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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

1 June 1979. Thought for the Week: "That which differentiates a man from an animal is his ability to make a choice and a decision over and above the needs and appetites of the moment. Wisdom has usually meant the ability to ascertain the laws of the universe and to conform to them; and a moral choice implies a desire to work 'along the grain of the universe', and the will to do so; as against the choice which is ignorant or perverse."
James Guthrie, in To What End?


In His famous reply to a trick question, the Founder of Christianity said in essence that while people living together in society - a natural state for the individual - required Government (Caesar), they did not want so much Government that they had nothing left to serve God. In the long struggle to create a Christian civilisation, constitutionalists inspired by the Christian concept of the importance of every single individual, sought to ensure that the power of Caesar was restricted. But today the power of Caesar everywhere, irrespective of labels, is being expanded at the expense of the individual.

Cynically breaking promises that they would reduce taxation, Prime Minister Fraser last year increased taxation. This year there are to be further increases - unless taxpayers stage the type of revolt now developing in the U.S.A. If media reports are correct, the Fraser Government's backbench Members are closing ranks behind the Government, convinced that increased taxation is preferable electorally to any attempt to major cuts in social welfare payments and allocations for what passes for education. The truth is that irrespective of what the Fraser Government does under present financial rules, its finance economic problems are going to become more acute.

We pointed out even before the Fraser Government was elected by the massive backlash against the Whitlam Government, that unless Mr. Fraser and his colleagues modified financial policies, which generated escalating debt, they would not be able to fulfill their pre-election promises. Early in 1976 the National Director of The League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler, put his own reputation for reliability on the line, by warning that after only a few months, it was clear that the Fraser Government was on a disaster course. He said that inflation must continue at a high level along with heavy taxation while the Government continued with the financial policies it was imposing.

Up until recently the Fraser Government has made much of its alleged success in lowering the inflation rate. We have constantly stressed that the slightly lower inflation rate was only being achieved by economic dislocation, one manifestation of this being a record bankruptcy rate, along with a record unemployment rate, since the end of the Second World War. And that if restrictive policies were persevered with, there would be mounting industrial unrest, this intensifying social friction and social problems.

The latest cost of living figures are a distressing confirmation of our warnings. During the beef crisis we said that if beef prices could be increased by reducing production and destroying enough beef producers, this increase must increase the cost of living figures and help to stimulate further inflation. Not only have increased food prices now made it certain that the Fraser Government's predictions about the inflation rate are going to be proved nonsense, high prices for building materials, groceries and other items are going to make it clear beyond all argument that not even high bankruptcies and unemployment can reverse inflation, except for a short period.

The Fraser Government's strategy for economic recovery is now in tatters. The type of Budget proposed by the Government is like throwing petrol onto a fire already out of control. The only hope now of avoiding a major conflagration is for electors to unite to make it clear to the Government's backbench Members that hard pressed taxpayers have had more than enough of being robbed by Caesar; that they are determined to curb the power of Caesar by insisting that so far from taxation being further increased, it must be reduced.

There is no necessity for the Government to induce any legitimate expenditure while at the same time reducing taxation. The very existence of another major deficit is concrete evidence that the Government has to have another source of revenue except taxation. If the Government would use its constitutional powers to direct the Reserve Bank to write credits instead of debts, this one first step would enable it to start moving from far greater disasters now threatening Australia. Other steps could be taken later. But the first step is only going to be taken if enough taxpayers unite to make Caesar realise he has gone too far.


Back in 1968, when "Trudeaumania" swept Canada, Mr. Ron Gostick, National Director of The Canadian League of Rights using the research work of former undercover Royal Canadian Mounted Police agent Patrick Walsh, dared to publish the long pro-Marxist record of Trudeau. He was savagely smeared, even by those calling themselves Conservatives. But slowly the truth came out. During the recent Canadian elections, Mr. Gostick updated the Trudeau file and, together with constructive suggestions for the salvation of Canada, was widely distributed across Canada. This material was also inserted in papers right across Canada. The long anti-Trudeau campaign directed by Mr. Ron Gostick through the Canadian League of Rights has at last had its effect, with Progressive Conservative Joe Clark only finding himself in office, heading minority Government, because of the backlash against Trudeau. Unless the Government of Joe Clark reverses orthodox financial policies, is can be predicted with certainty that his Government will be just as disastrous as the Fraser Government. The Canadians now have a respite. The future depends upon whether Mr. Gostick and the Canadian League of Rights can continue to recruit the type of support, which played a major role in toppling Trudeau.

