Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

27 June 1980. Thought for the Week: "Democracy has not a more persistent and insidious foe than the money power... that enemy is formidable because it works secretly by persuasion or deceit, rather than by force, and so takes many unawares; he is a danger to good government everywhere."
Lord Bryce in "Modern Democracies".


The plight of the world is a reflection of the progressive retreat from practical Christianity during this century. Undergirding the great advances in Western Civilisation up until the First World War, the first major disaster of a century of continuous convulsions, was the impact of basic Christian truths. The value, dignity and uniqueness of every individual was accepted. Rights were held on lease from God, not from the State, and were regarded as inviolable irrespective of majorities obtained by Governments in electoral contests. It was believed that the power of Government (Caesar) was not unlimited. Constitutions reflected the Christian view concerning the evil of centralised power over the individual.

Generally speaking, the Christian Church has abdicated from its traditional responsibility to be an outspoken Authority on the Laws of God as applied to the whole of life. The result is that large numbers of people are indifferent to Christianity. They are not anti-Christian; they do not see that Christianity is of any relevance to the great issues of the day. But in recent years a growing number of Christians have come to a realisation that Christianity must offer much more than "personal salvation", must have a practical policy for influencing politics.

As a result of hearing League speakers and reading League literature, a number of Christian groups have expressed a desire to become involved in what might be described as a Christian counter offensive. Originally a concept was advanced for a Seminar to which representatives from all parts of Australia might attend. When this came to be regarded as impractical at this stage, it was agreed to use the occasion of the Annual South Australian State Seminar to launch the project. Instead of the usual Seminar on the Saturday afternoon, followed by the League Action Seminar on the Sunday, the Seminar on "practical Christianity" will start on the Saturday morning, continue for the whole day, followed by another full day on the Sunday. The dates are Saturday, August 16th and Sunday, August 17th. There will be an appropriate Divine Service on the Sunday morning. The League Annual State Dinner will be held in the evening of Saturday, August 16th, and all visiting interstate visitors and friends will be welcome. Details will be published shortly concerning the big weekend programme.

We are announcing the project now so that any interstate League supporters and friends, who may wish to attend this historic event, can start to plan now. Speakers from four States are already scheduled to present Papers for discussion. One of the documents to be discussed at the Seminar is the enclosed "Creed for The Practical Christian" first drafted by Mr. Eric Butler during his Canadian tour earlier this year and already widely discussed. Readers are invited to make any written comments, which can be considered at the Adelaide Seminar. It is anticipated that this Creed will be issued as part of a national Christian Call to the Nation.

It is confidently anticipated by those closely associated with the development of this project that a new and exciting note is about to be struck in Australian politics. The League of Rights is proud to be associated with this project and to encourage League supporters to support it enthusiastically. Once the project has been launched in Adelaide, it is visualised that there will be a series of similar follow up Seminars right throughout Australia.


In his Paper on The Politics of the Energy Crisis given at the recent Queensland State Seminar, Mr. Eric Butler said that one of the most disturbing aspects of the "energy crisis" was that large numbers of apparently quite commonsense people could be brainwashed into believing that there was a threatened shortage of oil in the foreseeable future. Quoting from an internal bulletin of the Trilateral Commission, headed by Mr. David Rockefeller, Mr. Butler said that the Trilateralists themselves do not believe there is any energy shortage, but are encouraging the energy crisis myth so that this can be exploited in the interests of a global power strategy. The irrefutable facts about proven oil supplies are summarised in Mr. Jeremy Lee's booklet, "The World Wide Oil Scandal" ($1 posted, or 5 for $3.50 posted).


But the constant theme is advanced that dearer petrol is necessary to conserve limited oil supplies as well as making it profitable to bring other sources of energy into production. The Fraser Government has adopted what in essence is National Socialism.

There was a time when one of the Bibles of the Liberal Party was F.A. Hayek's classic, "The Road To Serfdom". Hayek pointed out that to use the price system to artificially regulate production inevitably fosters increasing monopoly. Today's Liberals have succumbed to the same central planning disease, which has long afflicted the Labor Party. While it may prove that Mr. Fraser can win the coming Federal Elections, in spite of widespread resentment about increasing oil prices, primarily because Mr. Hayden cannot offer a genuine alternative, the Australian people cannot escape the progressive inflationary impact of the "world parity" pricing policy.

Even assuming that Saudi Arabia can escape the growing revolutionary ferment sweeping the Islamic world, and Middle East oil production is maintained, it is as certain as the sunrise that under present worldwide financial policies, inflation must continue and OPEC oil prices to rise. This means that if Mr. Fraser and his "advisers" insist that the price of Australian produced oil must follow the OPEC price rises, high inflation must continue in Australia in spite of the babblings of Federal Treasurer John Howard who keeps repeating like a cracked record, that he is "fighting" it.

Higher oil prices have been a major factor in the accelerating inflation rate, now running at l1 percent per annum. If the spokesmen for rural groups now warning the Government that oil prices will be a major issue at the elections are genuine, then they should launch a national campaign of exposure on the global oil scandal.

We agree with the view of the Cattlemen's Union that the Government could be neutralised in the Senate if an electoral backlash on oil prices were developed. The rural exodus is going to increase unless inflation is constructively reversed. Increasing oil prices are a major inflationary factor and, if there is any genuine leadership left in rural organisations, now is the time for it to be demonstrated. Such leadership could set an embattled Australia on the road to recovery.


