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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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29 June 1979. Thought for the Week: "It seems to me to be beyond question, that unassailable right to genuinely private property, and any genuine democracy, are inseparable. I should define property as anything no matter what its composition or nature, which, being in the possession of the individual, is necessary to enable him to carry on his normal life without interference, and that 'possession of title' is presumptive evidence of private property."
C.H. Douglas in Whose Service is Perfect Freedom.'"


Those familiar with the realities of Africa are not surprised that the first black Prime Minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Bishop Muzorewa, has suffered a serious defection from his party. Neither were they surprised when, following his relatively poor support at the general elections, the Rev. Sithole complained that the elections were not fair.
Tribal rivalries and the will to absolute power are major features of the African situation. As we have constantly warned, the prospects for reasonably successful "black majority rule" in Rhodesia were never rosy. The only hope was that a constitutional arrangement could be worked out which would encourage sufficient whites to stay in the country to prevent an economic collapse. Unless words have lost their meaning, "majority rule" is an impossibility anywhere.

The truth about "majority rule" in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia has been succinctly explained by the well known columnist, Peter Simple, of the "Daily Telegraph", England: "Black majority rule in Rhodesia is, of course, a sham. Those who are best fitted to administer the new State of Rhodesia - and they are, in the main white people - will, if all goes as well as it can go, continue to administer it. American Senators, like other public men throughout the world, are obliged to assent to the universal humbug of 'majority rule'. They have no choice; so all pervasive is the power of this contemporary lie. But for the people of Rhodesia, black and white, it is better than the hideous alternative."

However, having accepted the dictates of those who create "world opinion", and elected a Parliament in which blacks are in the majority, the people of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia find that promised diplomatic recognition and the lifting of economic sanctions, are being denied. If these promises had been fulfilled immediately the elections had been held in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, this frontline for the whole non-Communist world might have had some chance of short-term success. But those who understand the realities of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia - and these include Patriotic Front leaders Nkomo and Mugabe - know that with every day that passes the problems for Zimbabwe-Rhodesia must intensify.
There is not only the rivalry for power amongst the blacks, but the finance economic situation and the continuing loss of the white population. It is no secret that even more whites would leave Zimbabwe-Rhodesia if it were not for severe financial restrictions. There is also the question of pensions.

We have pointed out in the past that the major Achilles heel of the Smith Government was its almost complete subservience to financial orthodoxy. The Muzorewa Government inherited a deficit approaching $300 million. The next deficit will be even greater. It appears that tax revenues will decline because of the emigration of high-income earning whites. And there will be the inevitable problem of the new Government financing the demands of black politicians for a narrowing of the white-black wage gap and for greater spending on education, health services, housing and rural development.

The process of voting does not produce food and sustain an economy. As even Mr. Bayard Rustin, the well-known American black civil rights leader, said, after observing Rhodesia during the elections, race relations in Rhodesia were better than in the U.S.A. These harmonious relations permitted whites and blacks to work together to their mutual advantage. These relations can only continue so long as black politicians do not make excessive demands upon an economy, which is starting to feel the strain of the continuing terrorist attacks and the loss of skilled whites. An immediate recognition of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia by the non-Communist world and the lifting of sanctions is desperately required if there is to be any chance of preventing yet another Marxist takeover on the African continent. Time is running out fast for Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.


Jeremy Lee reports from Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand
"Last night's meeting, held in the State Insurance Theatre here in New Zealand's most southern city, with 150 people in attendance, is symptomatic of a growing concern throughout the country. It is safe to say that there is a violent reaction against the Muldoon Government that is even more tangible than the Australian reaction against Fraser. Farmers, in what is one of the most beautiful and efficient rural countries in the world, are in deep trouble. The energy crisis now hangs over them like some nemesis. Despite the fact that there are millions of tons of coal, abundant hydro and thermal electricity, and the huge Maui gas fields just entering production, there is a stringent shortage of energy that is bordering on rationing.

Yesterday's Otago Daily Times carried news that New Zealand is spending $32 million importing diesel-electric locomotives from Communist Hungary - an inexplicable decision to New Zealanders who recall that the country used to build its own steam engines, capable of using local coal, at Lower Hutt.
Taxes in New Zealand now take over $1,200 for every man, woman and child in New Zealand. Rates take another $80 per head, and the complex system of licence fees and permits exacted by local authorities another $175 per head, making a total of over $1,400 in some form of government extortion for every living New Zealander - a total of $5,600 for every family of four. Many told me they believed things were much better in Australia, and that the level of wages was higher. They were shocked when I told them that the Federal Government alone in Australia was now exacting $2,000 per head in taxation, before the States and Local Government had their slice!

West Germany has now told New Zealand that it has reached the limit of its international credit rating, and cannot borrow more overseas money. Muldoon has tripled New Zealand's overseas debt in the last four years, and is currently chairman of the International Monetary Fund. He returns from the I.M.F. in a few days to prepare the New Zealand Budget, which is brought down on June 21st. New Zealanders are preparing for a bleak year ahead.

All this has set the scene for a remarkable expansion of interest in the New Zealand League of Rights. David Thompson is doing a remarkable job, and Australian League supporters can be proud of the type of product emerging from the educational programme we have built so carefully in Australia. Book sales so far on the tour have been phenomenal, and, as this is written David Thompson is trying to arrange extra stocks to be sent to strategic points for the 25 meetings that still lie ahead.
(Further to Mr. Lee's report we have received information concerning his highly successful tour. There has been a further decline in support for the Muldoon Government following its savage budget, one which must lower the standard of living still further for the New Zealand people - Editor "On Target".)


Whatever the truth about the relationship between Mr. Jeremy Thorpe and Norman Scott, the former male model, civilised people will always recall with revulsion Thorpe's proposal, as leader of the British Liberal Party, to bomb the Rhodesians when they declared themselves completely independent in 1965. Thorpe became known as "Bomber Thorpe."

The Fraser Government continues to prostrate itself before the United Nations on the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian issue. The refusal to issue visas to three Rhodesian women to attend a Mothers' Union Conference in Brisbane next month is justified by the Department of Immigration & Ethnic Affairs on the grounds that Australia did not recognise Rhodesian travel documents because this was in accordance with U.N. sanctions. The Mothers' Union Conference is being organised by the Anglican Church and will discuss such matters as the family and the Church, the family and the law and communication in the family. The three women from Zimbabwe-Rhodesia should have painted their faces black or yellow, and then arrived in a boat as refugees. It is to be hoped that spokesmen for the Church of England will find some backbone and condemn in robust language the latest blow by the Fraser Government.

A suggestion has been made that Australia may have to consider the prospect of concentration camp-type detention centres on its soil to handle an expected new invasion of refugees from Vietnam. This dangerous proposal must be firmly rejected. If the United Nations were genuinely concerned about the Vietnam refugee problem, its members should support the use of a suitable island, or islands, in the South-East Asian area (there are a number of such islands) for the establishment of proper facilities for the refugees until such time as their future is decided. And every form of pressure, including economic sanctions, should be applied to the Communist Government of Hanoi. The hardening attitude of the Malaysian Government on the refugee issue, indicates that it could become much more of a challenge to Australia. The instincts of the great majority of Australians are sound in rejecting any suggestion of a further flood of non-European migrants, including those arriving labeled as "refugees".

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