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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

8 August 1980. Thought for the Week: "The sexes are complementary. Each is indispensable to the other, and to society, and each does something the other is incapable of doing, so that in Nature's total economy together they round out a perfect whole. I do resist calling men and women equal, since I feel that those who do so tend to disregard, and wish to disregard and to minimise, the very great differences between the sexes; and because, further, I am convinced that the disregard of these differences is folly; a folly that is fast becoming ruinous to men and women alike, and to their children, their homes, and to society as a whole".
William Gayley Simpson, in Which Way Western Man? (1978)


Jeremy Lee reports from Dargaville, N.Z.
"Massive propaganda is being expended on the New International Economic Order in New Zealand. A parent at one meeting said that the school notice board where his child attended was full of posters plugging the N.I.E.O. Tragically, some Christians have been coerced into believing that the N.I.E.O. represents an avenue for the cure of poverty in the Third World. This line comes through World Council of Churches material, with a careful cover up of the real nature of globally centralised control.

At a recent meeting in Hawera, not far from New Plymouth, a trade unionist working in the local freezing works had with him the latest communist booklet being used for propaganda purposes by the "comrades" in the union leadership. The booklet, called "COOPERATION" was printed in Moscow in 1978, and presented the official Soviet viewpoint of the N.I.E.O. If any National or Liberal Party members, or primary producers in Australia have any doubts about the dangers of the N.I.E.O., this booklet should convince them.

Written by Professor Ernest Obminsky, a top Soviet economist who was for a while on the payroll of the U.N. while working in UNCTAD, this booklet makes it quite clear that the new world order will be Marxist-Leninist in structure and design. The opening words of the first chapter lay it squarely on the line: "The question of restructuring international economic relations on a just and equitable basis was originally put on the agenda of international affairs by the first socialist state in the world…"
It goes on later: ". . .The adoption of the Declaration on a New International Economic Order was the logical outcome of the unflagging struggle of the socialist community and of the liberated countries to transform the most representative international forums into effective instruments of peace and economic cooperation..."
The "peace and economic cooperation" meant, is defined as the progressive expansion of the Soviet brand of socialism.

It is frightening that leaders such as Prime Minister Fraser, Foreign Minister Peacock and New Zealand's Robert Muldoon should have fallen so completely for a programme originally outlined by Lenin. N.Z. Prime Minister Muldoon has recently advocated international control of energy, preferably by some body such as the I.M.F., in order to "re-cycle" petrodollars back to the Third World. It was the international energy agency which told New Zealand that all forms of energy - including local coal, gas and electricity - should be brought up to "world parity prices." It was ex-German Chancellor Willi Brandt's commission which advocated the inclusion of a world energy board in the Common Fund."


Supporters will recall that Andrew Campbell is the author of the book: The Australian League of Rights (A Study in Political Extremism and Subversion), published in 1978. It is a very sloppy research effort, which was penned by many of Mr. Campbell's fellow political science colleagues. We understand that the publishing company - Outback Press - lost money on the venture.
However, Mr. Campbell became very much more in the news through his attacks - public attacks on the O.N.A. (Office of National Assessment) in which he was employed. The furore came to a head when a classified document - "The Threat to the Internal Security of Australia" - disappeared.

The O.N.A. is generally held to be an organisation geared to A.S.I.O. We believe that Andrew Campbell was fascinated by intelligence work, and was for some time on the A.S.I.O. payroll for specified purposes. We do not know whether his effort on the League was intended for A.S.I.O.'s benefit or not: we are inclined to believe that he was red-hot keen to have the book come out at the time it did to launch him into something like "My Brilliant Career" in Intelligence. The "launching" proved a catastrophe. The book is shot through with basic errors of fact, which no genuine researcher would make, whatever his opinion of the League. The opinions of the League advanced are dressed up in politico sociological clap-trap to "'sweeten" it for the academics, and no doubt to give it a 'learned" image for inclusion in school curricula: profitable if it comes off. The rest is history: we don't expect to hear very much of Andrew Campbell again. According to The National Times (July 27 -Aug. 2) a chastened Andrew Campbell is employed by the Public Service Board in Melbourne, after having been ticked off by the Chairman of the Public Service Board. He will have little scope for the headlines again.


