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27 July 1979. Thought for the Week: "Particularly prone to swallow the Utopian bait are people of idealistic character. These folk enrol in legions under the banner of noble sounding causes and become unwitting agents of the satanic rebellion. Not that ignorance excuses them entirely, for idealism is a product of the pride of man. And it need come as no surprise to find that those who have attempted to implement the schemes of idealist thinkers have frequently resorted to the use of singularly unidealistic methods; or that many who proclaim that man is basically good have kept so quiet when men were butchered by the millions in the interests of Utopian social programmes."
W.D. Chalmers in "The Conspiracy of Truth".


Malcolm Muggeridge has observed that as a result of technology, never before have so many people read so much, heard so much, and looked at so much, with the result that never before in the human race have so many people believed such absurd nonsense. The "Age of Enlightenment" has seen centralised control of propaganda used to perpetrate the most incredible hoaxes.
The much publicised "energy crisis" is one of these hoaxes. "Energy: the Created Crisis", by the distinguished research expert, Dr. Antony Sutton, will, like the author's previous carefully documented works, "National Suicide" and "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler", be ignored by the general media. But ignoring the truth does not alter the truth. Sutton, of course, only confirms what a number of commonsense commentators have been saying for some time.

Gary Allen, author of the best selling "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" "The Rockefeller File" and similar works, has revealed in "American Opinion" how the oil crisis has been carefully contrived, with some of the main beneficiaries being the international oil consortiums. "Spotlight", the Washington based weekly quotes Armand Hammer, head of Occidental Petroleum, as stating at a recent Embassy party in Washington "stories of the OPEC price rises should hold no fears for Americans. Twice the oil reserves of the entire world are in three States - Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, most of it in Colorado - enough to last 100 years. Occidental has 5,000 acres on lease, and we have 1.2 billion barrels in those 5,000 acres. We can produce it at $15 a barrel."

Those familiar with the truth about the Communist revolution, as distinct from the popular delusions, are familiar with the key role the Hammer family has played in financing and sustaining the Soviet Union. Armand Hammer understands the nature of the struggle for world power, and the vital importance of oil. As do the Rockfellers and similar people openly committed to establishing a New International Economic Order in which basic commodities, including oil, are scheduled to be brought under the control of International Commodity Boards (See Jeremy Lee's "Upon That Mountain", -$1.35 posted).

While it is elementary that oil is a finite commodity, and should be used conservatively, even with the wasteful use of this commodity, most of this resulting from the policies of governments, it is contrary to all the known facts to insist that there is a threatened shortage in the near future. It is true that the Arab producers are limiting production in an endeavour to apply leverage on the West, particularly the United States, on the issue of Zionist Israel and the plight of the Palestinian refugees.

But while the oil weapon was used in 1973, resulting in Dr. Henry Kissinger exploiting the crisis to urge advancement of the Rockfeller New International Economic Order plan to bring all oil under international control, creating a temporary shortage, it was not long before there was an oil glut. The current crisis was triggered by the Iranian Revolution, which raises the question of how the Shah was toppled. However, offsetting the reduction in oil from Iran, there has in recent years been the development of major new oil fields in the North Sea, Mexico, Venezuela and Alaska.

Dr. Sutton writes in his new book that the "mythical energy crisis can be dismissed with a few statistics. The United States consumes about 73 quads of energy per year. There is available now in the United States, excluding solar energy, and without oil and gas imports, about 150,000 quads. Consequently we have sufficient energy resources to keep us functioning at our present rate of consumption for about 2,000 to 3,000 years."
This is not the statement of a political commentator, but that of one of the Western world's most distinguished research experts, meticulously documenting from the most authoritative sources.

It is elementary that if people can be stampeded into believing that there is a shortage of a badly required commodity, they will then be prepared to pay a much higher price. While increased prices for crude oil are, temporarily, benefiting the Arabs, they are also benefiting the international consortiums, as witnessed by their increased profits. But generally overlooked is the vested interest of Governments in the oil question. A major part of rising oil prices is taxation, as witnessed by the Fraser Government's policies. Australia produces approximately 70% of its own oil requirements. Even with high taxation, Australians were able to obtain oil at a much lower price than was being paid in other countries. Mr. Fraser and his advisers insisted that the price of Australian oil should be substantially increased to world parity. Which means that the price of Australian oil is now geared to the increasing oil prices imposed by OPEC. And the Canberra Government is a major beneficiary of this arrangement, having taken an estimated $700 million from the Australian people since May. This in turn will produce more inflation.

All the evidence indicates that the "energy crisis" has been deliberately produced to create depression conditions and a situation essential for the advance of the New International Economic Order strategy. Mr. Fraser is a keen advocate of the N.I.E.O.
(Supplies of Dr. Sutton's new work, "Energy: the Created Crisis", are not yet available for sale. But as part of the service of truth we provide for the Australian people, we will advertise the book immediately it arrives.)


The Queensland National Party's strategy of abolishing payroll tax over a three year period as part of a campaign to force the Fraser Government to lower its tax burden, should assist Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen develop a new initiative at a time when the electoral stocks of the Liberal and National parties are sagging. It was a shrewd move by the Queensland National Party to bring the anti-tax economist from California, Professor Arthur Laffer, to give the keynote address at the State Conference in Bundaberg last week. With rising Labor Party electoral support, and the open challenge of the Liberal Party, Premier Bjelke-Petersen can survive the next State Elections if he places himself firmly and openly at the head of a national tax revolt.

