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Edmund Burke
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On Target

30 May 1980. Thought for the Week: "The forces of the entire Soviet economy are concentrated on war, where you won't be helping them. But everything, which is lacking, everything, which is needed to fill the gaps, everything which is necessary to feed the people, or for other types of industry, they get from you. So indirectly you are helping them to rearm. You're helping the Soviet police state."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in "A Legacy of Terror".


Ever since it was established in 1946, the League of Rights has consistently warned that the Soviet Union was engaged in war against the free world everywhere, and that a major feature of that war was psycho-political. "Cultural exchanges", sporting activities, propaganda and much else have all been part of that psycho-political warfare. "Trade" has always been rated highly by the Soviet strategists.

Over the years non-Labor Governments have generally been just as guilty as the Labor Government of Whitlam in accepting passively Soviet psycho-political warfare. We cannot recall, for example, Mr. Malcolm Fraser protesting against the Moscow Circus or the Bolshoi Ballet visiting Australia. The Soviet has always attempted to use the Olympic Games for propaganda purposes. Soviet propagandists have been planning for years to use the Moscow Games for a gigantic international public relations exercise. If Mr. Malcolm Fraser and his colleagues knew all this, then why did they originally support the sending of an Australian Olympic team to Moscow, even providing substantial financial support?

Afghanistan has changed nothing, except to confirm the long-term programme of the Soviet strategists. As Solzhenitsyn put it, the only surprising thing about the Afghanistan affair is that anyone should have been surprised it happened.

Irrespective of what Prime Minister Fraser claims, the decision by the Australian Olympic Federation to send an Australian team to the Moscow Games was a serious rebuff to him personally. Enormous pressure had been applied to Australian athletes to decide against going to Moscow. But after years of being influenced by the propaganda concerning "detente", it is not surprising that young athletes, dedicated to becoming as excellent as possible in their chosen sport, found it hard to understand why their appearance in Moscow would aid the Soviet while continued Australian exports to the Soviet apparently did not aid the Soviet. Reported comments by many of the athletes showed clearly that they felt the Fraser Government was hypocritical.
If the Fraser Government had applied complete economic sanctions against the Soviet over the Afghanistan affair, it would then have been in a much better position to urge Australian athletes not to attend the Moscow Games.

One of the most disturbing manifestations of the Prime Minister's humbug came in his reaction to the Olympic Federation vote to attend the Moscow Games. His suggestion that sportsmen contributed to the starting of the Second World War by attending the Berlin Games in 1936 is an absurd comment on history. It was the failure of Western Governments to deal realistically with the problem of Nazi Germany, which resulted in the Second World War.

In the absence of a realistic Western strategy, it is as certain as the sunrise that the Soviet Union will continue to take every opportunity to continue expanding its international war against the free society. But the inference of Mr. Fraser's comment on the Olympic Games decision is that Australian athletes going to Moscow will in some way be responsible for this. Continuing Soviet advances will only be possible because of the past, present and future economic blood transfusions provided by the West. If members of the Australian Olympic Federation needed any one final reason to decide in favour of Australians going to Moscow, it was the announcement on the eve of the crucial Federation meeting that the Federal Government had authorised another massive wheat export to the Soviet Union.

Mr. Fraser said after the Olympic decision that he hoped that the Soviet did not interpret the decision not to go to Moscow, as a weakening of Western will. What will? Mr. Fraser and his colleagues should be told to cease the double talk and humbug immediately, and use whatever influence they have to persuade the Americans to adopt a realistic policy concerning the critical Middle East situation. There is a very real fear that the inane President Carter, desperately searching for a foreign policy issue, which he can use as an election issue, may take the West into a Middle East conflict under the worst possible conditions.


Mr. David Thompson, National Director of The New Zealand League of Rights, reports that there is a deteriorating situation in Rhodesia. Mr. Thompson has recently been in South Africa following a Canadian and British tour.

