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Edmund Burke
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21 June 1979. Thought for the Week: "It must be obvious that once you concede the need for total planning, or central planning as it is usually called, i.e., the planning by a tiny minority of the industrial, financial, economic, educational, cultural and therefore religious activities of the vast majority, you have automatically sold out the entire Christian heritage of freedom."
James Guthrie in "To What End?"


President Jimmy Carter's refusal last week to lift economic sanctions against Zimbabwe-Rhodesia adds to the long list of Carter betrayals of the West in the face of the international conspiracy against Civilisation. As spokesmen for the Salisbury Government have stressed, the Carter decision will increase the morale of the Communist backed, Patriotic Front headed by Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe. It will also add to the problems of the new Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Government. Moscow strategists are undoubtedly delighted.

Reacting angrily to the Carter decision, Prime 'Minister Bishop Muzorewa said, "I am deeply shocked by the decision to maintain punitive sanctions against my Government and the people of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. It would be hard to think of a more blatant example of political expediency and of double standards and it is astonishing that it should come from a President of the United States who claims to be a champion of human rights."

While we can understand Bishop Muzorewa' s anger, we must stress that no well-informed person on world affairs should be astonished by the Carter decision. The decision was, of course, made by the President's "advisers", those One Worlders who selected the relatively obscure Carter for the Presidency, satisfied that he was the ideal man to advance their global strategy of creating a fusion between the Communist and non-Communist nations via the New International Economic Order.
(The Carter background is given by Gary Allen in his "Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter". $1.35 posted.)

In the face of mounting pressure from his backbench Members, this reflecting a growing pro-Rhodesian electoral movement, Prime Minister Fraser stubbornly pursues his anti-Salisbury policy. Press reports state that the Fraser Government is now planning to "sell" its position on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia with briefings for journalists and senior opinion makers, which will be organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Staffed by a large number of trendy liberals, the Department of Foreign Affairs has for many years been consistently wrong in its assessment of international affairs. We understand that not one senior official of the Department has ever visited Zimbabwe-Rhodesia since the UDI of 1965. Neither Mr. Fraser nor Mr. Peacock has visited Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, nor do they intend to take the opportunity of making their own personal assessment while visiting Zambia in August for the Commonwealth Conference. Labor leader Hayden has not visited Zimbabwe-Rhodesia either, but he has also adopted a similar attitude to that of Mr. Fraser and Mr. Peacock.

Like his predecessor, Mr. Gough Whitlam, Mr. Malcolm Fraser finds it much more comfortable trying to strut on the world stage than to face up to the realities of the long list of failures on the domestic scene. American reports state that the Carter Administration is attempting to use Mr. Fraser to achieve a "compromise formula" which would involve new approaches to the Patriotic Front. The Front leaders have rejected previous invitations to submit themselves to the same electoral processes, which the other groups accepted at the recent Zimbabwe-Rhodesian elections. They know that they can only come to power through terror.

If the West would recognise the Government of Bishop Muzorewa, and lift sanctions, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia's morale would have lifted immediately, its economic capacity to survive would have increased, and the Patriotic Front would have suffered large-scale desertions. By refusing to grant recognition, the power groups using President Carter have made it clear that they are not going to take a stand against Soviet expansion in Africa.

President Carter has made one important point, that Britain retains "both legal and historical interests and responsibilities" in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. This being the case, what right has Prime Minister Fraser, President Carter or other politicians outside Britain to be bringing pressure to bear upon a Thatcher Government which shows some signs of wanting to accept the realities of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia?

In support of his statement that the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian elections were "neither free nor fair", President Carter made the revealing statement that the constitution under which the elections had been held left the European minority with too much power and influence. Those Africans who agreed to the constitution are realists enough to know that their only chance of survival is that sufficient Europeans are persuaded to stay in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia to maintain the economy and law and order. Already large numbers of Euopeans have left.