The London Business School makes the gloomy prediction that inflation in Britain could rise above 16% next year, accompanied by a fall in output, and up to 2 million unemployed. The United States is moving in the same direction. Measured by the consumer price index the current American inflation rate is 14%. The inflation rate in the European Economic Community is at the highest level for nearly two years. The London Business School's "Economic Outlook" makes the significant comment that increasing oil prices will cause a world depression. This tends to confirm our view that instead of creating a depression by a straight credit restriction policy, which could cause an effective revolt, the groups striving for global power propose to achieve the same results by the "energy crisis". The essence of the strategy is to use the alleged shortage of energy to strip the individual of purchasing power by substantial price increases.

Generally overlooked in the reporting of the Adelaide Labor Party Conference - the Hawke-Hayden clash tended to dominate the headlines - was the debate on the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia issue. N.S.W. Senator Sibraa, one of the group of parliamentarians who recently visited Southern Africa argued that while the constitution of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia remains in its present form, the "Patriotic" Front will not acknowledge the present Government in Salisbury and there will be no peace. This is the same unreal attitude of the Fraser Government, which supports the Senator Sibraa thesis that if the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian constitution were changed to reduce substantially the influence of the whites, the "Patriotic" Front would then cooperate. Senator Sibraa says that he was told by members of the Front "they were prepared to negotiate on the constitution". The Senator is either extremely gullible or poorly informed. Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe were given every opportunity to participate in the forming of the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia constitution, and refused to do so. The official position of the Fraser Government and the Labor opposition is now basically the same on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Both support a policy, which would lead to a complete collapse and a Marxist backed takeover. But there is no evidence that this policy is supported by the majority of the Australian people. Why not some democracy in Australia before pontificating on the alleged lack of it in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia?

"The Herald", Melbourne of July 19th, reports that an American oil expert, Mr. Roy M. Huffington of Texas, has told the Indonesian Petroleum Association that the future of the oil industry in Indonesia "appears unlimited". Mr. Huffington predicted a 50% increase in drilling activities over the next five years, which will boost present reserves and increase production by 25%. There was no reference to what Mr. Huffington thinks of the "energy crisis"!

He can confirm that there is the possibility of an early Federal election before the end of the year. The Fraser Government's strategy is to attempt to further an industrial confrontation situation, to use its massive rip off from oil revenue to ease taxation fractionally in the budget, and then go to the people for a renewed mandate.

Children of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia: a Country at War

V.P.A. (Qld.): has sent us a copy of a screed from the Ministry of Education of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, titled - "Children of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia: a Country at War." We can't possibly reproduce it in full, but one section -"The Terrorists" is quite starkly illuminating. It follows:

"No account of the children of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia would be complete without considering the terrorists themselves. Who are they? They are, of course, young African men and boys who have left this, their own country, for one reason or another. At their training camps in neighbouring lands there must be an unknown (but large) number of young women and girls in various supportive roles'. "Very few of them could be classified as 'refugees' as the word is understood. A refugee is someone who flees from an intolerable situation. Some of these young people may have fled from what they felt to be an intolerable situation caused by the inability to continue their education, and to find, or to hope for, employment. This is caused, as has been said already, by the inability of the nation's economic development to keep pace with its population growth; a problem which is common to most Third World countries. They could hardly be expected to understand this, or to accept it, and were probably lured away by glowing promises of further education and career opportunities. They did not flee from persecution, but from heart sickness of unfulfilled hopes. "A few may have left because of ideological convictions.
There is evidence that typical Marxist propagandists have been at work through out the country for a long time. Terrorist groups are frequently accompanied by skilful, well-trained 'political commissars' who preach the Party line to 'captive audiences' in the areas where they operate. "The truth is that thousands of children have been abducted at gunpoint from secondary boarding schools, and primary day schools. Unemployed young people have been 'mopped up' in townships and tribal lands. They have been force marched to the nearest border where the armed men disappear and they are taken to the nearest authorities by non-uniformed colleagues. The fact that they are never allowed to bring anything with them, except the clothes that they are wearing, is to suggest that they have 'run away' in a hurry and so may be considered to be 'refugees'.
Some abductees have escaped and returned to tell the tale. This was the case at Tegwani Training Institution near Plumtree on the Botswana border. This was one of the finest secondary schools and teachers' colleges in the country, belonging to the Methodist Church. It is now closed.
"The next step is to fly these children, some as young as 12 years of age, to Zambia, where they are housed in camps, often under pitiable conditions - with insufficient food, and with many of the girls pregnant. Selected older boys are sent to Cuba, Russia, Angola, Algeria and other Communist countries. The rest are trained in Zambia and Mozambique. All are subjected to brainwashing indoctrination, and given military training until they are ready to be sent back into Rhodesia, armed with Communist weapons, charged with the task of overthrowing anything which makes for confidence and stability, as a preliminary to a takeover.
The Christian Church has been an especial target; as the closure of missions and the murder of priests and nuns, missionaries, lay workers and church members has demonstrated. Many African parents have not seen nor heard of their children for several years. They cannot believe that they left their schools of their own free will. They were so 'normal' when they saw them last.
"The heartbreak of parents, teachers, priests and friends is that, so recently, most of the 'terrorists' were normal, happy youngsters - but now they are quite different human beings, separated from their families by an unbridgeable gulf; utterly divorced from their tribal ways of life, with the possibility of rehabilitation very questionable indeed. Many parents feel that they have little hope of ever seeing their children again, or of having anything in common with them if they do…."

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