Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

22 June 1979. Thought for the Week: "But the fight, physical and spiritual, for our planet, a fight of cosmic proportions, is not a vague matter of the future: it has already started. The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive, you can feel their pressure, and yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?"
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in "A World Split Apart".


While Prime Minister Fraser's electoral stocks continue to sink in Australia, he is preparing feverishly to attempt to use the coming Commonwealth Conference, as an international statesman. As Australia has no diplomatic mission is Lusaka, the Fraser Government is making use of its nearest post in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. It is in process of setting up a temporary mission in Lusaka and will have a staff of about 25 when the conference opens.

Judging from reports, Mr. Fraser will be accompanied by a large entourage. Foreign Minister Peacock will be there, along with the Minister for Special Trade Representation, Mr. Garland. Zimbabwe-Rhodesia will undoubtedly be the major issue at the conference, with "democratic" countries like Nigeria and Tanzania leading the demand that the new Government on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia be forced to abdicate. No doubt the new Government from Ghana, which recently came to office as a result of a coup, will also be present at the conference demanding greater "majority rule" for Zimbabwe- Rhodesia.

The official "line" being circulated by Mr. Fraser's propagandists is that he will seek to be a "moderating influence" at the Lusaka conference. Mr. Fraser is going to argue for a "broader-based black majority" in the new Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Government and a reduction in white influence. This will be music in the ears of those African nations, which keep on insisting that the "Patriotic Front" must be represented in the Salisbury Government.
Those who keep on talking about the "Patriotic Front" being represented blindly ignore the fact that the Interim Government of Rhodesia repeatedly invited Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe to join the Government and to participate in the elections. Both the terrorist leaders flatly refused to participate, realising that their terrorist campaigns against Rhodesians, their fellow blacks being the main victims, had diminished what little support they might initially have had.

Prime Minister Fraser is demonstrating that he is dangerously ignorant concerning the realities of the whole South African situation. The realities are heightened by the hard line statement of Bishop Muzowera who warns that neighbouring black States will not be immune to further military attacks from Zimbabwe-Rhodesia if they persist in supporting terrorist attacks against his country. This statement from the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian Prime Minister comes at a time when reports reveal the disturbing fact that there is a large scale Soviet build up in Zambia. The curfew in Lusaka from 6p.m. to 6 a.m. has made it possible for up to 50 Soviet planes a day, carrying troops - mostly East German "instructors" - and offensive military equipment to be brought into Zambia with little attention. All indicators suggest that a major offensive is planned using mainly Nkomo's estimated 10,000 men under arms in Zambia.

Coinciding with the growing tension in Southern Africa is President Carter's continued defiance of the U.S. Senate, which has now twice voted to remove trade sanctions against Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Well informed observers in the U.S. charge that President Carter has agreed to sacrifice both Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and South Africa in order to make certain that the Soviet sign the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) Two Agreement. Although the Soviet will improve its military situation as a result of the Treaty, Carter desperately needs the agreement in his attempt to hold on to office.
On the eve of leaving to sign the SALT Treaty, public opinion polls showed that Carter's popularity had dropped to an all time low of 30 percent. He hopes that the SALT Agreement, allegedly designed to reduce the risk of a major nuclear conflict, together with an anti-Southern African stance, designed to ensure that he keeps the American Negro vote, will increase his electoral popularity in time for the Presidential elections next year.

Mr. Fraser no doubt hopes that if he can emerge as the "Senior Commonwealth Statesman" at the Lusaka conference, this will also help him to overcome a loss of electoral support, which the polls indicate would at present enable Labor to win with a bigger majority than that of Whitlam in 1972.
But both Fraser and Carter are the victims of finance economic policies, which continue to maintain both unemployment and inflation at high levels. Their domestic situations cannot improve while they slavishly adhere to policies, which generate escalating debt.

The attempts to appease the Soviet in Southern Africa are a form of madness. Mr. Fraser is so invincibly stupid that there is no prospect whatever, short of massive backbench revolt in the Federal Coalition parties, of shifting him off the course he has set for the Lusaka Conference. However, if enough Australians, as well as New Zealanders and Canadians along with the British, make it clear to Mrs. Thatcher that if she gives a constructive lead on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, she will be the toast of civilized and decent people right around the world, the British Prime Minister could help avert another major disaster for the West in Africa.
But we must warn that we are not as optimistic as some about Mrs. Thatcher. Her finance economic orthodoxy makes her vulnerable to the type of pressures now being applied to her, urging extreme caution on the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia issue. However, she is the most important Prime Minister in the Commonwealth, and it is the duty of everyone who grasps what is at stake in Southern Africa, to spare no effort to encourage Mrs. Thatcher to take a stand against Soviet strategy in Southern Africa. Miracles are still possible.


Vice Premier Li Xiannian, Communist China's top economic planner has recently admitted that there has been disastrous mismanagement, with 20 million unemployed and 100 million with not enough to eat. Li's analysis was presented at a top-level meeting of the Communist Party leadership on April 25. No wonder the Chinese Communists requires massive economic blood transfusions from Japan and Western countries! And the international financial groups are eager to provide the credits, which cost them nothing to create.
Read "The Money Trick" ($1.35 posted) for an authoritative explanation of how financial credit is created.

