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On Target

21 September 1979. Thought for the Week: "Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets."


The London Conference on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia has developed much as we anticipated. The Thatcher Government has demonstrated that it is prepared to adopt the most biased attitude in an attempt to bring the Patriotic Front into a new Zimbabwe-Rhodesian Government. The only possible justification that we can see for the Thatcher Government's attitude is that it is going through the motions of a conference in which every effort is being made to placate the Patriotic Front, but with little confidence that any realistic agreement can be made.

At the end of the exercise the Thatcher Government can then say to the Frasers, "Well, we tried to do what you urged, but it has not been successful." We hasten to say that what we are suggesting is a type of wishful thinking: an attempt to give the Thatcher Government the benefit of the doubt. But developments to date have been ominous. Generally overlooked is the fact that the Patriotic Front terrorists were given equal representation with the Salisbury Government at the London Conference.

The elected Government of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, which went to London on the understanding that it would discuss the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian Constitution with the British Government, found itself confronted with demands from Nkomo and Mugabe that control of the armed forces and security should be handed over to their forces. In essence they claim that they have won a war, and as victors should now take over. However, as General Peter Walls demonstrated so convincingly in the major assault into Mozambique, the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian forces are capable of doing virtually as they like. And while the terrorists have caused serious dislocation of life in the rural area of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, their very terrorism has progressively lost them any support they might have had amongst the tribal blacks.

Bishop Muzorewa has rightly threatened to walk out of the London Conference if Patriotic Front demands are met. He has insisted that unless the whites can be encouraged to stay in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, the country will collapse; but latest reports of his vacillation, here, are chilling. The white exodus is continuing and was in fact encouraged by the treacherous policy of Malcolm Fraser at the Lusaka Conference. The terrorist attacks inside Zimbabwe-Rhodesia have continued in spite of the London Conference. If Bishop Muzorewa capitulates to any demands for seriously weakening white influence in his country's administration, he is finished. His only hope is to stand firm.
No doubt the breakdown of the London talks would see an intensification of the terrorist assault on Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. And such an assault would be backed strongly by the Soviet strategists.

The Zambesi remains the West's front line in Southern Africa. But treachery in London may completely shatter a line already seriously weakened. What have Australia's Federal politicians to say as another phase of the Rhodesian tragedy unfolds? It is now more than time for them to stand up to be counted.


The dramatic electoral swing against the South Australian Labor Government during a short campaign proved our earlier prediction, and that of the Morgan Gallup poll, completely wrong. If, as new Liberal Premier Tonkin claims, one of the causes of the electoral upset was the electors' revulsion against the cynical attempt to hold on to power by a premature election, this is encouraging evidence that Australian electors cannot be fooled all the time. But one thing is certain: Prime Minister Fraser and his colleagues are clutching at straws if they believe that the South Australian election result was primarily a pro-Liberal vote. It was an anti-South Australian Labor vote. That anti-Labor vote may well have started to germinate during the Dunstan Government's disgraceful dismissal of Police Commissioner Harold Salisbury. It is to be hoped that the Liberal Government will take the first opportunity of correcting the record concerning the Salisbury affair.

We never cease to be amazed by the capacity of party politicians for self-delusion. Consider Prime Minister Fraser's attempted defence of his Budget in the Federal Parliament on September 12th. Mr. Fraser, attempting to project the new image selected by the mythmakers, said that the Budget was not aimed at "short term popularity". Previous firm predictions were put aside to tell his listeners that the world economy was in a bad way, inflation was accelerating in some countries and world trade was likely to remain "sluggish". Mr. Fraser said, "It is a question of consolidating and strengthening Australia's economic recovery so that we can have a firm foundation for the future, for the l980's" This is the type of argument Mr. Fraser used to justify his early election in 1977. He wanted to consolidate the economic gains allegedly made since December 1975. The hard facts are that all his major promises, on inflation, taxation, interest rates and unemployment have been shot to ribbons by events. No genuine improvement is possible while taxation is maintained at its present levels.

