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4 May 1979. Thought for the Week: "For, as Douglas wrote (Programme for the Third World War): 'If you can control economics, you can keep the business of getting a living the dominant factor of life, and so keep your control of politics - just that long, and no longer.' The control of economies rests on the ignorance of Party politicians of the realities of the economic process."
from the Preface to "The New and the Old Economics" (C.H.Douglas) originally published 1932.


According to the newspaper "The Asian", published in the Victorian city of Geelong, there are now a quarter of a million Asians living in Australia. It also points out, in its March issue, that Indo-Chinese refugees continue to arrive in Australia at the rate of 800 a month. It says: " . . .Since the fall of Saigon in April 1975 Australia has resettled nearly 16,500. By mid 1980 the figures will have risen to at least 32,000..."

The current rate of 800 refugees a month does not include those arriving illegally by boat. The 200 hundred a week normally fly in from refugee camps in S.E. Asia as part of a quota agreed to by Immigration Minister Mackellar. But it now looks as though the temporary lull in the number of boats arriving in Darwin and other northern ports is over.

The Adelaide Advertiser pointed out (21/4/79): "The stage was well and truly set this week for a resumption of the steady flow of Vietnamese refugees arriving directly in Darwin and other Australian northern ports. The three boats carrying nearly 200 refugees which arrived in the northern coastline last week were merely the first of many...." The article went on to point out that both Malaysia and Indonesia are just pushing the boats out to sea again in the direction of Australia. If the refugees lose their boats, the Malaysians are finding more boats to send them on their way.

It continued: "Qantas jumbos are now flying an average of 950 refugees out of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia every month bound for new homes in Australia. Australia is taking more refugees per capita than any other country and the total accepted will be more than 32,000 by the end of this year... The Advertiser then made this incredible assertion: ". ..The Immigration Minister Mr. Mackellar and his Cabinet colleagues believe things can be politically contained if the refugees enter quietly aboard Qantas planes. However, refugees will become too much of a political hot potato if too many land amid a blaze of publicity and local protest in Darwin.


Last December The Australian (28/12/78) said: "The massive transfer of ships from European fleets largely to those of East Asian ship owners if underlined in the latest market report issued by London shipbrokers Lambert Brothers... This transfer of tonnage has resulted in alarming facts concerning the shrinking size of Western fleets, Lambert Brothers declared...." Now the Financial Review (18/4/79) has pointed out the beneficiary: "China has spent about $USl,000 Million buying 228 vessels at rock bottom prices during the past three years, it is reported in London... With her own money? Not on your life: It's part of the $50,000 million China has borrowed from the West recently.


A strange alliance of underdeveloped nations in the Third World called the Group of 77, met in mid March in the small township of Arusha in Tanzania. There are actually 117 nations in the Group of 77, so the name is about as illogical as the nonsensical arguments and postulations of its leaders. Many of the buildings in Arusha show the influence of Teutonic styles implanted when Tanzania was German East Africa. This was changed to Tanganyika when the British administered the area. Under both the Germans and the British there was far more prosperity than the Tanzania which endures the "scientific socialism" of Julius Nyerere.

At the Arusha conference, Nyerere was the main spokesman in a bitter attack on the "developed " nations for their lack of progress towards the Common Fund and the integrated programme for commodities (IPC). Nyerere, who has been partly responsible for the ousting of the revolting barbarian Idi Amin, has a record, which does not bear too close a scrutiny. The miserable fate of the Arabs in Zanzibar, most of whom were massacred during the 1964 revolution, never got much of an airing in the Western media, which has treated Amin as a half comic "Caliban". Nor was there much publicity for the public whippings in Dar-es-Salaam for those Arabs who declined to force their daughters to marry the indigenous Swahilis.
Tanzania today is desperately poor - poorer than it ever was under British administration. But this doesn't stop Nyerere from a never ending stream of socialistic preaching which ranges from diatribes against the Rhodesians to attacks on Western developed nations.

The promising East African Federation, which once existed, linking Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika, is now finished and broken. Uganda is back in the pre-Livingstone era. Tanzania is little better. The Kenya border is closed. Squabbles between the three countries over such common services as the East African Railways have produced chaos where once there was development and expansion.