There is a row going on between the Commonwealth Government and the big oil companies, which have traditionally been ample financial supporters of the Liberal-N.C.P. Coalition. Now the Government feels it must smooth down ten thousand or so small operators of petrol stations with appropriate legislation; the rub is that there may be "constitutional difficulties" in the passage of this intended legislation. Now that the big oil companies are off side, they may well challenge the offending (to them) legislation in the courts.

We don't know what the Federal Treasurer, Mr. John Howard, expected to achieve by his visit to Blackwater, in Queensland, to meet with striking miners. It seems that Federal politicians do live not too remotely from the hurly burly of everyday life. The violence against Mr. Howard was deplorable, of course, but some would say that he virtually asked for it. Perhaps he and Mr. Anthony, also present, are more in touch with the mood of the miners now. The Australian (August 4th) had the best comment on the affair: "What the costly Blackwater strike points up is the inadequacy of our tax laws and regulations. Mr. Howard is quite correct in his claim that the law regarding taxation of subsidised housing has been on the books for 50 years or more. But that doesn't mean it was ever right - and it certainly doesn't mean it is right for today. To apply it simply because it has always been applied is another example of the fierceness of the tax collector's grip once he gets his hands on a source of revenue, and Mr. Howard's espousal of the law on that ground is a distressing demonstration of narrow thinking. He has been bureaucratised by the taxation gurus."

The ever-increasing brittleness of our society is highlighted by statements by Mr. Justice Kirby, Chairman of the Law Reform Commission. He was speaking of "computer terrorism" and gave the example of the destruction of the entire Italian Motor Registry when terrorists of the Red Brigade destroyed its computer tape. All tax records, Social Service beneficiaries etc. etc., could be similarly destroyed. Indeed rapidly developing technology is placing the operation and control of more and more departments of our society in fewer and fewer hands.

Mr. Andrew Peacock, Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, has announced that the Commonwealth Government will provide a further $5 million in aid to Zimbabwe. Our total aid to Zimbabwe will then be $10 million. Time may well prove that this will be $10 million down the drain. Those readers who do not subscribe to the League's monthly journal of current affairs - Intelligence Survey (subscription $6.00 yearly) are urged to read the July, 1980 issue which is given over to "The Unfinished Tragedy of Rhodesia". Send $1.00 to your nearest League office to cover costs.

Jonathan Huntingdon sends the following comments to On Target: Mr. Peacock has given assurances of Australian military assistance to Thailand in the event of her involvement in a war with Vietnam. The situation in Thailand is that the ruling elite is Chinese dominant even including the Royal Family. The Army is corrupt, with whole, non-existent divisions on the Government payroll. The Thais hate the Chinese: it's Vietnam all over again.

Here's a curio. Harold Wilson, prior to being elected leader of Britain's Labour Party, spent a lot of time behind the Iron Curtain on behalf of a timber firm headed by Montagu Meyer.

Rumours linking Lord Rothschild with (ex-Sir) Anthony Blunt are flying freely.

Reagan well ahead on public opinion polls: we can expect the frightening Dr. K. back on centre stage soon.

Welcome news: an increase in the strength of the Army Reserve by ten thousand; but according to General Maitland, recruiting officer, it will be hard pressed to gain the fifteen thousand recruits (5000 extra to cover resignations). My suggestion? Amend the laws to prohibit the use of the Army Reserve overseas. Publicise this and recruiting will leap.

The U.S. is to lift restrictions that prevented aid to people opposing Reds in Angola. The indefatigable Senator Jesse Helms rowed the motion through the U.S. Senate: another sign that the U.S. is recovering from Vietnam.


