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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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16 November 1979. Thought for the Week: "If the 'official' explanation (of inflation) was correct, and the professed desires of politicians and economists to find a cure were sincere, any plausible explanation which appeared to be better than ones which had failed would surely be worthy of study. But such is not the case - they are resisted and ridiculed, leaving the only possible explanation that a cure is not really desired."
J.D. Malan in "Natural Cost and the Ownership of Money."


"At the time of the greatest crisis in our peacetime history, Australia would be better served by one government, the A.C.T.U. President, Mr. Hawke, said yesterday." The Sun (Melbourne) November 12th.

The socialists and communists have been railing against State Governments for half a century, or more. They have also been railing against the Australian Constitution; a precious document, very difficult to alter and amend. Bad as things are in today's Australia, some people would take issue with Mr. Hawke that we are in a period of our "greatest crisis" in our peacetime history. Those older people who remember the Great Depression, for example, may not agree that the present crisis compares in general severity with that of the early thirties.

It must be borne in mind that political and economic conditions are far different from those obtained half a century ago. Mr. Hawke speaks of growing unemployment, high inflation, dramatic changes in technology, and Third World market pressures. Much unemployment is brought about now by advancing technology. Growing inflation is guaranteed by the "normal" operation of the modern finance economic system: it is built into the system.

Thirty years ago the economists, parroted as usual by a pile of mediocre politicians with which we are ever burdened, were insisting that the 3% inflation rate (the rate then) was "the price we paid for full employment". They can't say that now, as the rate is hovering around ten percent; more or less the "normal" rate. It is certain that the rate will climb higher as the years roll by, until the social and economic system we know flies apart under stresses and strains, to be replaced by sanity, or chaos.

State Governments in Australia have come under attack from the socialists and communists because they are a barrier to centralised political power. It has been said that the essence of communism is total concentration of political and economic power, and this is right enough. This does not mean that all of those advocating such a policy are ideologically motivated - they are not. Many people have all sorts of notions about State Governments, such as... "too many politicians to be paid" ... "unnecessary duplication of government" ... "not enough people for all these politicians", etc. etc.

The one correct principle involved favouring State Governments is decentralisation of political power. This brings political decision making down nearer to the grass roots, (Local Government brings the process down even further to the grass roots); and also provides an effective barrier to those who seek too much political power. Perhaps the principal reason that State Governments are not operating as well as they should is that their proper functions have been progressively usurped by the growth of the Central Government at Canberra.

When Mr. Hawke, with his customary dash of vitriol, says that he "does not have any idea what States' rights are", he says a mouthful: he doesn't believe in States' rights. However, the realities are that the States ceded much of their sovereignty decades ago when the Loan Council was formed, in conjunction with the Commonwealth, thus severely limiting their powers over monetary policies.

Another serious wound was self-inflicted by the States; that when they gave up their powers to tax incomes at the beginning of World War II: later to be offered back by (then Mr.) Robert Menzies: they refused the offer. The position now is that the States go cap in hand to Canberra each year for the handout. So When Mr. Hawke, and others, rail against the inadequacies of the States in various areas, they are in the main railing against effects, which have been brought on by destructive policies. The States don't operate as they should because they can't.
The solution is not to abolish the States, and thereby let the political centralists have a field day. The solution is to reverse the policies, which have so seriously undermined the integrity of the States for over half a century.


"A Federal Labor Government would move to curb the powers of the Senate, including its power to reject Supply, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Bowen, said yesterday." The Australian November 12th.

A "reforming" Labor Government would not be able to curb the powers the Senate without a referendum thanks to the Australian Constitution. The British peoples, with their genius for government, produced the Westminster system of decentralised government after centuries of tribulations. The socialist centralists wish to reverse the decentralist process in the name of "ideology", "efficiency", "economy" and all the rest. If we tear away the trappings, the ugly reality laid bare is centralisation of political power.

Initial "curbs" on the powers of the Senate are merely intended to usher in a full-scale campaign for the abolition of the Senate. It would be easier for a one House Government at Canberra to ram through legislation, good or bad, without the "braking power" of an Upper House: the Senate. Human experience indicates, glaringly, that too much power cannot be trusted to our fellow beings. We are not saints, and the seduction of the possession of power and control over our fellows is near irresistible. What marvelous things we could do - "if only we had the power"!

We are always suspicious when politicians like Mr. Bowen call for "guarantees" for civil and political rights. Our feeling is that access to the Common Law provides the individual with basic protection of his rights under the Constitution. We are also most suspicious of the Labor Party's proposed "peoples' conventions", during which, apparently, the "public would be invited to help draft the plans for a new constitution". How can a mass of laymen and laywomen draft a highly technical legal document?! It can't, of course, BUT it can be manipulated by ideological technical experts with their barrow to push. Look out for this one.


Book-burning did not end with Hitler. Hitler was an amateur compared with present day book burners, who do not draw attention to their activities by actually burning books, but who quietly apply the necessary pressure to ensure that certain books are either not published or, if they are published, are then given the "silent treatment". "The Zionist Connection", by the distinguished Jewish authority on the Middle East, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, is the most valuable source work on the Middle East situation yet published. We managed to obtain relatively few copies and were then told no more supplies were available. We now learn that the book is out of print and that the publishers refuse to reprint. It is believed they have been intimidated. We understand Dr. Lilienthal is considering legal action. Not even a Jew may expose the Zionist conspiracy! We understand that a number of alternative steps are being considered to have "The Zionist Connection" brought back into print. Readers will be advised when there has been a breakthrough against this disgraceful example of book burning.

The headlines proclaim, "Settlement near for Zimbabwe", but the realities remain. Kaunda of Zambia and Nyerere of Tanzania have both made it clear that they sympathise with the Patriotic Front. Assuming new elections take place under the British sponsored constitution, what if the present Zimbabwe-Rhodesian Government is re-elected? Backed by the Soviet, the "Patriotic Front" will cry "foul" and start further terrorist attacks. If the "Patriotic Front" takes part in the elections and can terrorise sufficient electors, they can establish at least a political base inside Zimbabwe-Rhodesia from which to continue the campaign to establish a Marxist like State from which the great majority of whites will have no alternative but to leave.

The Woodward drug report reveals much of what many people suspected. When asked about his friendship with the Sergi family, named in the report, Mr. Al Grassby provided another burst of the type of hyperbole for which he is noted. Mr. Grassby said he had "hundreds of thousands of friends in the Riverina." That would mean approximately the total population of Riverina!
At the 1974 Federal Elections there was a massive electoral swing against Mr. Grassby. Where were all those friends? Mr. Grassby has claimed that he was not aware of any drug problems in the Riverina when he was a Member, a claim which brought an outburst of derisive jeers at the David Frost TV programme filmed in Griffith following the disappearance of anti-drug campaigner Donald Mackay. Mr. Grassby says that he has referred the Woodward drug report to his assistant commissioner and ordered the monitoring of all media reports on the commission to watch for any reference to ethnic groups. Presumably no one should draw attention to the existence of the activities of some Italians from Calabria, Southern Italy, as this would be "racism." We believe that the disappearance of Donald Mackay, almost certainly murdered by a "hit" man on behalf of those engaged in the drug business, is one of the most disgraceful incidents in Australian history, and the Woodward report should be the basis for the most severe action.

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