Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

7 September 1979. Thought for the Week: "The Bolshevik mentality is as old as history. Cain, in the Old Testament, had the mind of a Bolshevik. But it is only in our days that this ancient mentality has met with a political doctrine to justify it. This is the reason of its rapid propagation, which has been undermining the old social scaffolding."
Gustav Le Bon in "The World in Revolt" (1921).


The cold-blooded murder of Lord Mountbatten and members of his family has highlighted the increasing use of terrorism as an instrument of political warfare. But while the murder of a member of the Royal family has rightly caused a wave of anger and revulsion throughout the civilised world, it is essential to face the truth that this is but one act of the type of terrorism now increasing throughout the whole world.

While the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in Ireland is supported by those who feel passionately about the Ulster issue, it is dangerously misleading for the general media to keep on insisting that the problem in Ireland is simply sectarian - and therefore a serious reflection upon Christianity. The IRA is now a highly sophisticated terrorist movement, a Marxist front whose controllers are only concerned with terrorism in Ulster as a stepping-stone towards taking control of the whole of Ireland, to establish a British Cuba.

Addressing a gathering of industrialists, businessmen and security experts on South Africa on August 15th, Lt. Colonel George Styles, former head of Britain's bomb disposal unit in Northern Ireland, said that a sinister faceless puppet master in the Kremlin is manipulating the orgy of terrorism throughout the world. Lt. Colonel Styles warned, "Terrorism springs from tensions in a society. If there is tension - be it religious, racial or otherwise - you have a breeding ground for terrorism.
Lt. Colonel Styles said there was positive evidence of clandestine meetings between the Provisional IRA the notorious Baader-Meinhof gang, and other well known terrorist groups.

Tracing the motivating forces behind assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, etc., Lt. Colonel Styles said, "You go right, back down the red chain behind the Iron Curtain. The terrorism we are experiencing has a puppet master on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain." Giving him major cause for concern was the assassination of Mr. Airey Neave, World War II hero and Conservative leader, who could have handled the tricky Northern Ireland issue. "The assassination frightened me because it was so well done. It was very good modus operandi and I believe there are some new brains injected into the IRA matrix."

The sophisticated murder of Lord Mountbatten has heavily underlined what Lt. Colonel Styles warned about on the very eve of this cowardly and ghastly deed. But what of the wider implications? If political leaders of civilised people are to come to grips with the terrorist problem, then they must cease to be selective concerning which terrorism they are going to protest about. The people of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia have for years been subjected to terrorism, which equals or surpasses that experienced in other areas, including Northern Ireland. Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe have headed a campaign of terror which has seen not only the cold blooded killing of innocent civilians, the kidnapping of children, but the butchery of missionaries, who, in the name of Christ were attempting to bring light to the blacks of Rhodesia. And then there was that dreadful act when not only was a civilian airliner shot down, but all those who survived were shot down like dogs. These deeds are being masterminded by the same criminals masterminding the terrorism in Northern Ireland, or Italy, or Latin America.

Prime Minister Fraser and others have never even expressed the slightest sympathy with the victims of terrorism in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. In fact Mr. Fraser and Mr. Peacock apparently saw nothing wrong in having discussions with the murderous thugs of the Patriotic Front during their recent first visit to Africa. They accept the view that these thugs must be involved in any "settlement" in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Would Mr. Fraser suggest that the Marxists' agents in Ireland, the IRA, should be invited to participate in any "settlement" of the Northern Ireland question? Mr. Fraser is strongly opposed to allowing Palestinian Liberation terrorists to come to Australia and never once has been guilty of even mentioning that the Zionists have a long record of terrorism, one exponent being Israeli Prime Minister, Begin.

Wherever there are tensions, the Marxists are ready and waiting to inflame and exploit them. There are tensions growing in all industrial nations today, primarily because of the type of finance economic policies, which the Fraser Government imposes almost fanatically. A distinguished Irish Catholic priest, Father Coffey, once observed that financial orthodoxy is the bridge over which the free society passes to Marxism.

For over half a century the type of information outlined by Lt. Colonel Styles has been made available to Western politicians. It has been outlined in a number of books, which the League of Rights, and similar organisations, have made available. If Western politicians like Mr. Fraser were genuine in their protestations about Communism and terrorism, they would sever all economic and political links with the Communist world and make it clear that no further links would be established until such time that there was convincing evidence that Marxist warfare had stopped. Instead of this type of action, every effort is made to export more to the Communist nations under the guise of "strengthening" the non-Communist economies. If the tragic death of Lord Mountbatten highlights the realities behind terrorism, and results in politicians coming to grips with those realities, then this distinguished military leader may not have died in vain.


"The world parity oil pricing policy will be abandoned by a Labor Government, according to the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Hayden". The Australian, Sept.3rd

The Fraser Government has had a field day soaking the Australian motoring public, in particular, and the general public at large by way of its world parity oil prices policy. There is no realistic reason why Australians should pay world prices for petrol, directly, and consequent increases for goods and services, indirectly, when 90% of our oil supplies come from Bass Strait and Barrow Island. This is a monstrous rip off. The few Budget crumbs given back to the people by that Treasury ventriloquist's dummy, John Howard, are from the table of the Great God: Oil Parity. The oil companies don't mind in the slightest: their profits have soared. They know that the motorist will let the doctor, the dentist and the plumber wait for their money rather than go short of petrol.

A West German study has shown that the average motorist will pay up to $10.00 (Yes, TEN dollars) a gallon, Australian money, before curtailing motoring patterns. Petrol hasn't reached ten dollars a gallon here yet; but already it's on its way to $2 a gallon. In parts of Europe its price is well over two dollars a gallon.
P.S. Since preparing the above item, we note that the ALP has announced that it WILL scrap the Government's oil taxing policy. If the backbench members of the Government wish to survive the next Federal election they would be well advised to inform Mr. Fraser that he should do likewise. Petrol prices are now a major election issue.


"I.R.A. sympathiser, Mr. John Murray, refused last night to budge from his stand on the murder of Lord Mountbatten, despite an R.S.L. call that he be hanged for sedition." The Sun (Melbourne) September 9th.

Mr. Murray, with some sort of "Irish" logic, normally the butt of musical hall jokes, stated that Earl Mountbatten "committed suicide" by going to Mullaghmore. The Earl's visits to the Irish port, where he had a castle, were "provocative". How can rational people cope with this type of idiocy? John Murray, the IRA sympathiser, migrated to Australia 30 years ago and we have little doubt that there are many more like him. We also do not doubt that money is being collected in Australia for the IRA terrorist cause. These people are receiving all the privileges of Australian citizenship.

As against this most unsatisfactory state of affairs we have more than once been dismayed to witness discrimination against, and even persecution of citizens of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia by the Commonwealth Government of Australia. We refer to teams of sportsmen and sportswomen of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia who have been refused admittance to Australia; not to dwell on our subservience to the dictates of the so-called United Nations in imposing sanctions against our own kith and kin: people of British stock like ourselves.

Most supporters will be interested to know that the current issue of The New Times, the League's monthly journal of political economy, carries on the front page a republication of the letter sent to all Federal Members and Senators of the Commonwealth Parliament by the Victorian Branch of the Returned Services League of Australia. This Letter is a devastating criticism of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser 's anti-Rhodesian policy. We urge those supporters who do not subscribe to The New Times to write in for a copy of this issue, which also carries an article by Edward Rock, a former Deputy National Director of the Australian League of Rights. His article is titled: "Are The New International Economic Order and a Christian World incompatible?" Send $1.00 to cover current issue, which also contains latest issue of Enterprise, the quarterly organ of the Institute of Economic Democracy.

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