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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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22 December 1978. Thought for the Week: "So far as I understand Christianity it is the easy (not necessarily the immediately easy) way - e.g., the proper way - to do things - 'My yoke is easy, My burden, light'. It is not a pathetic and everlasting effort to do the undoable. The Satanic ideology of work, employment, austerity, sacrifice, is not an ideology of achievement... It is an ideology of sabotage, destruction, corruption and decay."
C.H. Douglas in "The Big Idea."


By Eric D. Butler
The basic realities of the problems afflicting mankind are relatively easy to understand by those who have managed to escape the impact of what passes for education. But when those realities are presented to our masters and their dupes, the invariable reply is that they are too "simplistic". The essence of this type of reaction is that the causes of man's problems are so complicated that those who have not received a "higher education" are incapable of understanding them. But Christ said that it was vitally important for people to become as little children.

The most irresistible social force in the world is Integrity. Children display integrity because they see things as they really are. In Hans Anderson's famous fairy story, "The Emperor's New Clothes", everyone including the Emperor himself, was "conned" into believing that the cloth for the Emperor's new clothes was of such marvellous quality that only the wise and educated could see it; those who couldn't see it were ignorant. No one wanted to admit that he was ignorant or lacking in wisdom. There was mass hypnotism.
It was the little child who called out as the King's procession passed by, "But he has no clothes!" The child saw reality as it was and frankly said so. Sometimes this frankness can be embarrassing, as all parents know! But it can also be refreshing in the face of the hypocrisy and double standards that are so prevalent today.

Much of the disorientation of present day youth stems from their observations of the ways of their elders, particularly the way of their politicians and others responsible for the disastrous policies being imposed. The suggestion that a revitalised practical Christianity is the only answer to the ever-growing threat of the World Monopoly State is often met with the claim that this is but a romantic ideal with no relationship to what are called "political realities."
We are told now that the United States must "normalise" relations with one of the manifestations of centralised power over the individual, Communist China, because the Communists have demonstrated they are "the effective power" in China. The same approach is not adopted towards the effective Government of Rhodesia, or of South Africa.
Only the financial and economic illiterates of this world do not understand that the real reason for the acceptance of Communist China by Western nations, is because it offers an opportunity for a vast export of production and technology to China, financed by those who exercise that most diabolical form of power in today's world: credit power.

Centralised power is anti-Christian because it cripples the initiative and creativeness of individuals. Few references will be made to this basic truth from Church pulpits during the many Church services devoted to celebrating the birth of He who said He had come to show the way to the life more abundant; Whose teachings contained truths which, when applied throughout history, demonstrated that they resulted in societies where the individual's most divine attribute, individual initiative, could blossom.

Every step towards centralised power over individual initiative is a victory for the forces of the Anti-Christ. When those responsible for the policies of the World Council of Churches endorse the "New International Economic Order" they join with the Anti-Christ. They join with today's spiritual descendants from those Pharisees whom Christ denounced with some of His most biting invective.

The major problem concerning Christianity from the beginning has been perversion. Never before has there been such confusion about the second great commandment of Christ, which has to do with the Law of Love. This is not a mere piece of sloppy sentimentalism, as some think. Nor does a statement of the law define how the law shall be applied under all circumstances.
It should be carefully noted that the law states that the individual shall love his neighbour as himself. An individual who has neither love for God nor respect for himself, has no pride in his own people, his own country and its traditions, will always reflect that attitude in his approach to his fellows.

The essential Christian approach to life and the affairs of individuals is a realistic approach: it is rooted in Truth. It is not only the Truth, but the incarnation of Truth in all spheres of human endeavour, which can provide the individual with genuine freedom. The future of practical Christianity depends upon enough individuals becoming as little children and acting with sufficient integrity, with sufficient single-minded purpose. They must learn to ignore the jibe of being "too simplistic" and to laugh at the absurdities behind which the Anti-Christ operates today.

Healthy laughter is a refreshing anti-dote to the sickness that grips the world today. Let it ring out loud and clear during the coming Christmas Season, which should always be celebrated with joy and hope. On behalf of the Australian League of Rights it is my privilege to extend Christmas Greetings to all "On Target" readers and their families.


In his latest weekly electorate talk, Prime Minister Fraser provides further evidence of what can only be described as an invincible stupidity concerning finance economics. He continued with his attack upon the Arbitration Commission's decision to grant wage earners the full 4% flow on of the consumer price index increase. Mr. Fraser said, "Wage restraint is essential to raise the level of job activity and to fight unemployment and a resurgence or inflation".

We have constantly stressed that all increases in financial costs, including higher taxation, must increase prices and that while an increase in wages may give the wage earner a temporary benefit, it also helps to further inflation. No reasonable person will decry those Australian beef producers who have survived the years of low beef prices, now obtaining what are reasonably profitable prices. But these higher meat prices, like higher wages, must, under present financial policies, also contribute to further inflation. As the consumer price index keeps moving upwards, there will be the inevitable demand by wage earners for higher wages.

The destructive inflation cycle, which brings all sections of the community into conflict with one another, can only be broken by Government action, which starts to reduce financial costs. Asking wage earners to show "restraint" simply means asking them to accept a progressive reduction in purchasing power. A reduction in purchasing power adversely affects both producers and retailers.

During the Great Depression of the 'thirties' there was not only wage restraint, but a reduction in wages. The result was a further disintegration of the economy and further unemployment. By attacking the Arbitration Commission the Fraser Government is playing directly into the hands of the Marxists in the Trade Unions. The Commission is attempting to operate within the financial rules laid down by the Government. Instead of criticising the Arbitration Commission, the Fraser Government should be changing its financial rules to that there can be an increase in purchasing power without inflation. The first constructive step would be the abolition of Sales Tax with an immediate fall in many prices.

Instead of moving towards lowering taxes and reducing financial costs, the Fraser Government makes it clear that it is looking around for ways of increasing taxation. There are reports of the wine industry being selected for higher taxation. And, of course, the Government is attempting a "softening up" process for the introduction next year of some type of turn over tax. As we have consistently warned that Prime Minister Fraser is philosophically incapable of grasping the realities of finance economics, we are not surprised to see him doggedly following policies, which take the nation progressively down a disaster course.

As his destructive policies were endorsed by his guest, Mr. David Rockefeller when he was in Australia recently, its natural that Mr. Fraser should be addressing the notorious Council on Foreign Relations during his coming visit to Washington. Mr. Fraser will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Peacock; the reason no doubt being that the overseas tour is designed primarily to advance the "New International Economic Order".

Both Mr. Fraser and Mr. Peacock are strong advocates of the N.I.E.O., which makes them acceptable to the international power men attempting to advance towards the World State behind the N.I.E.O., the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations and its different agencies. Australia's future as a free, sovereign nation remains in grave jeopardy while Malcolm Fraser and Andrew Peacock continue to dominate the Government. They must both go. Their type of invincible stupidity can no longer be tolerated.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159