Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

13 June 1980. Thought for the Week: "Africa is now a king piece in the game and a great hand hovers over it; the hand which built Johannesburg on feet of gold... which reaches down for mining labour into the loneliest kraal, which spread the Communist area, by arms and not by conviction, from the centre of Europe to the Pacific, which set up the Political Zionists in Arabia. The future for Africa will be absorbing to watch. In the final throws of the great twentieth century game, it has been added to the stakes."
Douglas Reed in "The Grand Design".


The recent terrorist attack upon South Africa's oil refineries clearly marks an intensification of the international attack on South Africa. This attack is being used to try to force the whites in South Africa to make more concessions, and at a much faster rate. As the whites in Rhodesia discovered, irrespective of what concessions they made, allegedly in the guise of creating better race relations, the international forces arraigned against South Africa will not be satisfied until they have taken complete control of the country and its vast resources. This does not mean that the blacks will be the controllers, but those who have created the present situation.

Mr. Robert Mugabe currently is Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, but this declared Marxist has already had a satisfactory meeting with Hr. Harry Oppenheimer an Anglo-American, who has promised Mr. Mugabe investment funds. Lord Soames and Lord Carrington, who played the major roles in bringing Mugabe to office in Salisbury, are both representatives of the international financial groups, which are also now moving into Zimbabwe. The same international groups and their satellites had no difficulty in moving into Mozambique when the Soviet Union's man, Samora Machel, took over.
International control of the basic raw materials of the world is essential for the building of the New International Economic Order. It is now openly admitted that the international banking groups are making available thousands of millions of dollars for "modernising" Communist China.

In Communist controlled Angola, De Beers has been brought in from South Africa to work the local diamond mines. De Beers has a complete monopoly of the diamond industry, so much so that even the "anti-capitalist" Soviet Union has had to market its diamonds through De Beers, this helping to ensure that prices are maintained at the highest possible level.

While we can expect direct terrorist attacks on South Africa to be intensified, the next major move against the Republic is coming through South West Africa. The same international groups, which imposed Mugabe upon Rhodesia, are now determined to impose the Communist backed SWAPO (South West African People's Organisation) as the Government of an "independent" Namibia.

Running true to its pro-Marxist form, Australia's Foreign Affairs Department is advising the Fraser Government to accept the proposal for UN supervised elections, which would ensure a SWAPO victory. A study of material coming from the Foreign Affairs Department reveals that it is viciously anti-South Africa. Mr. Fraser reflects this attitude.

While the Rhodesian tragedy was a major defeat for a free Western world, in retrospect it may prove that the Rhodesian resistance did hold up for a number of years the advance of the One Worlders. South Africa will prove much harder to collapse than Rhodesia.
But in the meantime there is a great awakening throughout the whole of the Western world as "The Grand Design" becomes much clearer. The International campaign against Southern Africa contains many warnings for Australia. There is still time for Australia to heed and act upon those warnings. It may yet prove to be the "Lucky Country".


A study of the recent Melbourne World Council of Churches conference further confirmed the views of those critics who have pointed out that the W.C.C. has at least a strong bias towards Marxism. The W.C.C. Conference could have dealt with a number of major issues around the world, including the Soviet Union's brutal policy in Afghanistan. But it insisted that "the struggle against racism in Australia" was more important.

As pointed out by Barnard Smith in "The Fraudulent Gospel" ($3.80 posted) the W.C.C. has persistently adopted a pro-Soviet attitude, never at any time criticising the Soviet for its repressive policies. During the Melbourne Conference a prayer was offered for persecuted Christians, but no reference was made to those being persecuted in the Soviet Union. Soviet delegates were active right throughout the Conference, as at previous conferences, ensuring that any possible criticism of Soviet policies was prevented.

Delegates from Pakistan, Norway and Finland sought to have the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan condemned, but Bishop Makarij, a Russian orthodox Bishop, actually defended the invasion, making the claim that the Soviet had received 15 invitations to enter Afghanistan. Bishop Makarij was supported by a Baptist, Alexei Stoian, who claimed that if the Conference insisted on condemning the Soviet over the Afghanistan affair, the delegates from the Soviet would have to withdraw. After an adjournment an amended resolution was put which deleted all references to Afghanistan.

As a result of the initiative of an Orthodox Action Group, delegates at the Conference were urged to give support to Russian Orthodox Christians suffering under Soviet tyranny. In a powerful call for a stand, the Orthodox Action Group said, "The fate of your brothers and sisters in Christ depends also on your decision." A list of victims of Soviet persecution was provided, but apparently this had little effect.

The failure of the W.C.C. to speak out on the persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union, quite apart from a refusal to condemn the aggressive international policies of the Soviet Union, provides further confirmation for the views of those Christians who reject the W.C.C. as a pro-Marxist anti-Christian organisation.

(Writing in the June issue of "The New Times", Mr. Edward Rock of the Christian Institute for Individual Freedom makes a constructive examination of the claims of the W.C.C. and the present cleavage amongst Christians concerning the true meaning of evangelism. Highly recommended. $1 posted).


