Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 December 1978. Thought for the Week: "The World Council of Churches' cure is a farce and a fake. They do not have the answer to our Western Societies' problems. They do not even have the answer to their own problems. Any form of treatment or cure must justify itself by history and ability to cure. Never in the entire history of the Christian era has theological liberalism cured any generation, organisation, church or individual. The exact opposite can be said of the cure of the conservative and fundamentalist message. It has saved, blessed, healed and cured millions."
Rev. Henry Pike, in Religion, Red and Rotten


"The Black Africa Movement is backing moves to create huge 'black areas' in Australia's mineral-rich North, a Queensland Government Minister said yesterday." - The Age, (Melbourne) December 7th.

We have warned, many times, in these pages over the last year or two that what we refer to loosely as The Conspiracy, that is the forces now in the ascendant and driving the remainder of the so called Free World towards totalitarian slave states in which there is the very minimal freedom - intends that Australia is to be "conquered" through manipulation and exploitation of the race issue.

It is a vast subject, and there is no doubt that the West has been forced on the defensive, mainly because of the sheer ignorance of the issues involved, and by devilish propaganda of our enemies. The result is the virtual paralysis of Western "leaders" in their own defense.

A strong counter attack in this sensitive area is essential and long overdue; it is intended that the Australian League of Rights will play its part in this coming counter attack. Although we are sure that many Australians have thought that our warnings in the past of the peril of Black States in our North, which could and would be used as bases by our enemies for further assaults on Australia - were quite "extreme"; we believe that many of the same Australians are having nagging second thoughts now.

Mr. Charles Porter, Queensland Minister of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs has informed us that the Black Africa Movement would supply "millions of dollars" for "an all out assault on Australian unity". He added that the overall objective was to create "separate development in a massive malevolent move against Australia."
Where are the millions of dollars coming from to fund the Black Africa Movement's attacks in our North?

We have no doubt that Mr. Porter is substantially correct in his allegations. Furthermore, we are confident that the furore created by the Left wing, aided by obliging sympathisers buried in the mass media, against the Brisbane street marches, are but a part of the overall strategy of our enemies against the integrity of Australia. We can expect to see more and more propaganda and agitation for Black areas, even Black States in the North of Australia, which will synchronise with a United Nations/World Council of Churches "attack" against our nation, using the race "weapon" as the main agent of destruction.


"The economic problems facing Australia are now admitted to be more intractable than the Government believed in December, 1975, or admitted during the 1977 election campaign." - Kenneth Davidson, in The Age (Melbourne) Dec. 11th.

In spite of the deadpan pose adopted by the Treasurer, Mr. John Howard, when questioned on anything at all, and his note of continual optimism, the disintegration on the finance economic front continues, as we outlined in last week's On Target (December 8th). Mr. Howard won't say yes or no on the proposed retail turnover tax, yet it is obvious to us that this is the type of tax the Government has in mind.
Certainly the thrust of taxation in the capitalist world today is being more and more geared to increased indirect (concealed) taxation with governments raising a song and dance about their "successes" in reducing direct taxation. The old pea and thimble trick!

As mentioned last week in these pages the deficit is way up - we now have some figures, as published in The Australian (December 9th), and we quote: "After only five months of the financial year, the Federal Government's deficit is already more than $680 million over the target for the whole year. The deficit now stands at $3,493.9 million compared with the target of $2,812.5 million."

It appears almost certain that our prediction in these pages last week will prove most restrained, for in five months, the deficit is already $680 million over estimate (we mentioned $500 million) with seven months to go before the close of the financial year. On present indications the deficit could easily hit the billion-dollar mark. We have to bear in mind that inflation will not be likely to fall any further as there are cost pressures about to force themselves to the surface of the economy. The petrol price increases haven't worked through the cost and price systems yet, and there are food and other cost increases to come.

Our opinion is that the inflation rate now 6%-7% is as low as it will be; to bring it down still further Mr. Fraser would have to just about stop the economy altogether, and he won't be doing that. Things will be bad enough early next year when the tide of school leavers will be scrambling for what jobs are available, and those who don't find jobs could easily become grist to the revolutionaries' mill.