The Arusha Conference was an obvious example of Third World sabre rattling before the UNCTAD conference scheduled to be held in Manila in May. They demanded establishment of the Common Fund. They demanded sweeping changes to the world's economic and financial systems. It is obvious to many people that changes in the field of finance must be made. But the establishment of the centralised proposals embodied in the New International Economic Order would entrench the almost uncontrolled power of the world's money monopolists into the greatest financial and political hegemony in history. This is a clear case of the poverty and frustration of underdeveloped nations being used as a lever in a much bigger grab for world power.

Meanwhile, The Australian (8/4/79) announced: "The British Government last week announced that it supported in principle the long standing scheme to establish a world commodity centre in London. This centre, which has already won the backing of City financial interests, the Greater London Council and international commodity bodies, would house the seven existing commodity organisations in London and any new ones that might be created. More significantly, it could also house the proposed UNCTAD Common Fund, whose resources would be used to stabilise world commodity prices... Siting the fund in London would be politically prestigious for the UK, and would also be financially beneficial.
The Fund's resources would be $US 750 million in direct contributions from member governments, plus whatever else could be raised on the capital markets... The group believes that the election will not appreciably delay a decision on finance for the centre. Sponsors of the scheme believe that a conservative government would be just as willing to support the project. The next government could be in a position to formally propose London as the headquarters of the Common Fund, using the centre as a major attraction at next month's UNCTAD meeting in Manila..."


"Vigilia" reports: Rhodesia
Almost unbelievably the Rhodesia electorate has voted to hand children and grandchildren to the tender mercies of African nationalism. The situation becomes a little clearer when we learn that of over two hundred thousand white adults, only 96,000 had the vote, and 57,000 voted to surrender. Use of the 1974 electoral role banned the young from voting. Most immigrants of the last twenty years have retained their old citizenship as a safeguard, and had no vote. Those right-wingers who see through Smith had in many cases already emigrated. In a nutshell Rhodesia has been voted to ruin by a minority - the old business farmer professional community, servile to Britain's 'true-blues', and liberals, who have little in common with the real right-winger. The remaining slender hope is of a Cuban invasion, and an Army coup, before Rhodesia finally collapses."

The Rockefellers
"I have on several occasions expressed the view that the sheer incompetence of the Rockefeller family suggested that they are but a front for other shadowy figures in the conspiracy, and who manipulate them. As I put it previously - do they manipulate Kissinger, or does he really manipulate them? "An article in 'The Spectator' (Feb.l9th, '79) commenting on Nelson Rockefeller's death, confirmed this view: 'The great Rockefeller conspiracy in recent decades hasn't been their supposed clandestine power to rule the world, but the genteel agreement to gloss over and hide their talent-free ordinariness. Only now does one hear cutting observations on the disastrous record which brother David Rockefeller has wrought as head of the Chase Manhattan Bank, an institution which has done little but lose power, position and money during the years he has run it. From the first, Nelson could have been spotted as an incompetent loser... "It's not surprising that the Rothschild-Oppenheimer alliance now moves to dominion of the Western World; or that it has wrested control of the Bilderberger organisation from the Rockefellers."


Probably a coalition of the Liberals and the (Vic.) Country Party is the best result we can hope for this time round in the Victorian State Election. As a few Liberal dead heads will go, the Victorian Country Party will ginger things up at the "top of Bourke Street" (Parliament House); and the Victorian Labor Party will feel that victory for it is not an impossibility. In essence some welcome competition!
All this if it comes about will produce some nervous glances in the Government Party Room at Canberra, where Mr. Fraser is wondering what to do about Mr. Doug Anthony: let him " steam roll" Sir Charles Court in W.A. on mineral export guidelines; make an attempt to paper over the cracks by effecting some sort of compromise; or let Mr. Anthony possibly hang himself (politically) by having the Liberals gang up against him, so reducing his credibility in his own Party. Maybe Malcolm Fraser is being cunning.
Electoral comment authorised by E.D. Butler, 273 Little Collins St., Melbourne.
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