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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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28 March 1980. Thought for the Week: "The power of propagation, concealment, and distortion of all the modern means of news dissemination, including the professorial chair, the pulpit, and the tribunal, is so great, that by applying it concurrently and for a sufficient length of time, they (the news media) are almost always successful in converting public opinion, no matter whether the ideas or facts they are promoting are right or wrong, true of fraudulent, and regardless of how obvious and justified those they have decided to suppress may be."
Prince Michel Sturdza, in Betrayal by Rulers (1976)


Eric D. Butler reports from Vancouver, British Columbia
As I flew into Canada the headlines proclaimed that President Jimmy Carter was about to "bring inflation under control". According to some estimates the American inflation rate is currently running at approx. 16 - 18 percent. The Carter formula can hardly be described as original, but this is understandable when it is remembered that the financial experts have not come up with anything original on inflation for the past 60 years.

The only blow at orthodoxy took place during the Second World War, when all Governments throughout the English speaking world adopted, without any credit being granted to the author, the proposal by C.H. Douglas that if basic items in the economy were stabilised, or even lowered, by a type of national consumer discount system, financed out of the national credit, then there would be no need for progressive wage increases, these in turn stimulating still further the inflation spiral.
Although this consumer discount policy was not applied very scientifically, it was an outstanding success, so much so that the orthodox economists and all those with a vested interest in exploiting inflation to centralise all power over the individual, lost no time after the Second World War in abandoning the policy. The result was predictable: progressive and increasingly destructive inflation.

The first Menzies-Fadden Government made a faint-hearted attempt to restore the consumer subsidy system, but was defeated by Fabian Socialist Dr. Coombs and his fellow Federal bureaucrats. The British persevered with part of the policy, which kept the price of food comparatively low in the United Kingdom. But the policy had to be scrapped when the British were brow beaten into the Common Market. Inflation leapt away.
The New Zealanders had the good sense to retain much of the policy, with the result that for years the New Zealand inflation rate was comparatively low. New Zealanders adopted the rather quaint attitude that as they were big producers of dairy products why not subsidise the consumer price and encourage the maximum consumption. Prime Minister Muldoon ended all this, and inflation in New Zealand also leapt away.

The propagandists worked hard to turn consumer subsidies into a dirty term. It was, of course, quite all right to subsidise cheap meat, wheat and dairy products to the Communist nations, or to subsidise those encouraged to export a nation's production, but regarded as unsound to subsidise domestic consumption. Credits can be extended at extremely low interest rates to Communist or "Third World" nations, while suggestions of lower interest rates for Australians, Canadians or any other peoples of the Free World are derided.

President Carter's anti-inflationary policy is based on the remarkable premise that prices can be reduced while at the same time financial costs are escalated through astronomical increases in interest rates and petrol taxes. It is as certain as the sunrise that the Carter policy is doomed to failure and will worsen the already deteriorating situation in the United States. Carter spokesmen are openly telling Americans they must be prepared to accept a lower standard of living. Not because there are any physical reasons for such a reduction. Financial policy is being used to force a lower standard of living in accordance with an overall strategy designed to bring the U.S.A. into the New International Economic Order.

One Article in a Canadian financial journal suggests that Prime Minister Fraser, progressively escalating the price of Australian oil and gas, might consider what happened to Mr. Clark and his Canadian Conservative Government when they attempted to increase the price of petrol in Canada by 18 cents (Canadian) a gallon. Not even the Trudeau record could prevent a massive electoral backlash against the Clark administration. There is a growing realisation everywhere that the "energy crisis" is one of those major hoaxes for which this century has become notorious. The Canadian revolt against the Clark Administration means that petrol in Western Canada continues to sell at the equivalent of no more than 80 cents Australian a gallon.

All sections of the oil industry are flourishing with the Provincial Government of Alberta embarrassed by the millions following into its Heritage Fund. Reports of a new major oil discovery offshore from Newfoundland has merely further confirmed the view of most people in both Canada and the United States, that the so-called oil shortage is being exploited to tax them still further. The future of Canada, like the future of every other non-Communist nation, will be largely determined by whether an effective anti-taxation revolt can be staged.


Following a vicious and widely reported attack on the Australian League of Rights in Queensland by the National Party Member for Landsborough, Mr. Mike Ahern, the League is initiating an advertising campaign on the issue of sex education. Mr. Ahern has been chairing a parliamentary committee looking at a human relations course, including sex education, for Queensland schools. The committee has received a large number of submissions, many opposed to sex education.

Speaking in the Queensland parliament, Mr. Ahern has claimed that there is a wide campaign, embracing a number of bodies such as the Community Standards organisation, Stop and Care, and others led by the League of Rights. While it is true that all these bodies have consistently warned of the dangers of sex education in schools, Mr. Ahern has completely stepped outside the bounds of truth by some of the claims he has made. He stated that the source of opposition material was the John Birch Society (which doesn't exist in Australia).

The Toowoomba Chronicle (19/3/80) said: "Mr. Ahern said the John Birch Society was an organisation which claimed that international communism was a tool of Jewish financiers involved in a conspiracy to take over the world in 1984. 'To this end the C.I.A. is alleged to be used to develop an anti-gravity machine. This is supposed to be described in the Book of the Apocalypse that "explains" the increasing evidence of UFO's,' he said. "...Mr. Ahern said that at a recent meeting in Chinchilla it was clearly stated that sex education was a Jewish Conspiracy."

It is true that the League of Rights has consistently stressed that no honest appraisal of the world, revolutionary movement can be made without examination of the role of political Zionism. The evidence put forward by such noted authors as the widely read Douglas Reed, and the respected Jewish author Alfred Lilienthal is too embracing to be discounted. There is a frantic and increasingly unsuccessful attempt to bury such responsible evidence under frenzied charges of "anti-semitism". By linking a blanket Jewish conspiracy with such absurdities as flying saucers and the Apocalypse, and pouring the whole nauseous mixture on all who disagree with him, Mr. Ahern has lined up, wittingly or unwittingly, with a highly professional left wing intimidation machine, which aims to silence free opinion and discussion.

Mr. Ahern's misrepresentations suggest he knows what he is doing. The organisations he has listed include the Community Standards Organisation; the Committee Against Regressive Education; the Society to Outlaw Pornography; the Concerned Parent Association; the Association of Catholic Parents; and Catholics United for the Faith. These he says are led by the Australian League of Rights in a campaign against his Committee's recommendations. This is completely untrue. The League has had no contact with many of these bodies and while it may agree with their views, is leading no campaign. But it will continue to oppose the sort of sex education programmes which have created such an abuse of children in other parts of Australia and overseas. The League therefore is starting the ball rolling by an advertising campaign challenging parents to reject Mr. Ahern's attempt to intimidate them, and examine the issues for themselves.

Two responsible taped addresses are being advertised; the first, "Revolution in Values" made last year by Mr. Vince Nesbitt, a noted Catholic speaker, dealing with humanism in education; the second "Aspects of Sex Education" by Mrs. Ruth Dayman, the wife of an Assemblies of God Minister, made in February of this year to a large meeting of concerned citizens and parents in Chinchilla, Queensland. These tapes are available from the League's monthly publication LADIES' LINE, P.O. Brigalow, Queensland, 4412, for a cost of $4 each posted. They deserve a wide hearing by concerned parents, Christian bodies, politicians and teachers.

We don't believe Mr. Ahern will succeed in silencing such views by the unsavoury and intimidatory tactics he has employed.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159