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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

21 December 1979. Thought for the Week: "One of the charges levelled at Christianity is that it is irrelevant concerning the problems of man on earth: that it is pre-occupied with other worldliness. Regretfully many calling themselves Christians provide evidence to support these charges. So far from ignoring the problems of man on earth, Christ taught His disciples to appeal to God the Father in heaven, asking 'Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven'. God's Kingdom can only come on earth if individuals seek to know God, to serve God and to advance his purpose for man....So far from ignoring the material world, Christ said He had overcome it. Man did not live by bread alone, but sufficient bread was essential. 'Give us this day our daily bread' God the Father has provided abundance of the material things required for the 'life more abundant' which Christ spoke about."
Eric D. Butler in "Releasing Reality".


Irrespective of the good intentions of large numbers during this Christmas Season, the reality is that the world is convulsed by the forces of disintegration. There is little genuine peace or goodwill anywhere. The murderous Northern Ireland affair continues. The "peace" promised for Rhodesia is the same type of "peace" which the peoples of Indo-China were promised by Dr. Henry Kissinger who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for his part in one of the many blatant betrayals of this destructive century. Using Cuban troops the Soviet criminals continue to advance their strategy in Africa.

Thirty-four years after the end of the Second World War, NATO forces in Europe still wait as the Soviet continues to build up still further its massive military machine. The Soviet backs the Hanoi Government of Vietnam with its diabolical policy of creating and exploiting refugees in a new tactic of Communist warfare. The peace promised by President Carter in the Middle East is further away than ever.
The Holy Land is dominated by those who detest Christianity. The Zionists are currently engaged in further repressive measures against the Arab population of the West Bank and the use of terrorism against civilians in Southern Lebanon. The Soviet continues to assist Israel by permitting Russian Jews to migrate there, while in turn exploiting the fears of the Moslem world concerning Zionism's aggressive policies.
There is a growing ferment right through the whole Moslem world, with an anti-Western wave of resentment which now threatens-even the strongest pro-Western Arab State, Saudi Arabia.

The unfortunate American hostages of the Iranian students in Teheran will see little evidence of peace and goodwill over Christmas, not unless those masterminding this humiliation of the largest Western power, the United States, release the pressure a little in order to score a major propaganda point.
In his desperate attempts to do something to obtain the release of the American hostages, President Carter is producing increasing ill will as he asks for an economic blockade of Iran.

Never before has the non-Communist world been in such sad disarray. Even more distressing than the mounting friction in international affairs, is the internal situation in all countries. There will be little real joy for the hundreds of millions of victims of Communist regimes. But what of the plight of the non-Communist nations? Monetary inflation, the major factor in the destruction of the Roman Civilisation, continues to sap the very foundations of societies, which once were proud to describe themselves as Christian.

The ever-increasing strident clamour of gross commercialisation of Christmas is a reflection of the truth, however unpalatable, that unrealistic finance economic policies are making genuine harmony and co-operation between individuals increasingly difficult. Much of the "celebrations" at Christmas are a thinly veiled excuse to attempt to escape from the real world in an orgy of shallow sentimentalism, over eating and over drinking. Increasing numbers of young people have become alienated from family and traditional values. The increasing use of drugs by a lost youth is in the non-Communist societies, but a replica of the alcoholism so prevalent in Communist dominated societies.

One of the outstanding features of this incredible period in human history is the credulity of those who consider themselves "liberated" from what they like to term superstition. But as Malcolm Muggeridge observes, "It is often supposed that when people stop believing in God they believe in nothing, but the situation is far more serious. The truth is that when they stop believing in God they believe in anything... With that extraordinary credulity, those who turn away from notions like the incarnation are ready to accept without question the possibility of imperfect man creating a perfect society."

Remember all those "great academics" who used to believe that the monster Stalin was some type of God? But as one myth after another is shattered by events, the same credulous individuals accept even more dangerous myths. If God is removed from a consideration of the plight of man, the future looks all dark and hopeless. But in fact the very plight of the world provides the illuminating and inspiring evidence that it is still God's world.

That great Christian writer and poet, G.K. Chesterton, once commented that when a man jumps over the cliff, he does not merely violate the law of gravity; he provides striking confirmation of the truth of the law! The disasters of the world are also a confirmation of the truths of God's Universe. The disasters are not sin, but the wages of sin.
That great British genius, the late C.H. Douglas, whose works increasing numbers studied during this past year, the centenary year of his birth, made the profound observation that the rules of the universe transcend human thinking and that those individuals who desire a life of harmony should persistently seek to discover those laws and then obey them. This requires an attitude of proper humility, the suppression of false pride.

And so, in the deepening gloom, the light which Christ, the Son of God, brought offers man the prospect of permanent peace and goodwill amongst men. We wish all our readers and their families a Holy Christmas, one during which they can prepare themselves to continue that good fight in which all practical Christians must engage.


What has been called the "ugly face of capitalism" has shown itself during a year marked by an increasing number of naked power bids by individuals in a position to manipulate stock shares. Very few of those engaged in these activities actually produce anything of substance; they play with financial symbols. It is not surprising that idealistic youth, witnessing how some of their elders play power games, are revolted. As a result they tend to reject the whole system of private ownership and free enterprise. If credit power were more effectively decentralised, the will-to-power would have far less opportunity to manifest itself.

Even if Mr. Bill Hayden and Mr. Bob Hawke can create a public image of unity, the ALP will be struggling to win the Federal Elections next year. But if they can persuade the Australian electors they are genuine in opposing further astronomical increases in domestic oil prices because of OPEC price increases, they could offset the almost certain bribe the Fraser Government will offer next year with what will be called a tax reduction mini-budget. In fact it will offer the taxpayer the prospect of not being hit quite as hard as otherwise would have been the case! Once re-elected, the tax screw can be tightened again with the claim, "We have been given a mandate by electors." What is urgently necessary before the 1980 elections is a campaign by electors to support only those candidates who give a firm, written pledge that they will work for a permanent reduction in TOTAL taxation as the first essential step towards reversing inflation.

The Australian Wheat Board, which insists that it is qualified to have a complete monopoly over all wheat grown in Australia, has not presented accounts for the past three years and has broken repeated promises to the Government that they would be presented. In the meantime the Auditor General has revealed accounting errors of $85 million in the Board's 1976-77 draft financial statements. Much of the Auditor General's report, strongly critical of the Wheat Board, has not been publicised because of the objections of the Board's Chairman, Sir Leslie Price. The only curb on the monopolistic powers of the Board has been private trade across State borders under Section 92 of the Constitution. The High Court has yet to rule on this question, hopefully sometime in the new year.

The Canadian situation is one more example of the betrayal of Conservative Governments everywhere. They merely demonstrate their complete inability to implement a finance economic policy, which will enable traditional institutions, including private ownership, to survive. The Clark Government destroyed itself in a relatively short time, paving the way for the possible return of a Trudeau Government. The British Conservatives are destroying themselves a little more slowly, as is the Fraser Government. The New Zealand National Government would be defeated at any election held in the near future. However, the consistent failure of Conservative Governments and the loss of much enthusiasm anywhere for Socialism is resulting in a developing situation where electors are looking for genuine alternatives. The League of Rights is providing those alternatives.

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