Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

2 November 1979. Thought for the Week: "...a collectivity has no moral standards of its own, and invariably reflects the lowest morals of its constituent".
C.H. Douglas.


Senator Sim, Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, said in Melbourne last Friday, October 26th, that Australia is regarded in Asia as "a selfish and racist nation". Speaking at the opening of a three-day seminar by the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Senator Sim urged that Australia adopt a "more liberal trade" policy. Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock has been urging a similar policy.

The promoters of the drive towards the World State, one of the first major steps being the "New International Economic Order", are in the main advocates of "free trade", starting with "Common Markets" inside which all nations lose the right to attempt to protect their local industries through tariffs. The campaign for a "common market" between Australia and New Zealand is part of the overall campaign now directed towards establishing a "Pacific Common Market". Inside this type of centralised organisation large segments of Australian manufacturing industry would be phased out. It should also be noted that the Common Market concept means free movement of people.

Senator Sim is right when he says that Asians question Australia's credibility when Australian political leaders criticise European Economic Community protection policies while at the same time Australia applies protection policies against Asia's "labor intensive, law technology imports". But the mounting international trade war is the result of internal financial policies, which force nations to try to solve their lack of adequate purchasing power by exporting more than is imported.

The famous London Chamber of Commerce Report of 1942, "Solving the Problems of International Trade", said, "It is an obvious absurdity that nations should regard it as necessary to export their real wealth, not for the purpose of paying for imports, but in order to solve their domestic unemployment problem by passing it on to other countries."
The London Chamber rejected all schemes of internationalism, stressing that individual nations must put their own finance economic houses in order. If Australia modified its own financial policy so that Australians could obtain from their production system what they genuinely require, all genuine surpluses would then be seen as a means of obtaining necessary imports. This would provide a lead to other nations.
The Asian nations are only attempting to gain a "favourable balance of trade" in order to try to overcome their internal problems.

The informed Marxists understand this issue clearly and for that reason have every confidence that the industrialised nations will continue to export to them on credit in an attempt to make their own economies work. That great apostle of "free enterprise", Mrs. Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom, welcomes the Chinese Communist leader Chairman Hua, and forces the Queen to entertain yet another criminal, primarily for the purpose of trying to increase her nation's exports to China. Under present financial policies nations like Australia can neither co-operate constructively with their Asian neighbours nor can they free themselves from progressive entanglement with the Communists.


Large numbers of well meaning people can be readily organised to devote enormous effort to dealing with the EFFECTS of the deepening world crisis while steadfastly refusing to devote a fraction of the same effort to removing the CAUSES RESPONSIBLE. We hasten to admit that a major part of the problem is that those responsible for the EFFECTS make every effort to ensure that CAUSES are not publicised.

As we have said before, every civilised person must feel for the people of Kampuchea, for the "boat" people and other victims of Communist totalitarianism in both Vietnam and Kampuchea. But the tragedy is that irrespective of how much humanitarian effort is made, the basic CAUSE of the tragedy will remain - unless the policy makers of the Free World decide that the time has come to apply economic sanctions to the whole Communist world.
This would mean, of course, a break with the doctrine of "export or perish", which means that a nation becomes more prosperous by exporting more production than it imports. The fact that large numbers of people accept this dangerous nonsense merely confirms the power of that form of black magic known as "sound finance". Unless the BAISC CAUSES of the accelerating global instability are dealt with, the Communists and their major dupes', the liberal do-gooders, will continue to exploit EFFECTS.

We have previously reported on some disturbing aspects of the exploitation of the "boat people" from Vietnam. In a report in the Canadian "On Target" of October 15th, Mr. Patrick Walsh, well known former under cover agent for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, provides the following information:
"The 'sponsorship' organisation promoting this "boat people" strategy is known as "Operation Lifeline", the president of which is Professor Howard Adelman of York University in Toronto. "Professor Adelman's background is revolutionary and Marxist. Peter Worthington, writing in the November 25th, 1970 issue of 'The Toronto Telegram', identified Adelman as a founding member of Praxis, the notorious Toronto based outfit demanding the overthrow of all forms of 'capitalistic' control and the establishment in Canada of 'radical socialism'.

Erna Koffman, in her book 'The Big Rip-Off', lists Adelman as a member of the board of trustees of the notorious Rochdale College (Toronto), a publicly funded haven for perverts and drug addicts until shut down after prolonged public protest. Also, in the appendix to this book, Adelman is listed as a member of the Jewish Labour Committee, which is the Jewish wing of the Communist Party".
As in Australia, those Canadians who suggest that the Communists are not only creating the refugee problem, but are also exploiting it, are branded 'racists'. Australia could take a million refugees from Asia, but this would not remove the BASIC CAUSE of the problem. But it would create new problems in Australia.

Writing in the September 1974 issue of "The Scientific American", Kingsley Davis, the prominent American sociologist and demographer, said: "As a result of the displacement and mixing of races there are more racial problems in the world today than at any time in the past."
In the five years since the comment was made, there has been an acceleration of the displacement and mixing of races with the inevitable result that racial problems have also grown. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Marxist revolutionaries are pleased with what is happening. Australians still have time in which to call a halt to an immigration programme, which ultimately can destroy them. As a start they should insist upon a national referendum at the same time as the next Federal Elections.


Following his recent strong support for recognition of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Mr. Peter Drummond, Federal Liberal Member for Forrest, W.A., has come out in favour of significant tax cuts to stimulate the economy. The Albany Advertiser of October 16th quotes Mr. Drummond as having tabled a study paper in. the Federal Parliament where the famous "Proposition 13" reduced a State property tax by more than half with considerable benefits. Mr. Drummond said, "Politicians in all Western countries have been slow to realise that tax reduction is not only popular, but makes for sound government."
No doubt members of the active Forrest Electors' Association will congratulate Mr. Drummond on his stand. We believe that more Federal Members feel as Mr. Drummond does but what they need is support. The taxation issue can be elevated into a major national question with sufficient electoral activity.


Delivering last week's electoral talk to Wannon on behalf of Prime Minister Fraser, Federal Treasurer Howard said that "the throat of Government's policies was to lower the tax burden. This is the cornerstone of Liberal philosophy...."
Mr. Howard is the Treasurer who has imposed massive taxation increases, as every motorist is painfully aware. Obviously the "cornerstone" of the Liberal philosophy has collapsed! Anyone who does not know how total taxation can be reduced drastically with benefit to all, should be introduced to "The Money Trick", $1.35 posted, and to "Natural Cost and The Ownership of Money", 75 cents posted.

Deputy Prime Minister Doug Anthony said in Dubbo, NSW last weekend that the Federal Coalition is stronger than it has ever been in his political career and that the parties wanted to continue the arrangements "which have resulted in effective Government and leadership since the early 1950's". This "effective Government" paved the way for the Labor-socialist victory in 1972. 1979 could see the same result.

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