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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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12 October 1979. Thought for the Week: "The policy of centralisation of power is the denial of the right of men and women to freedom. It is the denial of the sanctity of human personality. It is a denial of the omnipotence of God and the antithesis of the social policy inherent in Christ's teachings. It is a policy, which flouts the Canon governing human affairs. In short it is the policy of evil - of the Devil - it is the policy which can be aptly described as Satanism."
L.D. Byrne, "Centralisation - The Policy of Satanism."


The current problems of the U.S.A. dollar are a result of the strategy of the World State advocates to destroy the U.S.A. dollar as an international reserve currency as a preliminary to replacing it with a new international currency - bancor - created by the International Monetary Fund. The power groups responsible for the attack on the U.S.A. dollar earlier were successful in destroying sterling as an international reserve currency.
If the U.S.A. dollar can be destroyed the way is clear for another major advance in the programme to create the New International Economic Order.

The League of Rights alone has warned of how the deepening international crisis resulting from astronomical debt and high inflation was being exploited in the drive to create the World State via The New International Economic Order. In a recent issue of "World Paper", described as "A global community newspaper" by the Australian publishers, "The Age", Melbourne, an article described as a satire indicated the shape of things to come.
The story allegedly concerned a conference of "Third World" nations who decided that what many would consider their major weakness, astronomical debts, owing to Western banks, most of them based in the U.S.A., should be used as a weapon of explosive importance by the simple process of repudiation.

The creators of these debts, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and their associates are, of course, well aware of the realities of the situation and are hopeful that these debts will be taken over by the proposed new international banking system, a central feature of the New International Economic Order. Speaking at the opening session of the annual meetings of the World Bank and The International Monetary Fund, held in Communist Yugoslavia, IMF Managing Director Jacques de Larosiere, said that there was general agreement that when the proposed new IMF system, using its own international currency, came into existence, nations holding surplus American dollars could pay them to the IMF in exchange for the new international currency.

Over the years we have stressed that monetary inflation is inevitable under present finance economic rules, and that all the talk by politicians and the theories of the certified economists, would not make one iota of difference to continuing inflation. The American inflation rate has moved upwards, as has the Australian inflation rate, with the result that as the value of the American dollar declines, there has been a feverish investment in gold, forcing its price to an absurd level.
But even more disturbing than the Arabs and others holding U.S. dollars converting them to gold, is the warning that the serious depreciation in the value of the U.S. dollar must result in another major oil price rise next year. This must stimulate still further the inflationary spiral.

The plotters against traditional Civilisation have on many occasions made it clear that they understand how it is impossible to persuade freedom loving individuals to surrender to centralised control, ultimately on a global scale, unless they are subjected to a crisis so great that they can be stampeded into doing what they normally would reject. The stage has been set for a deepening crisis, as witnessed by the views expressed at the Belgrade conference.

Last year the International Monetary Fund pressed for "economic growth". The West Germans heeded this directive and as a result its inflation rate went up. This year the IMF insists that the "fight" against inflation was most important, leaving no doubt that a major recession would be the result. Australian Federal Treasurer John Howard and Treasury Secretary John Stone are reported as being completely in accord with the IMF at the Belgrade Conference. Which means further recession conditions for Australia.
The programme to bring the whole world within the scope of The New International Economic Order is the product of the minds of power lusting madmen. These men are mad because they are completely divorced from reality. They are attempting the impossible.

In striving to exploit a deepening crisis to impose centralised power on a global scale, they can only intensify the disintegration of Civilisation. The only hope in the situation is that one nation frees itself from the Black magic called orthodox finance, demonstrates how it can use its productive capacity constructively with benefit to all its citizens, and thus provide an example for the rest of the world to follow.
Australia is a nation well equipped in every possible way to give a lead to the rest of the world. The rest of the world could sink beneath the sea tomorrow and Australians would be forced to face the reality that they could provide themselves with economic security and expanding freedom.
(Essential reading: "Upon That Mountain", by Jeremy Lee. An outline of what the New International Economic Order is all about, and how Australians could use their own financial credit free of dictates from internationalists. Price $1.35 posted.)


The bitter conflict between the National and Liberal parties highlights the underlying philosophy of the modern party system. The parties are more concerned with "deals" and manipulating electors than with permitting electors a genuine choice. There was a time when the old Country Party in N.S.W. permitted a number of candidates to run under their banner, leaving it to the electors to decide which one they preferred.
Prime Minister Fraser is a strong verbal advocate of freedom of choice. Why then should he, Mr. Peter Nixon or any other Minister be free from opposition? We hold no brief for the Liberal Party, but cannot see why the electors of Gippsland should not elect a Liberal to represent them if they prefer him to Mr. Nixon. The attempt to free Mr. Nixon from Opposition reflects seriously upon Mr. Nixon.
The National-Country Party could have played a decisive role in the preservation of a free Australia if it had pursued an independent stance, presenting policies which would not only have benefited the rural communities, but all sections of Australians. But by aligning itself slavishly with Liberal Governments, it has helped impose policies, which have eroded its own electoral base. Not surprisingly, increasing numbers of Liberals now feel they can "go it alone". Hopefully they may in their bid for a complete monopoly of power, force the rural communities into much more constructive action than blindly accepting what the Anthonys and Sinclairs have told them.

The pathetic calibre of Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, Andrew Peacock was demonstrated by his statement in New York that President Carter's response to the Soviet combat brigade in Cuba was "measured and balanced". The Soviet leaders have treated Carter almost with amused contempt. No Soviet troops are being withdrawn from Cuba. Mr. Peacock says there is no advantage in "needless confrontation". In other words, just keep backing down.

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