The blatant proposal by the Minister for Justice that the Constitution would have to be changed to prevent the whites from continuing to have their present parliamentary representation is not surprising. Kenneth Kaunda blatantly tore up the Constitution once the British had retreated. Now comes the news that President Mugabe has increased tension still further amongst the whites by canceling a British Lions rugby match in Salisbury. Mr. Mugabe ruled that the match be cancelled because of the alleged threat to Rhodesia's participation in the Olympic Games. Mugabe also suggests that all sport between Rhodesia and South Africa will be halted.

It is not surprising that the exodus of whites is growing. As the ominous reports from Rhodesia grow, an all-party report has recommended to the Federal Government that Australia prepare for a massive flood. The report makes the statement that "The majority of white Zimbabweans who have migrated to Australia have integrated into the Australian community without any major problems involving racism". It would be instructive to learn what the World Council of Churches, which is bitterly opposed to white Rhodesians being allowed into Australia, has to say to this report!

However, the report, prepared by a sub-committee of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, was careful to suggest, "Charges of racism could arise if most of the migrants from Zimbabwe continued to be whites and could result in divisions in Australian society." We are not told how there could be any division in Australian society if Rhodesian whites continue to arrive and integrate as they have in the past. Now that Rhodesia is "independent" with a black government, why should blacks want to leave the country? The sub-committee even suggests that the present restrictions on migrants should be waived to permit polygamously married blacks to come to Australia. Which indicates how far the moral rot has spread amongst some Federal politicians.

Our information is that the great majority of whites wishing to leave Rhodesia have indicated that Australia is their first preference for a new home. 100,000 white Rhodesians would be the finest group of migrants and new citizens Australia could wish for at present. They would remind Prime Minister Fraser of his treacherous policy in betraying Rhodesia to the Marxist Mugabe.


We like the suggestion by one person that the Federal Government should send Mr. Al Grassby to Miami, U.S.A., to lecture the locals on the advantages of the multiracial society! The massive destruction, looting and loss of life in Miami are certain to be repeated in other parts of the U.S.A. as the economic depression deepens. Wherever there is a break down of a homogeneous society there is friction and violence. This truth has been demonstrated in all parts of the world, including Canada. Australians still have time to learn from the bitter experiences of others. Immigration must be made a major issue at the coming Federal Elections.

Senator Edward Kennedy's continuing campaign for the American Presidency is of interest in more ways than one. It is a serious reflection upon American society that Kennedy can even be considered as a serious contender for the Presidency. In what is described as a last all out final campaign effort, Kennedy now promises support for the rights of homosexuals. Homosexuality became a major cult during the final stages of the collapse of the Roman Civilisation. In view of the manner in which the American Presidential contest is conducted, it is perhaps not surprising that public opinion polls indicate that Australian support for the Monarchy is growing.


The Senate (April 17th): Senator Ken Wriedt (ALP-Tas.)...."My question…flows from the answer... he referred to the perilous state of affairs in the world and the Government's view that the position is perilous as a result of actions taken by the Soviet Government. In view of that statement and in view of this Government's continued pressuring of Australian athletes to boycott the Olympic Games, I ask the Minister whether he will ask the Prime Minister, and any of his Ministerial colleagues who are wool producers to similarly boycott the sale to the Soviet Union of wool which is produced on their properties; that is, make it a condition of sale to any agent that the wool is not to be exported to the Soviet Union?"

Senator John Carrick (Lib. NSW): took refuge behind the Coordinating Committee on Exports of Technology to Communist countries, really saying nothing.

Senator Sibraa (April 28th):"In view of the Government's repeated assertion that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is the greatest threat to world peace since the Second World War, can he (Govt. leader in Senate) tell the Senate why Australia continues to maintain a trade commissioner in Moscow and yet has withdrawn its trade commissioner from Teheran? As the function of a trade commissioner is to promote trade, does the continued presence of the trade commissioner in Moscow mean that, despite claims to the contrary, the Government is actually promoting trade with the Soviet Union? Can he explain why the Embassy official responsible for liaising with the Soviet authorities on Olympic Games matters was transferred to other work while the trade commissioner has remained unaffected? Is this another illustration of the Government's double standards?

Senator John Carrick (Lib. N.S.W.) once again took refuge behind the Coordinating Committee on Exports of Technology to Communist Countries.

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