "factory of the world", with a world market!
Today there are dozens of "factories of the world", all clawing each other's eyes out for a share of the world market; and most of them more efficient at this merry game than is Australia!

Automation does not, repeat not, create more jobs than it displaces. The reverse is the case: automation severely reduces the requirement for human labour in the overall manufacturing processes. But we fear that Man, as usual, will have to learn the hard way.

FROM BRITISH 'ON TARGET' (12th and 26th August '78)

Upper Class Bolshevism
"Auberon Waugh recently reported in The Spectator that a top Russian defector, on arrival in London, contacted an upper class member of the Establishment - the reference was that he was a prominent Tory civil servant. This man immediately tipped off the Russian Embassy. "This exemplifies what was apparent at the time of the Ponomarev visit. Much of Britain's Establishment is basically sympathetic to Russia although it would prefer it to be a little more discreet in it's terrorism; would prefer a Russian takeover to a fight; regards a Russian victory as inevitable; and sees its task as facilitating a peaceful takeover.
As for itself, the principal concern of many of its members, labour and Tory, is what jobs it will get under the occupation."

The Media Slant
"A disillusioned French journalist recently wrote a book in which he pointed out that the propaganda technique of Leftist sympathisers in the apparently non-Leftist press was the use of the words conveying a pre-judgment. Thus, 'terrorists', become 'resisters', and the forces of law and order are depicted as being the other side of the terrorist coin.
"One must hope, therefore, that a recent report in the 'Daily Telegraph' on the Quebec elections is not the forerunner of pre-judgments, not to be expected in that paper, which reads: 'An independent candidate, acting as spokesman for extremist (emphasis in original) English speaking residents who want complete freedom of choice of language in Quebec, ran second with 25% of the vote."
"If 25% of Quebec voters want freedom of choice of language, this is neither on the face of it extreme, nor are 25% of a mature nation's voters likely to be extremists. Nevertheless, the adjective, " extremist" is thrown in and the average reader left with the impression for English speakers to want to use their own language is extreme. " (end of British On Target item.)

Australian League of Rights supporters will have no difficulty in picking up the same media 'pre-judgment' technique in our own media. Where there's smoke there's fire; more often than not this practice will be pushed by Leftists buried in the media, and is a valuable "signal" to spot.


A black African priest made the final indictment of the World Council of Churches in Melbourne on Friday. The Sun (Melbourne) Sept. 30, reports that the Rev. Solomon Muthukya, of Kenya, said that money given by the Council to guerillas in Rhodesia was being used to kill innocent people.
"The World Council is more political than religious. Christians feel let down by it," he said.

Since 1970 the Patriotic Front in Rhodesia has received about $l.5m from the W.C.C., and has more than 2,500 black civilian deaths to it's credit, with a bizarre tally of 37 Christian missionaries or their family members. Since the last $72,000 donated by the Council to the Patriotic Front, a Council spokesman claimed that it would be used for ", health, social, educational and agricultural programmes."
After a statement like that the only conclusion we can arrive at, is that either the directors of the Council are fools, or deliberately aligned with Soviet backed Marxist causes. A body like the W.C.C. doesn't employ fools.

Air Marshal Sir Valston Hancock (RAAF) makes the following observation: "Any student of military operations knows that if some kind donor provided essential logistic support such as food, clothing, medical supplies, then this releases funds for the acquisition of military weapons." The Christian's final sanction is, of course, to withhold the W.C.C. blood money.


Three hearty cheers for that courageous Queensland Senator, Glen Sheil, who last week used a Commonwealth Parliamentary function in Kingston, Jamaica, to speak out for South Africa and Rhodesia. Acting Foreign Minister, Mr. Ian Sinclair, immediately rushed in to bitterly attack Senator Sheil. Mouthing the usual humbug for which he is noted, Mr. Sinclair sought to placate those who create " world opinion", by claiming that Australia's opposition to apartheid and support for majority rule in Rhodesia was well known. Mr. Sinclair had the effrontery to claim that Senator Sheil's views were rejected "by the overwhelming majority of the Australian people."
We challenge Mr. Sinclair to substantiate that absurd statement. We venture to predict that Senator Sheil will be remembered as a courageous Australian long after the Sinclairs, the lickspittles of the international power groups planning the "New International Economic Order", have been swept from the Australian political scene.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159