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Edmund Burke
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On Target

14 September 1979. Thought for the Week: "We study the day before yesterday in order that yesterday may not paralyse today and today may not paralyse tomorrow."
F.W. Maitland.


Those fortunate enough to have heard visiting Canadian lecturer and publisher, Mr. Ron Gostick, have been struck by his brilliant defence of the right of the white man to defend himself in a world in which he is in a minority. The white man is "an endangered species", says Mr. Gostick, asking who is going to sustain Christian Civilisation if the white man is destroyed. This is the issue now being debated concerning the future of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

In every part of Africa where the European has been driven out, the results have been disastrous for the Africans. The international campaign against the European influence in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and South Africa ignores the fact that if it were not for the Europeans in Southern Africa, the economies of many African States would be in a more desperate condition than they are. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia rants about the whites of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and South Africa, but he does not reveal what has happened to agriculture in his country since the whites have been progressively forced out. He relies upon food from south of the border.

One of the most amazing aspects of the Rhodesian drama has been the manner in which a handful of whites have been able to provide the know-how and leadership which has enabled them, in co-operation with the blacks, to continue to produce not only sufficient food for a rapidly increasing African population, but to provide a surplus for export. If the white man is driven from Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, the agricultural system must collapse with the most chilling consequences for the blacks.
Irrespective of what Bishop Muzorewa may be pressured into agreeing to at this week's London talks, unless the morale of the remaining whites can be sufficiently sustained to encourage them to stay, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia is doomed.

With his ill informed attacks upon the white minority in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has made a major contribution towards eroding the morale of those who alone can prevent another African State from collapsing into chaos and assisting the very Communist strategy which Mr. Fraser says he is so concerned about. As the drama in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia moves towards a horrendous climax, it is an appropriate time to recall that it was Dr. Henry Kissinger who went to Southern Africa and used "meat axe diplomacy" to force Ian Smith to start the retreat which has led to the present situation. Dr. Henry Kissinger, the international messenger boy for the international financial groups who have had such a long and cosy association with International Communism, has been frank concerning his tactics. He says, "Statesmen must use cunning and patience. They must be able to manipulate events and people. They must play the power game in total secrecy, unconstrained by parliaments, which lack the temperament for diplomacy. And they must also connive with the largest possible number of allies. They must not shy away from duplicity, cynicism or unscrupulousness, all of which are accepted tools of statescraft. They must never burn their bridges behind them and, if possible, they must always be charming, clever and visible."

If Mr. Ian Smith had read Dr. Kissinger's views before he met with him, he may have not expressed the opinion that he was most impressed by Dr. Kissinger! Internationalist Kissinger, a rootless intellectual, has never at any time expressed any concern about the progressive retreat of the white man. If the white minority in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia is forced to make a wholesale retreat, it will be because their fellow whites around the world did not make sufficient effort to support them.

Presumably if Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is not unduly concerned about the fate of the white man in Southern Africa, then it is legitimate to ask is he concerned about the future of the European in Australia. His Government's immigration policy must eventually lead to the type of disastrous results being experienced by the Canadians under the "open door" programme being outlined by Mr. Ron Gostick. Those Australians who desire their children and grandchildren to live their lives in the same stream of history as they have should be making it clear to their political servants that they are not going to have a tremendous heritage squandered.


As we have previously pointed out, there are some strange and disturbing features about the flood of refugees from Vietnam. The evidence continues to mount that this is a new, diabolical form of warfare, one that makes it most difficult for adequate defence. Those who express any doubts at all about the Long-term implications of allowing refugees to enter Australia are likely to find themselves scathingly referred to as "un-Christian" or "inhuman monsters". But this is a time for stern realism, and some of this is provided in the following report just received from Mr. Patrick Walsh, the distinguished authority on Marxism, and former undercover agent for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

"The Canadian tax funded Export Development Corporation has just granted Red China a $2 billion line of credit…How has the Communist Peking regime reacted to this generous Canadian handout? The latest issue of the pro-Peking 'The Forge' (August 10th, 1979) has front-paged a series of articles supporting the entry of 50,000 'boat people'. In its centrefold, a feature article concerns an interview with one, Ly Mai Duong, a 33-year old Vietnamese of Chinese origin, who has recently arrived in Canada with the first wave of the 'boat people'. The article interview starts off with the statement that "the former teacher and his wife were lucky enough to have been selected by Canadian immigration officers a few months ago out of the thousands of their compatriots crammed into camps all over South East Asia.'
If these 'selected' refugees are a criterion of the type of 'boat people' we will get in Canada, this means an invasion of pro-Red Chinese refugees, many of them (according to this interview) who were arrested by the Vietnamese police 'simply for having a portrait of Chairman Mao or Hua Guofeng in their house or for subscribing to (Red) Chinese periodicals'".

Mr. Walsh comments that "The statements of this avowed pro-Red Chinese 'refugee' are too lengthy to quote here, but they do throw an alarming new light on this influx, in as much as 'The Forge" mentions that several of the Action Support Committees are under the control of the Canadian Communist League (Marxist-Leninist) which publishes the weekly 'The Forge' and is now recognised as the only pro-Peking revolutionary movement in Canada…"


The Morgan Gallup Poll, published by "The Bulletin" Sydney, is regarded by objective and non-partisan political observers as the most reliable of Australian public opinion polls. Most of its polls, such as those indicating that even allowing for a small (and probably temporary) increase in electoral support following the recent Federal Budget, the Fraser Government would be defeated in an immediate election, are well publicised by the Australian media. But no such publicity has been given to the Morgan Poll showing that immediately following the Lusaka Conference, 56 per cent of Australians are in favour of recognising the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Government of Bishop Muzorewa with a small 13 per cent against. Even assuming that a majority of the 31 percent undecided finally came down against recognition, the final result would be a massive majority in favour of recognition. As Mr. Fraser and Mr. Peacock are strong on what they are pleased to call "majority rule", they (and their supporters) should be asked if they don't agree that the views of the clear majority of Australians should prevail on the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian issue. Or are the views of black dictators in Africa more important?

Having been on the receiving end of death threats, and with the defacing of the League office in Melbourne, and having seen some of the types attracted to movements like the Nazi Party, we are well aware that there are pathological types in society who resort to name calling and the obscene daubing of walls. But our long experience in studying revolution and subversion warns us against accepting at face value stories of alleged abuse and physical threats to those supporting non-European immigration and Vietnamese refugees. It is significant that just at the time when a large number of electors are responding to the League of Rights campaign providing an opportunity for a vote on the immigration issue, and are making it clear to their paid political servants that they desire a halt to non-European immigration, that there is an outbreak of obscene daubing on walls, telephone boxes and in other public places, together with phone threats of violence. These are similar to a number of swastika daubing campaigns against Jewish properties, which in fact have been the work of Zionist agitators. Visiting Canadian authority on revolution and subversion, Mr. Ron Gostick, has produced documentary evidence that the Chinese Communists in Canada are actively engaged in the committees working to bring Indo-Chinese refugees into Canada. We have not the slightest doubt that those directing and publicising the alleged Threats to non-European migrants and those supporting them, are attempting to prevent the Australian people having a say in deciding their own future.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159