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee is not a man to mince his words. In a refreshingly blunt statement in Bonn, Germany, Mr. Lee said what many have suspected: that the Communist Government of Vietnam and Kampuchea (Cambodia) are deliberately flooding their neighbours with refugees "to put unbearable pressure on the social and economic structures of other nations."
Prime Minister Lee criticised the media for featuring the human tragedy of the refugee flow while ignoring its political significance. Being in the front line of this new type of warfare, foreshadowed by the French writer Jean Raspail in his brilliant novel, "The Camp of the Saints" Thailand understandably has decided to take a hard line against refugees. The Thais are not allowing natural feelings of compassion to submerge their desire to survive as a nation. Their FIRST duty is to themselves.
Mr. Lee realistically urges that the West must halt this "pitiless, cruel, barbaric method of political blackmail" by international pressure. What about a complete breaking of trade and diplomatic links, Prime Minister Fraser and Foreign Minister Peacock, with Vietnam and Cambodia?" Prime Minister Lee should be encouraged by all Australians who do not want to be further blackmailed on the refugee issue.

The only comment necessary about the Thatcher Government's "dramatic" budget is that it is mathematically certain to produce even greater disasters for the unfortunate British people. Shifting the emphasis of taxation from direct to indirect taxation does nothing to start eliminating the basic cause of total heavy taxation debt. Inflation must certainly soar. It can be argued that if the individual dislikes indirect taxation intensely enough, he can at least refrain from buying. But even if possible, this can only increase economic slow down and force unemployment up. Mr. Joe Clark's Progressive Conservative Government in Canada may provide Canadians with a slight "breather" from the dreadful Trudeau. But Mr. Clark is doomed to the same disasters threatening Mrs. Thatcher unless he challenges centralised credit power.

Federal Treasurer John Howard reminds us of the incident in Disraeili's novel "Coningsby", in which, when Coningsby said with astonishment to the international financier that the new Chanceller of Exchequer knew nothing about finance, the financier replied, "Exactly, my dear Coningsby. That is why we made him Chancellor!" An earnest and well-meaning man with no understanding whatever of finance economic realities, Mr. Howard is the perfect "front" man for the power hungry Treasury "experts". Mr. Howard's insistence that he is going to relentlessly close up all taxation "loopholes" means that he must employ an increasing number of petty officials to pry upon individuals attempting to protect themselves against the rapacious demands of Caesar. This is the road to the complete Totalitarian State. Crushing taxation is economically and morally disastrous.

What IS "Economic recovery?" Kenneth Davidson, Economics Editor, writing in "The Age", Melbourne, of June 12th, says: "Latest figures indicate that economic recovery is under way - but Australians are paying for it through increased inflation." Increased inflation means less purchasing power. Under present financial policies, this results in greater social conflict and greater industrial upheavals. A strange type of economic recovery."

From the Christian Institute for Individual Freedom

A letter has been received from Father Arthur Lewis, of the Rhodesia Christian Group, to thank the Christian Institute for the production of the leaflet - "'Christians, Terrible Acts are Being Committed in Your Name". Father Lewis adds:
"'we are deeply appreciative of your efforts for Rhodesia, and against our persecutors and slanderers in the W.C.C.".

Father Lewis sends some issues of the monthly "Occasional Letter of the Rhodesia Christian Group". We feel we must quote from the January and May issues: (Jan. issue)..."'The inferno caused by the Patriotic Front rocket attack on Salisbury's central fuel depot was the most terrifying spectacle in Rhodesia's history. Incredible courage was shown by those who fought the blaze, white and black alike. "We prayed", said a senior fire fighting officer, "and our prayers were answered". Courage knew no racial boundaries: but the long inherited expertise and organisation of the white men were crucial in averting a greater disaster. Even these would not have contained the conflagration without South African help, for which we are deeply grateful.
"The truth is (and Christians are required to tell the truth) that every change which drives away the white man can be nothing but another nail in the coffin of the black man. The races in Rhodesia are totally interdependent. But the chief lesson to be learned from the episode is the nature of the Marxist enemy. The attack was carefully planned in the full knowledge that it was likely to spread calamity and death - especially among blacks - throughout the industrial area. It is no credit to the misnamed 'Patriotic Front' that the calamity was contained and not a single life lost. 'I prayed for the safety of my men', said the fire officer. The fact is that Marxism will stop at nothing to destroy a society trying to be Christian. It is also a fact that the Patriotic Front is wholeheartedly backed by the World Council of Churches, the British Council of Churches, the American National Council of Churches uncounted church leaders, and the plethora of missionary agencies and religious journals: to say nothing of the main British political parties, U.N.O. and the International liberal establishment generally.
All these are guilty: none has shown any regret for the disaster they instigated by proxy. Christians must face the fact that the Enemy is Satan himself. Marxism is literally satanic, not least when dressed in a clerical collar or wearing a mitre. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood'."

(May issue)..."What is to be said of our first 'one person, one vote,' election, which hit the world's headlines?" "First, that there is nothing in Christian teaching to suggest that universal suffrage is the only or the best way to achieve good government, in Africa or anywhere else. Rhodesia has not been radically wrong in the past to have a qualified franchise. But, by every conceivable type of threat, chicanery and duress, the leaders of the international community have compelled us to submit to the superstition of our age. It makes the transition to Communism easier. The comparable superstition of the divine right of kings was as universally imposed in the not very distant past. If you did not want your head chopped off you had to accept it. The position is similar today."

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