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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

March 3 1978. Thought for the Week: "Since 1961, when the World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) received into full membership the Communist controlled and used leadership of the Russian, Rumanian, Polish and Bulgarian Orthodox Churches, there has been witnessed in alarming measure the almost hypnotic spell that is being projected into various denominations, churches, church councils, theological classrooms, etc., and especially a wide-range of religious publications concerning anti-Western Socialist-Communist thought, doctrine and outright revolutionary propaganda."
Rev. Henry Pike, in Religion, Red and Rotten.


"Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, I am sure, need no introduction. They are the deadly duo of Rhodesian terrorism - now hell-bent on wrecking the progress towards constitutional change being negotiated between Premier Ian Smith and Rhodesia's moderate black leaders." - Mr. Michael Barnard, in The Age (Melbourne), Feb. 25th.

The above title was that which Mr. Barnard gave to his really excellent article from which the (above) quote is taken. This article virtually reinforces the main points of our own comments in "Targets for the Week" in On Target Bulletin (Feb. 24th). Because of limitations of space we cannot quote extensively from Mr. Barnard's article. Mr. Barnard makes no bones about the involvement of the World Council of Churches in Southern African terrorism: "There is an endless parade of atrocity, murder, rape, abduction, torture and senseless 'reprisals' such as the slaughter of one black village's entire cattle herd.
"The niceties of the Mugabe-Nkomo boys, whose respective organisations, Z.A.N.U. and Z.A.P.U. have each received bouquets of $(U.S.)30,000 from the World Council of Churches, know no bounds."

Mugabe and Nkomo are political usurpers, they have no valid support in the body of the black Rhodesian population: Michael Barnard says: "Against this it is equally widely attested that Mugabe and Nkomo - the former having drawn his military sustenance mainly from Peking, and the latter from Moscow - have no discernible political base among black Rhodesia's civilian community."

This evil pair has given their answer in advance to any "Salisbury Accord" which Ian Smith may thrash out with the moderate black leaders: 'The Patriotic Front's answer to this, apart from branding the black moderates as 'traitors' (to whom?) is to declare that all polling booths would be considered fair military targets".
Mr. Barnard concludes his article on the note that Britain and the United States are hypocritical in their dealings with Rhodesia, seeing much more political mileage in appeasing the many black millions in the "Front line" States rather than supporting a million or so in Rhodesia. This is the way it seems: the rub is that by so doing they are walking right into the Moscow-Peking trap: a power vacuum which will be filled by Cuban client-troops, and others.

After the "magnetisation" of Southern Africa by International Communism, the now powerful Soviet Navy will keep the area clear for Moscow. It could be that the anticipated role of the Soviet Navy is to keep the forces of Peking out of this and other areas after the forces of the West have been expelled, in addition to "confronting" Western naval forces.


We are often encouraged by the fact that commonsense and wisdom manifest themselves in what many would feel are unlikely places. No doubt Mr. Al Grassby, the well-paid bureaucrat who raves about the evils of "discrimination", was surprised to read the following Open Letter by Edgar F. Prenzig in the January 20th -February 9th issue of the Revs Motorcycle News:

"Dear MR. Grassby", I am being discriminated against and I would be most grateful if you and your department could take the time and trouble to write to me and explain why and how this has been allowed to happen. Also, would you be kind enough to inform me what action (if any) is to be taken to remedy the situation. My complaint? I am being discriminated against because I am white. I am being discriminated against because of the colour of my skin. How? Well I'll tell you.
I have been informed that the parents of aboriginal children are paid a sum of money by the Government if the said kids attend school for a certain amount of days every month. I consider this to be discrimination - nobody ever paid me to send my children to school. I am also informed that (well before Medibank) it was 'all on the Welfare State' for an aborigine who went to the dentist for a new set of false teeth, while I and other poor whites had to fork out a couple of hundred smackers for the same job. This seems to me to be discrimination. I know that an aboriginal student attending technical college is paid ten dollars a week more than a white student. This, too, is discriminatory. Did you know that at Moree, in N.S.W. there are a couple of pubs where whites are barred? I have read that if any white person happens to drive through the aboriginal section of the same town their car is stoned by the people who live there. Can you tell me what action will be taken to stop these racial attacks on a section of the Australian community?
I am advised that also medical expenses incurred by the aborigines have always been paid by the "welfare State". In this instance I have been discriminated against all my life, as I have always had to pay out of my own pocket.