Speaking in Sydney at an ethnic press conference, Labor leader W. Hayden claimed that Australia's immigration selection policy discriminates in favour of the Anglo-Saxon, English-speaking middle class. As Australia is, contrary to the rubbish of Al Grassby, still predominantly Anglo-Saxon, with English the official national language well might one ask what is wrong with ensuring that migrants can readily relate with the majority of the Australian people. Mr. Hayden also made the ominous remark that "voting rights for non-naturalised migrants was close to a reality". With both the Fraser Government and the "opposition" sharing basically the same view concerning immigration, which is to place non-Europeans on same basis as Europeans it is essential that a non-party referendum be conducted to ascertain if the immigration policies of Mr. Fraser and Mr. Hayden have the support of the majority of the people. Both men talk much about "democracy"' here is a chance to demonstrate they believe in it.

We are not surprised to read that with oil prices at record new levels, there are reports that the oil "shortage" is now "easing", and that supplies may improve steadily for the rest of the year. Visiting Canadian editor of Canadian Intelligence Publications, Mr. Ron Gostick has been providing some irrefutable facts to demonstrate that the "energy crisis" is a hoax designed to use oil as a means of increasing taxation and extending centralised control over the individual. There is little doubt that the oil is one of the major items being used by the internationalists in their drive towards the World State.

Developments in the Zionist State of Israel continue to confirm our warning that President Carter's strategy for Middle East peace was doomed to failure. It failed to deal with the major problem of the Palestinians while at the same time driving the moderate Arab leaders to seek closer links with the pro-Moscow radicals. The record of the former terrorist leader, Prime Minister Begin of Israel, leaves no doubt that so far from being amenable to making any concessions about the West Bank of the Jordan; he is determined to include this area as a permanent part of Israel. There are now even divisions inside the Israeli Cabinet on the question, with Deputy Prime Minister Yadon and two of his colleagues walking out of the Cabinet charging that Begin was building new civilian settlements on the West Bank under the pretext of expanding existing outposts.

The Andrew Young affair revealed the influence of the Zionist lobby in the U.S.A. Young could make the most outrageous pro-Communist statements and receive but a little wrist tapping from President Carter. But as soon as he even met a representative of the Palestinians, he had to go!

"The Bulletin", Sydney of Sept. 18th carries a sloppy piece by Bob Carr on John Bennett's campaign concerning the question of "the six million". Because of his background, and his position as secretary of the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties since it was founded in 1966, Bennett's promotion of Dr. Butz's work, "The Hoax of The Twentieth Century" has, in academic circles, has been a major sensation. Carr informs his readers that the Butz book is "on sale in the musty reaches of the Heritage Bookshop, operated by the unabashedly racist League of Rights." In the short time since "The Bulletin" article appeared, a number of new League contacts have invaded the "musty reaches of the Heritage Bookshop", not only to buy the Butz work ($15.80 posted) but other works which the general bookshops will not handle. "The Zionist Connection", by the eminent American Jewish expert on the Middle East, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, is a classic example of the suppression of vital works on the Zionist and Middle East issues. Lilienthal's work is essential reading for all serious students. It took the League approx twelve months to obtain a small supply of "The Zionist Connection". In spite of the price, $25, this supply was immediately bought and the League is now holding money for a number of unfulfilled orders. A cable last week from one supplier in the U.S.A. said that no further copies are available and that there appears to be no arrangements for republication. The Heritage Bookshop is, however, attempting to locate supplies from other sources. An announcement will be made as soon as some firm information on the book is available. In the meantime "The Controversy of Zion" by the famous British writer, Douglas Reed, as setting new sales records. Price: $14.50 posted

Following the lead of the South Australian Labor Government, the Wran Labor Government is considering the extension of the political vote to all migrants who have lived in Australia for six months. The granting of the political vote to comparatively new, unnaturalised persons coming to Australia has far reaching, and most disturbing implications. Such a policy must further debase an already debased political process with migrant minorities being exploited by the party political power men.

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