Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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18 May 1979. Thought for the Week: "The battle for the liberty of the subject has to be renewed and fought in every age."
Lord Douglas of Barloch in the House of Lords on January 27th, 1954.


By Eric D. Butler
The answer to the above question may be provided by British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and her new British Conservative Government. Because of its historical relationship with Rhodesia (or Zimbabwe-Rhodesia as it is now described) the United Kingdom is best placed to give a lead to the Western world on the recognition of the Government headed by Bishop Muzorewa. But is the "Iron Lady" strong enough to defy the United Nations, the Carter Administration, which has already made it clear that it will not recognise the new Government in Salisbury, and other members of the Commonwealth? What about Nigerian oil?

Unless the Muzorewa Government is recognised by the major Western nations and economic sanctions lifted, the end result must be an intensification of the Communist backed terrorist campaign against Rhodesia with the inevitable result that the nation will collapse completely and be taken over by Marxist oriented gangsters like Nkomo or Mugabe. Then will follow the bloodbath as tribal passions take over.
The guilty people will be those Western political leaders and international groups, including the World Council of Churches, who have made it clear that not even the surrender by Ian Smith and his colleagues has been adequate they must be stripped of any remaining influence they can exercise to prevent an immediate collapse.

In view of the favourable findings of a wide assortment of international observers who were present for the elections in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, including those of the Australian political observers, if the Fraser Government had any semblance of backbone, it would at least be encouraging the Thatcher Government in the United Kingdom to give a lead in the recognition of the new Government in Salisbury. But if the decision is left to Mr. Fraser and Foreign Minister Peacock, there is no doubt that Australia will line up in the United Nations, and elsewhere, with the implacable enemies of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.
Mr. Fraser is so obsessed with courting the "Third World" that he is prepared to accept as equal Governments which are dominated by totalitarian gangsters.

The double standards and blatant hypocrisy of the Frasers of the Western world contribute to the growing disillusionment about politicians generally. The danger is that this erosion of faith in politicians can lead to a lack of faith in the institutions, including Parliament, of the free society. As the Roman civilisation disintegrated, the desperate call went out for a Caesar. As I have said in previous comments, the Rhodesian issue could prove the decisive test for the West - a test of what moral and spiritual resources are left in the West.

No realistic observer of the Rhodesian scene believes that even if recognised by other Governments, the type of Government produced in Salisbury by the new Constitution can result in long-term stability. Even Ian Smith, the man who negotiated a surrender that he believed inevitable, under the circumstances as he saw them, obviously has his doubts about the future as indicated by his recent statement that he still stands by his earlier critical comments about "black majority rule".

Having made a surrender to a situation that not even Socialist Harold Wilson demanded, Mr. Smith then asked that promises made by Dr. Henry Kissinger be fulfilled. If Mr. Smith really believed that any such promises would be honoured, this further confirms my own views about Ian Smith, formed over a number of years, that he has never understood the real nature of the struggle for the world. This lack of understanding, together with a strictly orthodox approach to finance economics (understandable from a University trained Batchelor of Commerce), resulted in a lack of in-depth approach to the basic problems confronting Rhodesia. And a number of optimistic statements which subsequent developments proved to be wishful thinking.

Having made their surrender, Ian Smith and all those Europeans who voted in support of that surrender, are at least entitled to request that civilised men of the West treat them decently; that they be given every opportunity of trying to work together with a black Government. If the British Government of Margaret Thatcher refuses to give a lead in extending recognition to the new government of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, it will provide clear evidence that the mere changing of politicians has no impact whatever on the real governments of the world. But with sufficient support from around the Western world, Margaret Thatcher and her colleagues might yet show that a woman can do what men have failed to do. At this moment Margaret Thatcher is the most important political leader in the Western world. Well might we pray for her. But even more important is some constructive action. Faith without works is dead.


The announcement that Saudi Arabia is cutting its oil supplies to the U.S.A. was predictable. The agreement between Egypt and Israel, with President Jimmy Carter and his "advisers" playing the major role in producing the agreement, has not only led to a deepening of the Middle East crisis, with pro Western Jordan and Saudi Arabia being forced to join ranks with the radical Arab States, but is going to result in an intensification of the growing finance economic crisis throughout the whole non-Communist world. The cowardly pro-Zionist policies of Western Governments are going to bring the increasingly disastrous results which courageous anti-Zionist Jews, like Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, have predicted.

The May issue of "The Intelligence Survey" carries major extracts from a most sobering in depth address given in the American Senate, analysing the Middle East peace agreement, by distinguished Senator Jesse Helms. This brilliant address was practically ignored by the major American media. The May issue of "The Intelligence Survey" can be obtained from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne. Send 30c

"The evil that men do lives after them..." Shakespeare would surely have smiled knowingly if alive to witness what is taking place in Communist China. The euphoria in the West about the "vast Chinese market", coupled with stories about a new liberalisation and the restoration of individual rights, resulted in another of those periods of mass wishful thinking about Communism. It is now being discovered that there are great difficulties in arranging contracts with the Peking Government, while there has been a new wave of repression, demonstrating that Chinese Communist officials are correct when they insist that China remains faithful to Chairman Mao. The evil influence of Chairman Mao still prevails. All of this will not, of course, prevent the international financial groups from attempting to provide Communist China with the credits necessary for "modernisation".

One of the most significant comments made by Marxist oriented Andrew Young while in Australia, was that he greatly appreciated the strong support by Prime Minister Fraser and Foreign Minister Peacock for the New International Economic Order. We are not surprised.

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