Comrade Mugabe of Zimbabwe, desperately attempting to adopt the Leninist principle of the dialectical one step backwards in order to take two steps forward, is faced with a growing revolt by Matabele dissidents who support Nkomo. Mugabe has launched a police and army campaign against the dissidents. Armed robberies and murders have become prevalent. Ironically, farmers in some areas are being told to carry arms again. Mr. Mugabe has predictably announced that he is severing all diplomatic relations with South Africa. But he does not point out that there will be no severing of economic links. He has no hope of survival without South African economic cooperation. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come in the country once known as Rhodesia. When it does, Malcolm Fraser and other political tools of the shameful betrayal will wash their hands. But no amount of washing can ever erase the bloodstains of treachery.

Political spokesman Isi Leibler has in essence threatened A.L.P. leader Hayden if he meets in Lebanon with Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. No civilised person can hold any brief for terrorists operating under the label of the P.L.O., but it is essential to stress that acts of terrorism are reprehensible irrespective of who carries them out. We have no doubt that Mr. Leibler has no objection to Mr. Hayden meeting Prime Minister Begin of Israel and his Foreign Minister Shamir, two former terrorist leaders, both of whom have been charged with collaborating with the Nazis during the Second World War. Writing in "The Weekend Australian" of June 21-22, Richard L'Estrange says "according to well placed sources on Friday, Mr. Hayden's decision (to meet Arafat) has already cost the ALP dearly within the Australian Jewish community, which has supported the Labor Party for a long time, often with generous donations". In the meantime Mr. Bob Hawke, who has been meeting the "right" people in the U.S.A., continues as the darling of the Political Zionists. Hawke's view is that the ALP cannot win under Hayden at the next Federal Elections, who will then be immediately deposed in favour of Hawke, who will come to power in three years. But, as Bobby Burns said, the best-laid plans often go astray.

It is always refreshing to report some good news. The Geelong (Vic.) High School Council has claimed that the State Government's sex education courses could lead to the moral breakdown of society. It also claimed the "human relationship" lessons could encourage sexual experimentation and permissiveness among children. In a hard-hitting submission to the State ministerial committee on health and human relations, the school council questioned the composition and competence of the committee, stating, "We are concerned that of the 11 people on the committee, none appears to be Christian Ministers, although the Committee are delving into areas of spiritual and moral concern. "The lead from Geelong could pave the way for a Statewide protest against the Hamer Government's proposals.

As we predicted, former Communist leader, John Halfpenny is already indicating that he left the Communist party to advance Marxism through the Labor Party. Already there is talk of him becoming leader of the Socialist Left and ultimately of the State Labor Party.

Oil Crisis is a Hoax

Alexandra Electors' Association has sent us a copy of their Information Bulletin No. 29 (May 1980) which carries an accurate précis of an address on the oil "crisis" which Mr. Jeremy Lee, National Secretary of the Institute of Economic Democracy, gave recently in South Australia: ".. .World domination is not the desire of any one nation, but a powerful group. Communism and Capitalism are but two arms of dialectic, run by the same people, exploited by the same international monopolies, and financed by the same bankers, and because the present world economy is geared to energy, which in the main is still fossil fuels, whoever controls the oil must rule the world.
"Mr. Lee said the present situation is the result of a slow but determined plan started as far back as the discovery of the oil fields of North America. When the rush for black gold began, industry quickly started to convert, and oil was being carried out by road and rail 24 hours a day. This proved too slow, so the dozens of small drillers combined to finance the construction of a pipeline right across America. It was then that the monopoly, which now controls our destiny, took over. John Rockefeller offered to take over the distribution for the drillers. First he built refineries, on borrowed money, and then he developed the retail outlets. By 1920 he controlled the entire U.S. operation and bought the pipeline. When the Middle East oil fields were found, Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum unwisely made the same deal with the same man. Between them they also ensured that no Arabs would be employed in responsible positions, so that in the event of the government takeover there would not be sufficient expertise to run the wells without Western aid. Which is the exact position in Iran today where production has fallen dramatically. And so the Capitalist player in the chess game had made his second major move.
"Long before the Revolution, Tsarist Russia was constantly trying to gain a warm water port, a need which has been perpetuated ever since. In 1942 Russian leaders openly stated they would get a southern port and whilst no one listened, they started to act. "At the time, the Arab nations were very pro-West. Their children were educated in the best English schools, and their entire outlook was anti-Soviet. This had to be reversed if the U.S.S.R. were to succeed. In 1948 the opportunity came. For thousands of years there had been a lasting hatred between Arabs and Jews. It was the U.S.S.R., which proposed the partition of Palestine in the U.N. When this created the still unresolved refugee problem, the U.S.S.R. changed camps and immediately backed the Arabs. Communism had made two major moves in the chess game. Then they backed the Ayatollah in Iran, and have tentacles spreading throughout the Middle East, and could be approaching checkmate.
Fortunately, there is more oil outside the Middle East than was ever in it. Canada, Alaska, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, Peru, Chile and the continental shelf under the South China Sea, hold vast reserves. According to the 77-78 U.S. Geological Survey, the world could have as much as 800 years supply of crude oil, even on present consumption rates. The oil crisis is a hoax. This is not the first time the cry has been made that oil is running out. In 1929 another crisis was created, warning Americans that supplies were running out.
"The Middle East crisis is a power struggle between ARAMCO - the 7 giants - Mobil, Gulf, Exxon, Socal, B.P., Texaco and Shell.... OPEC (the Arab nations) is now bitter with hatred against the West and the U.S.S.R. And the longer the crisis can be perpetuated, the higher go the oil company profits and the nearer the world gets to being controlled by the New International Economic Order…"
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159