Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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March 10 1978. Thought for the Week: "But the most remarkable thing of all was that your free, independent, incorruptible press, your famous Times, Guardian, New Statesman and all the rest of them, all wittingly shared in the covering up of this crime (the forced repatriation of Russian refugees to Stalin's Soviet Union) and would have kept silent to this day had not Professor Epstein from America so tactlessly started his investigations into the Fascist techniques which democracies are capable of employing. The conspiracy of the British press was only too successful: indeed there must be many people in Britain today who have not the slightest idea about this crime committed at the end of the Second World War. But it was committed, and it has left a deep and painful mark on the Russian memory."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in BBC radio broadcast, March 24th, 1976.


It has taken over thirty years for one of the most shocking crimes of the Second World War and its aftermath to be publicised by a media which can no longer suppress it: the brutal treatment of Stalin's refugees by the British and American Governments at the end of the Second World War. Even some of those who had fled the Communist terror back in the twenties, were sent back at bayonet point into Stalin's hell. Much of the press comment concerning the revelations allocates most of the blame to Anthony Eden and the British Foreign Office. Without in any way attempting to minimise the revolting behaviour of the pro-Soviet sympathisers in the British Foreign office, we stress the fact that what came to be known as "Operation Keelhaul" had the full support of the Roosevelt regime and General Eisenhower. The policy of agreeing to Stalin's demands was endorsed at the infamous Yalta Conference early in 1945.

Writing in his best seller - The Red Pattern of World Conquest, Eric D. Butler was one of the first to draw attention to "Operation Keelhaul". Numbers of other authorities on world revolution has dealt with the affair over the years, but they received comparatively little publicity and were brushed aside with the sneer of "right wing extremists". But now the truth is coming out, as it is on so many other issues long hidden from the view of the great majority. Mr. Eric Butler has dealt in depth with "Operation Keelhaul" in the March issue of The Intelligence Survey. Non-subscribers may obtain a copy of this issue for 25 cents.

Mr. Butler observes that it was to the great credit of British Generals like Alexander and Montgomery that they strongly opposed "Operation Keelhaul", as did a number of American Generals. Events have once again confirmed the warnings of Solzhenitsyn and others: that if the West deserts its own traditional standards in an attempt to appease the Communist criminals, it will eventually pay a dreadful price.
The mills of God grind slowly - but they DO grind.


by Eric D. Butler.
On March 3rd, the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, and three Africans signed an agreement designed to bring about "majority rule" in Rhodesia. It is planned that on December 31st of this year the Smith Government will be replaced by a multiracial transitional administration that will establish the new State of Zimbabwe.

Ian Smith's conservative critics will react to the agreement by claiming that his surrender to black "majority rule" is the final act in a series of deliberate betrayals. His critics instance his many statements that there would never be "black majority rule" in Rhodesia in his lifetime. When reminded of this promise recently Mr. Smith made the significant statement that it was Dr. Henry Kissinger who convinced him that he had to accept "majority rule" if Rhodesia was to get any assistance from the West. Smith understood that Kissinger was the authentic voice of the international power men.

When I met with senior Rhodesian Ministers and officials last year it was clear to me that they were convinced that the West was determined to sacrifice them to International Communism unless they surrendered to the demand for "majority rule", a concept which is both absurd in any society and which, if attempted, can only lead to the ultimate in tyranny.
When I first interviewed Ian Smith, in 1964, I was struck by what appeared to me to be rather a naive approach to international politics. When asked about what he thought the international reactions would be to a declaration of independence, his reply suggested that he did not think that this would be of great significance.

During a plane delay in Paris, in 1966, on my way from London to Salisbury, a man whose remarks indicated that he was closely associated with international politics, and who obviously knew first hand British and American political leaders, expressed the view that the Rhodesians were only surviving because it was generally thought that it was "unthinkable" that during a period when the British and other Western European powers were retreating in Africa, the Rhodesians could seriously consider a unilateral declaration of independence.
Judging everyone else by his own standards, Prime Minister Harold Wilson remained convinced that Ian Smith and his Government were only bluffing when they talked of independence. Wilson was as astonished as many others with the declaration of November 11th, 1965.

There is little doubt that Wilson and his fellow British Socialists would have attempted military force against the Rhodesians if they felt that the British armed forces could be relied upon to attack their fellow British in Rhodesia, many of them, like Ian Smith, with distinguished Second World War records. The Rhodesians were also encouraged by a spontaneous international movement of support. Without this international support it is possible that there would have been military intervention.

The Toronto Globe & Mail of Feb. 21st carried a report that opened "Ottawa (CP) - Arnold Smith, former Commonwealth Secretary General, says he has been privately urging Canada and other Western countries for years to supply arms to Black Nationalist groups in Southern Africa..." This treacherous creature went on to say that he had favoured parachuting Canadian troops into Rhodesia during the '60s to fight the Whites.

As I see it, when Ian Smith was finally convinced by Dr. Kissinger that international pressure against Rhodesia would be intensified, and subsequently faced an intensification of Communist-backed terrorist attacks, he decided on a desperate gamble to salvage something, to buy still further time, and to put the British and American Governments in a very difficult situation where they would have to support his internal agreement or stand exposed for hypocrisy and open support for the Communist backed "Patriotic Front" of Nkomo and Mugabe - both of whom have rejected an agreement which excludes them from the immediate power they have been seeking.
Ian Smith is a shrewd politician and he has probably obtained the best agreement that the Europeans in Rhodesia could expect under present circumstances.

If the Armed Services, the Police and the Judiciary remain in responsible hands, it is possible that Rhodesia will be spared the collapse that other "independent" African States have experienced. But it can be said now that in the longer term a multiracial political system in Rhodesia has no more chance of operating without growing friction and ultimate chaos, than has proved to be the reality anywhere else.
Rhodesia is a country that has produced a number of surprises. It has also produced tremendous inspiration for a sick West.

The Smith Government's desperate gamble may yet produce some far-reaching and unforeseen developments. In the meantime those Europeans who have decided to hold on in Rhodesia under a new Constitution, together with those Africans who want them to stay, are entitled to the continued support of civilised people everywhere. If the Western betrayal of Rhodesia eventually ruins that country, forces the South Africans to accept a policy leading to the same collapse in South West Africa, South Africa will then be completely isolated. And after South Africa - obviously Australia. Australians must heed the lesson of Rhodesia - while they still have time for some effective action.


We trust that Prime Minister Fraser is noticing what is happening in the United States. During recent times the end of inflation has been proclaimed with a monotonous regularity. But inflation does not go away; it keeps recurring. The latest resurgence has been described as a "shocker", Measured by the price index, inflation during January nearly doubled, with the annual rate now being almost 10%. The bitter coal strike is a symptom of the deteriorating situation in the United States. Even if the miners were to accept a substantial increase in wages, this must under present financial rules increase the inflationary pressure. Nothing but a change of financial policy along the lines now being supported by an increasing number of realists around the world, can save the Americans from more inflation leading to the complete totalitarian State.

The unhappy Kerr affair has demonstrated once again the Prime Minister's shallow approach to fundamental issues. A sensitive Prime Minister would never have exposed Sir John Kerr to the final humiliation of being forced to resign in the face of the inevitable criticism following the UNESCO appointment. The institution of the Monarchy has suffered. By his withdrawal Sir John has at least enhanced his own status. The status of the Prime Minister has been reduced.


Can Australia take constructive action to avoid the effects of a threatened international finance-economic collapse? The answer at the Loyal Orange Institute 524 Elizabeth St. Wednesday, March 15th. Tell all your friends.
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