There would be a flood of Europeans pouring out of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia if the Carters, Frasers and others have their way. And then chaos and bloodshed on a massive scale. This threat can be averted only if enough electors in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain urge that Mrs. Thatcher gives a lead with an immediate recognition of a little nation fighting for survival.


Remember those bold front-page headlines that proclaimed that Mr. Bob Hawke had - all on his own - achieved "a major break through" in securing the release of Soviet Jewish dissidents? It is now clear that Mr. Hawke was selected for what was a public relations exercise, with Mr. Isi Leibler playing a major role. As revealed by Mr. Eric Butler in his "Censored History" (85 cents) Soviet Jews have been helped out of the Soviet officially for years. Mr. Hawke must surely have known that there has been a substantial increase in Jewish emigration from the Soviet over the past twelve months. The Soviet strategists understand the power and influence of Political Zionism in the West. Without the support of Political Zionism it would not be possible to obtain Western economic blood transfusions to sustain the Soviet. If Mr. Hawke understands the relationship between Political Zionism and the Soviet Union, and is permitting himself to be exploited so that he can make political gains in Australia, we cannot see him as a desirable Australian Prime Minister.

Giving the Sir Robert Menzies' Memorial Lecture at the University of Western Australia, Professor Richard Pipes of Harvard University said that the West must exploit the Soviet Union's vulnerability in economics, human rights and national self-determination if it hopes to check Soviet expansion. Professor Pipes said that the Soviet's pursuit of world power was vulnerable because of lack of economic power. But if the West is to exploit the Soviet's basic economic weakness, it must modify internal financial policies, which force insane "export drives". The Soviet would present little threat if it were not for internal treachery in the West.

The disastrous rail strike in N.S.W. is an indicator of greater industrial convulsions to come. The strike only ended, as do most strikes, with the wage earner being paid higher wages or their equivalent. Last week there was an even more significant wage increase with the Ford Company granting an average $8 per week "work value". This increase will be used as a springboard for flow ons and increases in other industries. All these are, of course, outside the wage indexation guidelines. The best that a wishful Fraser Government can suggest is that the Arbitration Commission will hand down a significantly smaller increase than the full 4 percent being sought by the Unions. But the overall situation is that the Government's anti-inflation strategy is in tatters, and that further tax increases must intensify the struggle for higher wages to offset higher prices. Industrial convulsions can only be reduced by lowering prices by reduced, not increased, taxation, lower interest rates and the use of national credits to finance consumer discounts. Financing lower prices, and destroying the power of the Marxists in the Unions is far more constructive than financing more inflation.

Speaking in Paris soon after arriving from Peking, Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock, forecast greater Australian involvement in China's "modernisation" process. Mr. Peacock predicted openings for Australian businessmen. Unable to develop their vast resources under Communism, the Peking Marxists, like the Moscow Marxists, are relying upon the gullible free world to build them up. Needless to say, Mr. Peacock has never suggested to the Chinese Communists that they should introduce "majority rule". Only the Rhodesians are bullied and have sanctions applied because they do not have a type of political system favoured by the Peacocks.

A study of oil prices reveals that in spite of progressive price increases by the producers, Governments are still the biggest inflators of prices as a result of the savage taxes they impose. However, it is now clear that the Islamic oil producing nations are going to use oil sanctions against the West because of the West's consistent support of the Zionist State of Israel and its failure to implement any policies of justice for the hundreds of thousands displaced as a result of the establishment of Israel.

In spite of a massive advertising campaign, paid for by the taxpayer, only 30% of British electors bothered to vote in the first elections to the European Parliament. This small vote indicates that the great majority of the British people have had enough of the Common Market. But the world planners press onwards, determined to present the European Parliament as a model for a World Parliament.

An AGE (Melbourne) headline states, "ANGLO-SAXON BIGOTRY ON INCREASE". The story underneath says, "according to an unpublished survey by the State Ministry of Immigration and Ethnic affairs, this hostility (towards migrants) is extremely widespread and seems to be increasing." Much of the hostility mentioned stems from the McKellar-Grassby policies of attempting to create a "multiracial, multicultural nation."

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