A few weeks before Christmas I attended an ethnic day at a Sydney school where about 60% of the kids are of South American extraction and I was discriminated against. While we were doing our Australian cultural section for the assembly our commentator had to stop every sentence to translate to the parents in Spanish. BUT, when it came to the Spanish cultural section of the programme all commentary was just given in the foreign tongue, resulting in a few hundred Australian parents and their kids not knowing what group of dancers or singers were what, or who was Arthur or Martha. The Spanish commentator should have been compelled to have translated the proceedings into English for us to understand - don't you agree Sir? So you can see we were discriminated against.

A bloke I know has just taken over a small general store at Sefton, in the township, and this shop used to be owned by a foreign gentleman. Well in the first week of ownership about twenty people of foreign extraction came in, looked around, and then said to him - 'Are you Greek?' - to which he replied with a friendly smile, 'No, I'm Australian'. At this remark they all turned and hurried out of the shop.

I think, Sir, there is a lot of work in your department to do, but I would suggest that it is in the field of discrimination against the local-born Australian that you would find many cases to work on. You see, we do not bleat and scream when things are done to us - we are a placid race which for years now has endured the insults, jibes, and verbal down-grading which the migrants are forever pouring upon us. Many of these insults have been directed at my wife and myself by these people in shops even though we have gone out of our way to be pleasant and courteous while transacting our business, but now the time has come to stop turning the other cheek, and perhaps your department will help.

You might agree, Mr. Grassby, that what we want in this country is migrants like my own great-great-great-grandfather, who came from a foreign land and without the aid of ethnic affairs department, ethnic language classes, ethnic legal assistance, ethnic schools, ethnic yo-yo lessons and the rest of this rubbish, managed to learn English, set himself up in business, marry and raise a family of true-blue Australians who were taught that this is their country and that this is the land where their loyalty lay. In other words, they were taught to love Australia - not to owe allegiance to some feudal or fascist State that lies buried beneath the dust of European history. And that's fair dinkum!"


A Queensland actionist sends us a clipping from The Sun (Brisbane) Feb. 12th, which casts some piercing light (like a laser beam) on the Sir John Kerr appointment as Australian Ambassador to UNESCO. We haven't seen this mentioned in any other newspapers thus far. Commencing with the observation, with which we most assuredly agree:

"For sheer cynicism, Australian politicians must take the world title. So long as they have the numbers in Parliament, they don't give a damn for public opinion" - the (unnamed) journalist lets us have it: "That blue (December '75) was just about buried and forgotten. So why has Malcolm Fraser started it all up again with an act that can be nothing less than political patronage? "Well, for one thing, serving diplomats don't write controversial books. Sir John has already said he'll write his memoirs - and it would be hard to imagine any book more controversial in Australia than that. "It would sell like cold beer on a February day at present - immediately after Sir John's disappearance from Yarralumla. "But, in three years? It wouldn't pay for the printing (emphasis in original). And that's how long Sir John will be out of circulation."

Thinking Big in Politics

The government, as it penalises each minority, claims that it is doing so on behalf of the majority: each minority therefore finds itself quite helpless, and without legal protection. When Tasmanian representatives in Canberra vote against the wishes of Tasmanians, they tell us it is for the benefit of Australia; we are told to think big, and widen our horizons. Thinking big appears to make inevitable bigger wars, bigger taxes, and bigger strikes, none of which has brought much happiness or security to the majority of voters in the great "democracies". The fact is that the bigger an organisation becomes, whether it is a State or a trade union, the less say the individual member has in its policy; this is well known to those who run States and trade unions. An organization has only to be made big enough for all control by members to be effectively eliminated (e.g. the Communist State, with all power centralised in the Politburo, or its equivalent...On Target).
An international organization like that which was devised by the Bretton Woods Conference can not only effectively eliminate control by the majority of voters, but it can eliminate control by the majority of governments. Such an organisation has been set up which can now (1946) dictate the policy of the British Empire from New York.
From "Our Sham Democracy", by James Guthrie, who above is referring to the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.), which was hatched at the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944. The I.M.F. required that member nations surrendered much of their financial sovereignty, and "international" pressure was actually applied to force one or two nations to "join" the Fund. Threats to withhold vital loans, at the time, were the method used.


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