Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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5 October 1979. Thought for the Week: "Speak boldly, man, the truth is on thy side."
The Pilgrim's Progress


On Friday, September 21st representatives from all branches of The Crown Commonwealth League of Rights, met in an historic conference to discuss the future of this international federation and plans for expanded activities in the immediate future. This was the first formal Crown Commonwealth League of Rights conference at which all members - Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada - were present. After a full day of discussions, the following statement was issued at the end of the conference:

"Whereas every Civilisation is the incarnation of undergirding values, the break up of the Old British Empire has not been a final disaster because the independent members of the Crown Commonwealth remain as the custodians of traditional British culture and values. British culture is a special manifestation of Christianity, expressing itself in English Common Law, limited constitutional government and a proper respect for the inviolable rights and responsibilities of individuals.
The Crown Commonwealth League of Rights declares its deep faith in the unique nature of the institution of The Monarchy, which provides a check on the abuse of political power. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth also provides the type of Christian leadership so rarely found amongst politicians.
Recognising the fact that the United States of America is part of the same stream of history as the nations of the Crown Commonwealth League of Rights, the conference declared its intention of reaching out in a special programme to strengthen present contacts and to forge new contacts in the United States in a programme of renaissance for the whole English speaking world.
The conference stated that the Rhodesian issue is and has been basically a moral one with one of the loyalest nations of the British world being betrayed by Governments who have acted at the behest of international power groups determined to destroy the British way of life everywhere, instead, of representing the views of the majority of their electors. If Zimbabwe-Rhodesia can be completely defeated, South Africa is the next Western nation singled out for destruction.

The C.C.L.R. conference then outlined five major steps to uphold the principles and policies mentioned in the above declaration. The next conference is scheduled to be held in the United Kingdom next year. The Melbourne conference concluded with a declaration of loyalty to the Queen, this expressed in a special message to Her Majesty.


Wishful thinking is starting to submerge reality concerning the talks on the future of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. The decision by the "Patriotic Front" of Nkomo and Mugabe to accept the principle of guaranteed parliamentary seats for the whites in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia has been hailed as a major break through. But Marxist type dialectics are understood by those advising the "Patriotic Front."

The Front's spokesman, Dr. Eddison Zvogbo, has indicated this with his statement that "It is a major step and it is with sadness that we have to present a thing like this. It jars, our every sense of justice", followed by the comment that a future guerrilla controlled Zimbabwe Government would seek to abolish reserved seats for whites as soon as possible.

The major thrust of the strategists using the "Patriotic Front" is to break white influence. The Muzorewa Government has made a major retreat by agreeing to the removal of the limited veto power of the whites concerning any changes to the constitution. As proved in all other African States, a written constitution is not worth the paper it is written on. What happened to the constitutions of countries like Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania?

The faith of the whites in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia has been already badly eroded and it is no secret that an increasing number of whites are reluctant to risk life and limb in defending the country against terrorists when the end result may be that terrorist leaders will start to obtain power as the result of new elections.

One of the most significant features of the London talks has been the financial backing of the Patriotic front by the notorious Lonhro Company, which is firmly based in Zambia. Those associated with this organisation have in their activities, some of them most unsavoury, demonstrated that they are quite happy to use black politicians to further their ends. Such people prefer to deal with corrupt black politicians, operating behind the facade of "democracy" than with administrations in which traditional western values are upheld.

In spite of, the fact that Mr. Ian Smith has received moral support from the representatives of American Senator Jesse Helms, who showed a most commendable initiative in ensuring that the voice of the real USA was heard in London, the former Rhodesian Prime Minister is finding that once he agreed to the policy of retreat forced upon him by Dr. Henry Kissinger, he was taking Rhodesia down a slippery slope eventually leading to the abyss.

The, complete story of the betrayal of Rhodesia has yet to be written and it may yet be possible to hold off the end for some time, but the drama has provided invaluable lessons which if heeded by Australians, can help to ensure that Australia survives as a Western European nation.


We are highly amused to hear constant use of the term "honourable" by those attempting to defend the former Minister for Primary Industries, Mr. Ian Sinclair. Mr. Ian Sinclair was the man who played a major part in the anti-League of Rights smear through the then Country Party, making use of the Melbourne Wesley Church to utter the most scurrilous comments, charging that the League was, amongst other things, "pro-Nazi". Challenged by the League's National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, to debate publicly his gutter like allegations, Sinclair showed his moral bankruptcy by refusing to participate. At least Mr. Anthony did eventually, under pressure, withdraw his "pro-Nazi" charges, but Ian Sinclair refused to do so. We can find little sympathy for Sinclair in the plight he now finds himself.

If Mr. Edward Kennedy replaces Mr. Jimmy Carter as the Democratic candidate for the next American Presidential Elections, it will demonstrate just how low party politics can sink when a man with Kennedy's background can be accepted. Not that it would make much difference to the Presidency, as the same forces influencing Carter would be influencing Kennedy - if the American people can "buy" Kennedy. Like every other nation, the USA will be saved from the bottom, not from the top.

In spite of the highly emotional campaign concerning the "boat people" from Vietnam, a majority of Australians want a lower refugee intake. This is the finding of the Morgan Gallup Poll. 51% want a decrease in the number of Vietnamese refugees. 31% believe that the present rate of intake should be maintained, while only 16% believe the intake should be increased. Where will even the present rate of intake of Vietnamese end? In Canada, where this question is being hotly debated, Mr. Kim Abbott, former Director of Canadian Immigration Services has issued a serious warning: "I do not feel that Canadians have been properly informed about the consequences of the entry of 50,000 refugees from Vietnam, who will be mainly Chinese", pointing out that the pressure for "family reunion" would quickly multiply the 50,000 to 500,000.

Reported statements by former Foreign Affairs official Mr. Alan Renouf, an Ambassador to the U.S.A., indicate why the Federal Government pursues such "soft" policies on Communism. Addressing a Melbourne press lunch on Sept. 26th, Mr. Renouf said Australia should not be frightened of the Soviet Union. Presumably the Renoufs in the Foreign Affairs Department believe that, for example, the Soviet thrust into Africa, using Cuban troops, is not the result of any long-term strategy; that it has "just happened". Or that it is of little importance. This type of thinking over the past 50 years has resulted in the progressive expansion of the Communist Empire without very much effective resistance.

The media coverage given to Mr. Bob Hawke's conference at which he announced he was seeking Labor Party endorsement for the safe Labor seat of Wills, Victoria, indicates that irrespective of what one thinks of Mr. Hawke, he has become a major political factor on the Australian scene. Mr. Hawke did present one limited finance economic policy when he urged that the Federal Government reduce taxation as a trade off against reduced union demands for wage increases. If Mr. Hawke could come out with a comprehensive realistic finance economic policy to abolish inflation, he would revolutionise the political situation. Most would say that this would be in the nature of a miracle. We should at least strive to earn some miracles. What about some letters to Mr. Hawke?

Prime Minister Thatcher of the U.K. is already starting to feel the backlash of her Government's financial policies. Inflation soared to 15.8% last month. Not surprisingly, the Unions are pressing for bigger wage increases to offset the rising price level. ("A Programme for Reversing Inflation "by Eric D. Butler 75 cents posted.)

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159