The following letter appeared in The Australian (July 30th) over the name of a Dr. I.M. Herrman, of East Kew, Vic. We reprint it below without comment:
"Dr. A. Tenesvary in his penetrating letter to The Australian (July 21st) enquired whether Jewish readers are aware of the current extremist policies and practices of the State of Israel. The short answer is 'Yes', as increasing numbers of Australian Jews are rejecting Zionism as a danger to Jews in Israel and elsewhere. "It should, moreover, be pointed out that Zionism has never enjoyed an unchallenged status within this or any other Jewish community; and that Australian Jews, notably Sir Isaac Isaacs, have been among the many people who for generations have warned of the sorry outcome inevitable in any attempt to establish a Jewish national State in Palestine. "I suggest your general readership should, therefore, be aware that so-called 'spokesmen' and self appointed 'leaders', when they slavishly follow the Zionist/Israel line on developments in the Middle East speak only for themselves and not necessarily for the majority of Australian Jews."

London School of Economics

A FITZROY (VIC.) ACTIONIST has supplied us with a copy of an article on the London School of Economics from The Economist (May 10th). There may be some newer readers who are unaware that the London School of Economics was founded by influential Fabian socialists to teach Socialist economics to the bright boys and girls from all over the world, who then would influence their respective governments through their position in various government departments of individual nations. It was endowed by some very wealthy people after its foundation by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and other Fabians, back in the 1890's.

The article from The Economist follows (in part): "Since the 1930s at least one in three students of the London School of Economics have come from abroad. Without such a proportion, says the School's German director, Ralf Dahrendorf, the London School of Economics would become a 'totally different place' from that which helped to educate the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the former Chairman of the Chase Manhattan (Bank), and the junior Senator from New York. But the Tory Government's policy on foreign students' fees threatens that proportion. By 1982-83 foreigners will have to pay full-cost fees estimated at 3,000 pounds a year. Foreign student numbers have seemed likely to fall dramatically. "To stop that happening, the London School of Economics this week launched a public appeal for 2 million pounds to pay for bursaries for students, predominantly foreign, in the 1980s. The School wants donations in money and in kind (travel tickets, accommodation).

Donors to the 1980s fund will be in distinguished company. Already one of the London School of Economics' former teachers, Friedrich von Hayek, has given 10,000 pounds - half the value of his Nobel Prize for Economics. The appeal stands a good chance of succeeding. The L.S.E. has managed since 1973 to raise 2.4 million pounds for rehousing its library. Unlike most other British universities, it keeps close tabs on its 25,000 alumni across the world: one of them, David Rockefeller, of the Chase Manhattan, has given the new fund a $50,000 start. Some astute lobbying of Japanese capital has produced an endowment for research of over 2 million pounds from Suntory and Toyota.

Whilst on the Fabians, we note that a Fabian Society offshoot "P.E.P." (Political and Economic Planning), has merged with C.S.S.P. (Centre for Studies) as of early 1978. The latter was founded in 1972 by the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trustees to be a type of "sociological research" think-tank. The two presidents of the '"P.E.P.-C.S.S.P." are Lord Roll of Ipsden, and Lord Seebohm of Hertford. Both these luminaries are Governors of the London School of Economics. We noticed only today that Lord Roll is Co-Chairman of "S.G. Warburg & Co. Ltd.", Merchant Bankers.

The Politics of the Situation

From Canadian Enterprise: -This Chapter was entitled - "The Politics of the Situation"
"What is behind the present inertia in the face of an intense world energy crisis? Put simply, it is the result of a cumulative cancer combining all the worst elements seen in frighteningly similar historical eclipses in previous civilisations - the growth of power and monopoly, the proliferation of government, with its parasitic generation in turn of bureaucracy and high taxation, and its corollary - the stifling of individual initiative which earlier triggered the ascendancy of the civilisation itself.
"It must be faced that there is just as much design as accident in the present situation. Lenin, the perverted architect of the Russian Revolution, saw clearly the advantages to the power seeker in centralised control of energy. . . . "It is sometimes argued that monopoly or energy today is in the hands of super capitalists, rather than Communists. Only those who have studied the close connection between the monopoly capitalists in the West, and the architects of Communist revolution will have realised that there is no conflict in the struggle for centralisation of world power between apparently inimical groups. (See 'Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution' and 'National Suicide' by Dr. Antony Sutton).
"Control of finance, energy and media now transcends national power blocs. The Rockefeller Empire, as entwined in Soviet and Chinese affairs as in Western politics and economics, is the supreme example. . ."
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