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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

25 May 1979. Thought for the Week: "It appears to be in the nature of the Universe that the misuse of a 'means' results in the breakdown of the means misused. For instance, the centralisation, which is so rampant, is claimed to be in the interest of efficiency. But civilisation was never so inefficient as today. We have unimaginable and unthinkable production - yes. And with it, less security, less leisure, more suicides, more lunacy. Is that efficiency?"
C.H. Douglas in "'Whose Service Is Perfect Freedom"'.


Lenin, the man who is accepted by all the warring sections of the Marxist movement, stressed his belief in the greater efficiency of centralised production. He said that a world Marxist State was impossible without an integrated world wide economic system. However much the Marxists criticised "capitalist" centralisation, including the creation of an increasing number of multi-national organisations, they believe that such centralisation paves the way for the future world Marxist State. A large number of smaller business organisations are much harder to take over, proclaimed Lenin.

Lenin, like his successors, would have approved of the underlying concepts of the New International Economic Order. It is generally overlooked that the Communist nations at the United Nations endorsed the agreement to establish a New International Economic Order. Communist representatives attend the numerous international conferences working towards the creation of the N.I.E.O. But the real threat to Civilisation is not that there is any possibility of the World State being established. As proved in the Soviet Union, centralised planning produces disastrous results. The Communist States are dependent upon the technology and production of what is left of the Free World. However, as the production systems of the Free World have to operate under financial policies, which force them to also centralise all power, these systems become increasingly vulnerable to revolutionary pressures.
As witnessed last week in Victoria, a handful of strikers in a vital area of the State Electricity Commission were able to produce a major breakdown in power generation, this in turn affecting hundreds of thousands.

With inflation continuing - increasing in many countries - the drive towards greater centralisation is inevitable. This in turn will intensify the growing convulsions associated with strikes based upon a false belief by wage earners that they can only maintain the purchasing power of their wages by higher wages. The Marxist revolutionaries are skillfully encouraging this view, the more informed of them knowing that such strikes and higher wages only increase the revolutionary climate.

The only answer to the threat is, as C.H. Douglas pointed out over half a century ago, to adopt a financial policy which results in a falling price level, reflecting the reality of a lower cost of production resulting from technology, without affecting the ability of producers to make genuine profits. The proposals by Douglas that consumer credit for the consumer are provided have been strongly opposed by the Marxists, who realise that in practice such a policy would result in a harmonious society. The basis for revolution would be destroyed.
Douglas predicted as far back as 1924 that Civilisation was doomed unless effective decentralisation of credit power took place. Events since then have tragically confirmed his predictions.

Sir Paul Hasluck, former Australian Governor General, is the latest to add his voice to the warnings of Malcolm Muggeridge, Solzhenitsyn and others, that Civilisation is disintegrating. Speaking at the Australian and New Zealand Association for the advancement of Science last week, Sir Paul said..."We are witnessing a new and subtler equivalent of the barbarian invasion of Europe that ended in darkness."
But the Roman Civilisation did not collapse primarily because of the pressure of the barbarians, but because of an internal rot stemming from excessive centralisation and financial policies which produced the same escalating debt, crushing taxation and monetary inflation now convulsing what is left of Western Civilisation.

During the Second World War, an influential Fabian Marxist spokesman said in England that the British people would never accept large scale central planning except in war or UNDER THE THREAT OF WAR. It is the threat of increasing finance economic disaster, and the possible eruption of a major nuclear conflict, which is being used to attempt to drive mankind into the World State. But every new policy of centralisation produces greater disasters. It is the growing evidence of these disasters, which offers the possibility of sufficient people grasping the type of answer, which the League of Rights is putting forward.

Sir Paul Hasluck said "The challenge to Australia is to contrive to be herself and maintain a position of her own in the world." This most necessary attitude can only become a reality if Australians grasp the truth that they can best contribute to the regeneration of Civilisation by implementing the necessary financial policies to free themselves of external influences. In the words of great William Pitt, they can save themselves by exertions and the rest of the world by their example.
The battle lines are being drawn more clearly every day. The real enemies of Civilisation make no mistake when they see the type of policies promoted by the League of Rights, policies rooted in the Christian philosophy, as the only threat to their drive for world power.


