Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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17 August 1979. Thought for the Week: "If freedom is now withering and threatened with extinction, we know the reason. It is because it is impossible for it to live in a materialistic climate where there are no moral principles. Freedom for us Christians, is not a dignity which man possesses passively and without effort, in selfishness and complacency. It is a creative power, potential energy, the opportunity to live. By giving him to others, it raises each individual above himself. It respects those principles from which it draws its higher potentiality. It is a conquest: not of others, not even of the forces of nature, but rather of the self…"
Daniel Rops in "Towards a Truly Christian Society."


By Eric D. Butler
Only a short conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is necessary to reveal to the objective observer that he is a mediocre man. He has become a victim of his own appalling ignorance on finance economic realities, the result being that he has broken a number of promises, not because he set out deliberately to lie to the Australian people, but because his ignorance has been exploited by those "experts" whose only consistency is that they have been monotonously proved wrong by events.

Mr. Fraser came to the leadership of the Liberal Party at a time when the then Mr. Billy Snedden was clearly floundering in the face of the Whitlam debating brilliance and arrogance. The fact that Malcolm Fraser appeared to be the best the Liberal Party could produce against Whitlam, merely demonstrated what has been confirmed since: that the Liberal Party today is led by shallow, mediocre individuals. The few with any claim to ability and knowledge sold their souls years ago.

At a time when it was unpopular to say so, right at the beginning of the Fraser Government, I warned that this Government was on a disaster course, and that unless there were some basic changes in financial policies, the disasters would become much worse. Mr. Fraser and his colleagues have steadfastly rejected every constructive financial policy put before them. Faced now with the clear threat of political defeat, Prime Minister Fraser, following the lead of Mr. Phillip Lynch, returns from his alleged triumphs in Africa to tell the Australian people that perhaps he was too optimistic concerning his promises. This is a public relations ploy. However, if considered for a few minutes, it is an admission, at best, that Mr. Fraser was hopelessly ignorant of finance economic realities.

In spite of the fact that he has demonstrated that he is incapable of solving Australia's basic internal problems, Mr. Fraser has attempted to project himself as a man who can solve international problems. When President Carter's Ambassador at the United Nations, Mr. Andrew Young, was in Australia he applauded Mr. Fraser for his active role in promoting The New International Economic Order. Behind the New International Economic Order stand a gaggle of power crazed individuals the most prominent of these being international financiers who have for over half a century worked closely with the Communist Conspiracy.

The Fraser policy for "solving" the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian impasse was not even original. It is the policy, which Andrew Young has been advocating. It is the policy of the promoters of the New International Economic Order. And it is the Communist policy for Zimbabwe- Rhodesia, as put frankly by terrorist leader Robert Mugabe when he said that the major essential for "majority rule" in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia is the complete disbandonment of the present security and armed forces, these to be taken over by Mugabe's forces. This is the same proposal, which President Jimmy Carter put to Bishop Muzorewa of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, when he met him in Washington.

The Prime Minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia replied to President Carter as follows: "The changes you are asking me to make in my duly elected government would mean the placing of our Armed Forces and police in the hands of people trained in Moscow, who have targeted me for assassination. Would you be willing to do the same in your government?"
When President Carter attempted to change the subject, Bishop Muzorewa made the telling comment, "This is the question that will face your nation for what you do unto others will be done to you." Prime Minister Fraser might take notice!

Mr. Malcolm Fraser knows less about African realities than he does about how to solve Australia's internal problems. He has refused to go to the very country, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, which he insists has a "racist" constitution, which must be changed to reduce the very white influence which Bishop Muzorewa insists is vital for his nation's survival, observing that African states which threw the whites out are "literally starving to death."

By making himself the front-runner for those seeking to destroy Zimbabwe-Rhodesia completely, Prime Minister Fraser has disgraced Australia. Instead of at least permitting the British Government, headed by Mrs. Thatcher, to give the lead it proposed, Malcolm Fraser associated Australia with a group of African States headed by brutal dictators, some of them criminal gangsters, to blackmail the British to shift their ground. Mr. Fraser had no scruples in working with a Nigerian military dictator who praised Idi Amin: who nakedly threatened the British on the eve of the Lusaka conference by nationalising British Petroleum.

The last remaining hope for Zimbabwe-Rhodesia is that the new conference forced upon the British by Mr. Fraser and his motley bunch of supporters, will demonstrate that the Marxist backed terrorists will not be satisfied with anything less than complete surrender, and that the British will revert to their previous attitude, making it clear that they will give the lead so essential if frightful disaster is to be averted. Back bench critics of the Fraser African policies can make their contribution by openly repudiating a man who is a liability this nation can no longer afford.


Further striking evidence of the Carter Administration's pro-Communist policy in Southern Africa is provided by the decision of President Carter and his "advisers" to extend substantial economic aid to Marxist Mozambique, the base for Robert Mugabe's terrorist attacks against the Rhodesians. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Richard M. Moose, told a Sub-committee on Africa of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, that Mozambique should not be described as "being in the Soviet camp", while self professed Marxist President Machel should be seen only as a pragmatic leader "interested in opening up his country to U.S. trade and investment." That's what the Rockefellers like to hear!
It was also argued by Mr. Moose that the economy of Mozambique had suffered "because of the struggle for racial justice". He did not say that this ''struggle'' consisted of the butchering of black and white Rhodesia. No doubt the Australian Government is getting the same type of dangerous nonsense from its Foreign Affairs "experts".