The Americans have at last started to get the message concerning the use of refugees in a new, diabolical form of warfare. The violent demonstrations by some of the "refugees" from Castro's Cuba has resulted in the Carter Administration taking action in an attempt to send back to Cuba known criminals. But what about the carefully trained Communist agents now moving freely throughout the U.S.A.? Hanoi appears to be launching another offensive with its "boat people". Palestinian refugees have proved fertile soil in which the Soviet has been able to operate. The distinguished French novelist, Jean Raspail, was perhaps more prophetic than he knew when he wrote his chilling novel, 'The Camp of the Saints'. Not surprisingly, this book soon was 'out of print', or 'unobtainable'. We have managed, however, to locate a limited number. Price $3.80 posted.

While Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and other knaves or fools have been patting themselves on the back for their "solution" of the Rhodesian issue, and the media of the world has generally been trying to present Mugabe the terrorist as at least a "moderate" Marxist, the Marxists see it differently. The Marxist-Leninist weekly, "The Guardian" (U.S.A.) March 12th, outlines and commends the strategy of Mugabe as follows: "Better than anyone, Mugabe, ZANU and the PF (Patriotic Front) understand the tremendous problems independent Zimbabwe must face. Mugabe is quite correctly seeking national unity - first with the PF co-partner ZAPU, then with the diehards among the white community. An immediate push toward socialism - though that is the strategic goal - is not on the agenda at this stage of independence and the birth of democracy. "The new government also wisely seeks to prevent disruption by a South African invasion, an ever present possibility. Mugabe's call for coexistence, coupled with a condemnation of apartheid, is necessary at this stage. This does not mean, of course, that ways will not be found to support the liberation struggle in South Africa and Namibia... Zimbabwe now will become one more 'front line' state, lending support of varying kinds to the fighters in the remainder of the region still oppressed by racist minorities."

Federal Treasurer John Howard appears to have received his instructions at the recent meeting of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris. Upon returning to Australia Mr. Howard warned last week that petrol prices in Australia could not remain "low" and that the conference had discussed the necessity for countries to adapt to higher fuel prices. He said that prices were seen as having a major role to play in achieving a more rational use of energy resources, and the development of alternatives to oil. Mr. Howard quoted prices to demonstrate that other countries have higher prices than Australia, claiming "The proposition that we can have artificially lower prices without undermining a rational approach to energy policy is an illusion". Mr. Howard actually believes that lower prices would "make scarce petroleum resources still scarcer". It is scary that a Federal Treasurer actually believes that there is an energy crisis and that by inflating oil prices by further taxation, this will overcome the crisis. In the meantime, the same man, having said that he must raise prices of a vital element in the economy, says that he is "fighting" inflation!

During the Great Depression the politicians and financial "experts" issued regular statements that recovery was "just around the corner". Last week Finance Minister Robinson said that the latest indicators "show clearly that we are moving along the path to economic recovery". Inflation was bad elsewhere, but his Government was "containing inflation by pursuing the correct fiscal and monetary policies." Australians have endured this type of rubbish for the past four years from the Fraser Government.

World Seed Conspiracy

A Bruthen (Vic.) Actionist sends us a most interesting article from the local newspaper the "Bairnsdale Advertiser" of May 26th. The article appeared over the signatures of "Fred and Radhika Koch, of Sunrise Farm BUCHAN, Vic. The article is long, and unfortunately we can't give it all: we'd like to. Those interested could write directly to the authors of the article, from which we reproduce what space allows:

"World Seed Conspiracy": . . ."Saving your own garden seed and even organic gardening is on the way out. This is not due to the lack of interest among gardening enthusiasts, but rather to the impending removal of all seed from the market from which the home gardener can produce a following generation of plants. Here is what is happening. Worldwide, the multinational companies that deal in fertilizer and farm chemicals are buying up all the seed companies. This has been completed in Europe, Asia and America, and is rapidly occurring in Australia. After all the seed companies in a country have been purchased the only seeds that the multinational companies allow to be produced, are hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds are designed so that any seeds formed by the plants raised from these seeds do not produce good following generation plants. Another built in feature of hybrid seeds is that they require large amounts of fertilizer to produce good crops. The final feature of hybrid seeds is that in many cases the plants produced have in-built weaknesses that require sprays and soil chemicals to survive. These fertilizers and growing aids are very happily supplied by the companies that produce the seed.
"Not only will this affect the home gardener, but also the large commercial producers of grain. Wheat and other grains will become even more dependent on chemical fertilizers and sprays to survive. And chemical fertilizers and sprays are oil-based and produced by the oil companies. Unfortunately there isn't a lot the ordinary man can do about any of this. Money talks. People who are opposing the pending legislation in Parliament to approve the 'Plant Breeders' Rights' law can't even find out when it will be debated. This law, if approved, will set up a standard catalogue of seeds, which will be all hybrids, and make it illegal to commercially sell non-hybrid seed. About the only thing that can be done is to write or see your Federal Member and ask him to give you more information on the 'Plant Breeders' Rights' law, and ask him to call for a postponement of this legislation for six months so debate can be had to show what is really involved.
"What we must do if we want seed not dependent on the chemical companies is to form seed growing agreements with our neighbours to exchange seed of various species, and exchange vegetables that can't be grown in your own garden because of cross pollination. We are researching to find what plants will and will not cross-pollinate and will publish these facts at a later date. For the meantime, contact the Department of Agriculture and the C.S.I.R.O. for such information. But to make life easier for all, please contact your Federal Member. If we can avoid the formation of the 'International Seed Catalogue' in Australia, we may still have legal seed companies which will deal in non-hybrid healthy seeds..."

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