We reproduce this section of the Reserve Bank of Australia's Statistical Bulletin (Oct. 1978) for the benefit of, particularly, our rural supporters:
"The Primary Industry Bank of Australia Ltd. was granted authority on September 21st 1978 to conduct banking business in Australia. The main objective of the bank is to facilitate the provision, through banks and other lenders, of loans to primary producers for terms longer than are available under normal commercial conditions. The Bank's initial share capital of $5,625,000 was contributed equally by the seven major trading banks, four State banks (in combination), and the Commonwealth Government. It was announced in October 1978 that $30 million from the Income Equalisation Deposit Trust Account will be made available by the Commonwealth Government to assist the Bank at an initial interest rate of 5% per annum. The Bank is also expected to seek funds from the fixed term securities market early in the New Year. Loans refinanced by the Bank will carry maximum interest rates to final borrowers of 10.5% per annum for loans of less than $100,000 and 12.5% for loans of $100,000 or above. Loans will be available for periods of from 8 to 30 years."


"Australia and other Western countries today came under mounting international pressure to increase substantially their intake of refugees from Indo-China." The Age (Melbourne) December 11th.

That brilliant Frenchman, Jean Raspail, foresaw the flood of immigrants to be dumped on the West back in 1973 when he first published The Camp of the Saints. It was first translated into English in 1975 and is now available in paperback edition. The Camp of the Saints is a chilling novel about the swamping of Western European culture by a massive Third World invasion. Jean Raspail says: "Many of the texts I have put into my characters mouths or pens - editorials, speeches, pastoral letters, laws, news stories, statements of every description - are in fact authentic. Perhaps the reader will spot them as they go by. In terms of the actual situation I have presented, they become all the more revealing."

As one reads this book, one recognises the words of a cleric uttered in yesterday's newspaper in support of some World Council of Churches programme. Jean Raspail is merciless when dealing with the World Council of Churches: here is a relevant extract from The Camp of the Saints
"Coming in second, but not far behind; the gray World Council of Churches plane. Unlike its papist counterpart, the Protestant craft was very selective in its choice of flights. Each one was a battle, with its planeload of shock troop pastors, righteous in their loathing of anything and everything that smacked of present day Western society, and boundless in their love of whatever might destroy it. In a recent message which caused something of a stir, the Council had voiced its conviction that 'present day' society can't be saved, but has to be torn down so that we can build a new world of justice on its ruins, with the help of God'.... Charity is a very convenient weapon, especially when used with singleness of purpose. You never saw the pastors fly their missions of mercy when no radical issue was at stake. For an earthquake in Turkey, say, or a flood in Tunisia. But they would always be there to answer the call, with supplies for the Palestine refugee camps, the Angola freedom fighters, the Bantu liberation armies - in fact, wherever the voice of hate was as loud as the voice of distress. And if most of the pastors had long since stopped packing in copies of the Gospels with their cases of food, they didn't bat an eye. No, this was their Gospel. They were living it now."

As the Council explained: 'Christ spent his life in a struggle against established religion and temporal power'. So the pastors, too, espousing vicarious woe and despair, marching against white power in the Church...." We advise supporters that some of the language in The Camp of the Saints is pretty rugged, but not for its own sake. This is an intensely realistic novel because it is all beginning to happen now. The Camp of the Saints is now difficult to obtain: supplies are drying up, and we don't think this has just happened; Your enemies don't want you to read this book. Order The Camp of the Saints from GPO Box 1052J, Melbourne, or from any League office. Price $3.20 posted.


The Australian (December 6th) reported that in the recent reshuffle of Commonwealth Government portfolios the staff of the Minister of Industrial Relations, Mr. Street, has been reduced from 6,500 to 160. Most of these 'lost' staff members would, of course have been officers of the Commonwealth Employment Service in Mr. Street's former Employment portfolio. Mr. Fraser has the pruning shears out, and is snipping off staff wherever he can: not that we have any objection to that, in principle.
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