Senator Don Jessop (ALP-S.A.) has warned of the danger to Australian society in the activities of the various religious cults now bedeviling the whole of the Western world. The emergence of cults is not a new phenomenon by any means; it has happened before in history (Decline of Rome, French Revolution). Cults emerge as one symptom of a disintegrating civilisation, as ours surely is. Senator Jessop highlighted the activities of the Unification Church (the "Moonies") - but there are many others, all promising some tempting rewards in this life, or the next. Many such cults do employ sophisticated brainwashing techniques, and one or two, of which we are quite suspicious do appear to have some knowledge of Communist psychopolitics. It is not difficult to grasp that (mainly immature) minds, sundered from a traditional religious faith, do seize on superstitions for support against the unknown of the future. Witness the interest of the younger generation in astrology, fortune telling, Eastern religions, reincarnation: you name it. Almost always the adherents of these various cults are the young: immature, idealistic minds groping for Truth. Not that there is anything wrong with a true idealism. We don't think that mere politicians will ever wipe out cults: some of them could be cultists themselves, for all we know. Men can't legislate against attitudes and/or beliefs, although there are those, such as Al Grassby and his ilk, who never stop trying.

The highly influential current affairs commentator of The Sun (Melbourne), Mr. Douglas Wilkie, mentions in his column (Aug. 13th) a book - By Love Possessed - written by American depreciated novelist James Gould Cozzens, although this book mentioned above gained him the Pulitzer Prize. Mr. Wilkie raised the issue of this book, and quoted from it, because Cozzens wrote brilliantly of racial backlash: racism was the theme of Mr. Wilkie's article. There is no doubt in our minds concerning the campaign of depreciation against James Gould Cozzens, for this was the subject of an article in the monthly magazine - Instauration (U.S.A.) which is edited by Wilmot Robertson, author of The Dispossessed Majority. The title of this article was" Illiberal Novelist: the Deep Freezing of James Gould Cozzens". Instauration observes: "...His books, especially "Guard of Honour" deserve far more readers than they have. But so long as our culture is shaped, and our taste dictated by liberal minority commissars, Cozzens and Majority novelists like him are going to be on the short end of the critic's stick …" James Gould Cozzens died one year ago (August 1978).


For the last nine months the Australian League of Rights has been steadfastly warning farmers that they are the targets of a socialist takeover ultimately aiming to "internationalise" the industry. The first step is to create a National Farm monopoly with the power to destroy the States' constitutional powers to control their own marketing. Section 92, which allows free trade between the States, must, of course, be smashed in this plan. A National farm monopoly would then be merged into a World system of control through the New International Economic Order.

The League's campaign in the early part of the year to warn farmers with a massive distribution of a special issue of "Electors' Voice" met with a deepening concern amongst rank and file farmers and graziers, and a stony silence among farm leaders, which ultimately turned into a whispering campaign against the League. Every effort has been made to avoid open debate on the issues raised. The whispering campaign has been used instead, not only against the League, but also against other organisations that have come out warning the farming community.

The "Ninety-Two Association", led by the founding secretary of the Queensland Graingrowers' Association Mr. Bill Jauncey, has been the target of wild rumours and insinuations. It has constantly been pushed that this association is in reality a front of the League of Rights. All this to frighten and confuse primary producers sufficiently to keep their eyes from the political ramifications of the N.F.F. and the N.I.E.O. However, the smear campaign is losing ground rapidly. The issue cannot be evaded forever.

The United Graziers' Association has bluntly come out against the "Common Fund" aspect of the N.I.E.O., and has warned Prime Minister Fraser that he risks losing the support of farmers if he persists in attempts to "internationalise" primary production. Now The Bulletin (August 7th) has come out with a major article on the leftwing takeover and control in the National Farmers' Federation. We imagine that even the Queensland Graingrowers would be hard pushed to describe The Bulletin as a League of Rights "front". That article should be read by all farmers. It is a devastating expose of what has happened under the name of unity.
It points out that the N.F.F., which came into being on July 20th, is a potential time bomb. "Instead of having a single organisation representing all commodities such as the National Farmers' Union in the U.K. or Dominion Farmers Inc. of New Zealand, Australia has replaced a series of multi- commodity bodies with a series of single commodity bodies. Each has the potential to be at the other's throat...."

The article gave a detailed description of how the wrangle for positions took place, with the gradual isolation and ousting of all conservative and rightwing delegates. It concluded in these words, even describing how the smear has been part of the battle for power:
"....While the agrarian socialist Left is nothing like that of the Labor movement, it has proved to be effectively more restricting on personal commercial liberties than any of the bans imposed by trade unions. In the same fashion as the Trade Unions the agrarian Left avoid secret ballots of all members and relies heavily on endorsements from the party machine. The agrarian Left is now firmly in control of the N.F.F. and has a substantial influence on the national executive."

Once again, the League has been proven right. It has suffered the usual attacks and smears - as have others who have spoken out which is the traditional tactic of the Left. However, the League's campaign has resulted in a much greater awareness than would have been the case otherwise. The New South Wales Graziers are bitterly ruing the day they merged with the United Farmers and Woolgrowers into a new body, the Livestock and Grain producers' Association. The Left is in the saddle, but the old bodies have been abolished, so there are now no alternatives for those who oppose socialism.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159