It surely will be decades before the Kerr-Whitlam political crisis of 1975 will be able to be discussed without rising emotions by rank and file Australians. We have always been loath to regard the crisis as a "constitutional" one, as it is usually dubbed. The Australian Constitution provided the powers to deal with such a crisis as happened in 1975; and the Governor General of the day, Sir John Kerr, used those powers vested in him by the Constitution. The argument is more properly concerned with the correctness of the Governor General's action. Did he act correctly, or not? The League believes that he did act correctly, in referring the matter at issue to the Australian people, who voted decisively against the stand of Mr. Whitlam, the Prime Minister. The "political" crisis was resolved. Lord Hailsham, Britain's Lord Chancellor, thinks that Mr. Whitlam "got off cheaply" for his attempts to govern without parliamentary sanction (Supply). Lord Hailsham, the most senior Law Officer in Britain says that Charles I lost his head for attempting to govern without parliamentary sanction. Lord Hailsham protests against Mr. Whitlam's personal vindictiveness against Sir John Kerr. He said; "What Gough Whitlam said about 'maintaining rage' more than anything else cost him two elections and the leadership of the Australian Labor Party".

The Presbyterian Church General Assembly of N.S.W. has voted to cut affiliation with the Australian Council of Churches; and this means the World Council of Churches. The matter must be further pushed in September at the Church's National General Assembly. The Rev. Donald Campbell, the mover of the motion, accused the World Council of Churches of practising "theological Marxism". It is interesting to note that the vote to disaffiliate with the A.C.C.-W.C.C. was carried by 70% of the ministers and elders in attendance. We can predict that the issue of affiliation with the A.C.C.-W.C.C. is one which will shake the churches in Australia more and more as knowledge of the links between the W.C.C. and International Communism becomes more wide spread. We still have stocks of "Religion, Red and Rotten", by the Rev. Henry Pike. A real World Council of Churches smasher, it is now available from all League offices. Price: $2.70 posted.

Now Mr. Bob Hawke has emerged as a Zionist international negotiator. Is he still interested in plunging into Australian Federal politics? Or would he prefer to tread the World Stage in the role of a latter day Kissinger? If he does enter Australian politics, then our opinion is that he could become a very frustrated man, and could be forced into errors. There is no doubt that he is a most able person, and is deeply committed to his political and social beliefs, which are those of Socialism. However, Mr. Hawke will find, if he ever does rise to leadership of the Australian Parliamentary Labor Party, and perhaps even to the Prime Ministership - that politics is a very different "ball game" to trade unionism. He will not then be able to move politicians around to suit his plans and strategies as he has done with trade unionists in his position as top trade union official. Trade union politics certainly centre around power, but the power is more tightly held by officials of the larger unions, who hold that power because of the apathy of rank and file union members who never attend union meetings to vote, and again because of the fierce commitment and dedication of so many union officials - many of whom are Communists: the remainder (in the main) socialists of differing hues. Mr. Hawke will discover that in political life there are such oddities as electors, who make politicians jump. Electors must vote, and they are protected by secret ballot. They also have tremendous power, if they are accurately informed.


The Rhodesian issue not only is going to determine how much moral courage is left in the Western world; it is also going to decide how much longer the four Crown Commonwealth Countries, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, are going to allow themselves to be blackmailed by the manipulation of the non-European members of the Commonwealth. The time has come for some blunt talking. If the totalitarian regimes of Nigeria, Zambia and other countries insist that they are going to cease their association with the Commonwealth if Zimbabwe-Rhodesia is recognised, then they should be told that no longer will blackmail be tolerated. The Rhodesian issue may well end the farce bedeviling the Commonwealth for far too long.
Enormous pressure is now being brought to bear on the British Government of Margaret Thatcher in an attempt to prevent it extending recognition to the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Government. The Soviet Union is mobilising increasing support behind the "Patriotic" Front led by the two terrorist leaders, Nkomo and Mugabe, who are openly threatening increased terrorist activity against Zimbabwe-Rhodesia if the new government in Salisbury is recognised. If the West refuses to meet this naked challenge, it will indicate that it is prepared to sacrifice yet one more country to avoid confrontation with the Soviet and its dupes.
The Rhodesian issue is now openly at the centre of the struggle for the world. The latest pressure on the British Government comes from the 34 High Commissioners of the Commonwealth countries represented in London. They are "warning" the British Government that its "credibility" will be endangered if it recognises Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Australia's High Commissioner, the disastrous Sir Gordon Freeth, is one of those "warning". He is no doubt, putting the official Fraser Government viewpoint. As Australia is a major factor in the situation, and could be decisive if it encouraged Mrs. Thatcher to take a stand, it is essential that every ounce of influence be brought to bear on Australian Members of Parliament.
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