"The Foreign Minister, Mr. Peacock, is shifting ground on recognition for the new limited black rule Government in Zimbabwe." The Age, (Melbourne) May 21st.

From Britain, the United States of America, and Australia come definite reports that the recent "majority rule" elections in Rhodesia were fair and above board. Mrs. Thatcher, British Prime Minister, is now under strong pressure from an influential section of her Party to both recognise the Muzowera regime in Salisbury, and to lift trade sanctions. The vote in the United States Senate, calling on President Carter to do likewise demonstrates that the realities of the Southern African situation cannot indefinitely be suppressed by the mass media. Chinks of light do pierce through, sometimes in the most unexpected areas - as evidenced by Michael Barnard's remarkable, factual, articles on Rhodesia in The Age (Melbourne) over the past year.

On the home front, some Australian politicians, recently returned from Rhodesia, as election observers, all tell the same story: elections fair and impressive. Mr. Peacock wouldn't be the smart politician he is (let's give him that!) if he didn't sense that the cat was going to jump. He wants to be on the right side if and when the cat does jump. The Age report asserts that Mr. Peacock has intimated that: - "the situation is extremely fluid, and that it was not in Australia's interests to get locked into a definite policy". That gives him plenty of room to maneuver. Mr. Malcolm Fraser is believed to have a harder line on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Not as flexible as Mr. Peacock, he might find himself on the wrong side if the cat jumps.


"Australia is about to feel the backlash from the failure of the extremist National Front in the British Elections, according to the Federal Commissioner for Community Relations, Mr. Al Grassby." The Age (Melbourne) May 21st.

We well recall the quite absurd flurry in the mass media some months ago when half a dozen or so people met in a hired room in a posh Melbourne hotel in an endeavour to get the National Front off the ground in Australia. The League has made its views on the National Front well known, which are that there can be no genuine rectification of our ills from the formation of yet another political party. We also suspect that political bodies like the National Front serve a kind of usefulness to the subversives and revolutionaries, in that they attract hot heads, firebrands, as well as some genuinely conservative people; but overall the effect is to discredit some worthwhile values, such as loyalty and patriotism, and conservatism. The mass media see to it that these, along with all the other showy activities - street parades, yelling and shouting, banners, etc., etc. are vilified, if only by association.

Mr. Grassby, of course, has a vested interest in what he terms "racism" his job depends on it. And he's doing very nicely, thank you, on $35,000-$40,000 a year: and it can't be hard work. But, in spite of this "quango'" (the British - still ingenious - have invented a word for this sort of thing) Mr. Grassby still yearns for the cut and thrust of party politics, and is eager to re-enter the political arena. We sense that the "shrewd boys" in the back rooms of the Australian Labor Party don't look upon Al Grassby as a "goer". In spite of lip service to the "need" for a Community Relations Commission, and praise for Al Grassby, they want a candidate who will help them win office, and Al Grassby isn't that. His popularity is low; not only with old Australians, but with our newcomers as well.


The Government of Vietnam is ready to allow at least 600,000 people to leave southern Vietnam. Most of these (if not all) would be unskilled - by no means indispensable to the rebuilding of Vietnam - more likely just mouths to feed. Large numbers of skilled men and women, professional and trades have already escaped from Vietnam. Where will the 600,000 go? Furthermore, we suspect that this 600,000 might be just the start. We suspect that Communist Hanoi is prepared to ditch, perhaps a million or two of its unskilled population, plus some ethnic undesirables (to Hanoi) to both ease some social problems at home and create some social problems abroad! Not to forget that there would be a sprinkling of highly trained Communist agents with all those allowed to emigrate.
Supporters who have not read Jean Raspail's "The Camp of the Saints" should now do so. The massive emigration of Third worlders to the West is all foretold here (it was first published in 1973). All the confused clerics are there; all the slick current affairs jockeys with an axe to grind; all the rotten, venal, politicians. Tough reading - but a "must" for those who can take it. Price $3.20 posted from all League offices.
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