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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

15 August 1980. Thought for the Week: "There are only two powers in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit."
Napoleon Bonaparte


The National Director, Mr. Eric D. Butler, sends these notes from the Brisbane front
"From the moment it became known that Mrs. Flo Bjelke-Petersen, the wife of the Queensland Premier, was to speak at the Brisbane Seminar of the Australian League of Rights on Sunday, August 10th, sections of the Australian media initiated a nationwide campaign to prevent her from appearing, and speaking. Apart from the pressure from sections of the media to sabotage the Seminar, the pressure applied against her from sections of the National Party was intense and unrelenting: we believe many in these sections had been brainwashed with the customary smear material against the League, and are now becoming alerted to what has been happening over the decades - and having sharp, second thoughts.
A deprecatory statement against the League, which had been issued by one, Mr. Terry Gygar, a Queensland Liberal backbencher, was used prominently in the nationwide campaign of smearing and intimidation. However, Mrs. Flo Bjelke-Petersen stood firm and gave a tremendous address.

She told those in the packed hall that she had reacted with a 'horrified no' when asked if she would withdraw. She told the audience that she had the full support of her husband. A very fair report of the Seminar has appeared in The Australian (August 11th). Representatives of the media were present, and their numbers and intent brought to mind a savage wolf pack. However, the Dinner in the evening was an outstanding success, with Senator Glen Shiel giving a first class address on the purpose and the value of the Australian Senate. There was a moving presentation to Lady Cilento for her splendid efforts in so many spheres over many years. An enlarged report of all the proceedings will appear in the forthcoming popular style League publication, the 'Electors' Voice'."


In The Australian (August 6th) appeared no less than three letters to The Editor giving the strongest support to Mrs. Flo Bjelke-Petersen. They are all worth reprinting here - however we are unable to do that. Space will allow us to reprint the letter from a Victorian: the other two are from Queenslanders:
"As an example of gutter journalism your base Editorial ('The Emperor's Consul' July 28th) reaches an all time low! Mrs. Florence Bjelke-Petersen's nomination for the Senate by the Queensland National Party is cited as 'a sorry commentary on the political maturity of our conditioned society'. I wish the anonymous, vitriolic journalist God speed to more politically mature societies such as Iran, Vietnam, Zimbabwe or even the U.S.A. or the U.K. where the majority of the population have been reduced to such apathy by the conditioning from the comrades of the media that they don't even bother to go out and vote at all.
Australia is still probably the most politically mature society on earth and that is why, despite the constant incitement by the media, the people, refuse to be whipped into a state of hysteria. Yes, indeed, it may well be that the lady Senator from Queensland will emerge as a shining star in Canberra's political firmament - for she is just that, a perfect lady. Added to which Mrs. Bjelke-Petersen has other qualities, which the people of Australia crave in their public figures: she has integrity; she cares about and intends to fight for the survival of the traditional family as the linchpin of society, and she has a set of values which makes her incorruptible. She will need courage, too, to withstand the mindless mudslinging of which your Editorial is a prime example. I believe she has that courage and that the decent people of Queensland, still in the majority, support her."

This letter, above appeared over the signature of a "Betty Williams", of Canterbury, Victoria. We would not be at all surprised if the effect of this letter, together with the other two letters from Queensland, influenced the editors of The Australian to run the very fair report of the League Brisbane Seminar, which was referred to by the National Director in the first item. We again remind our actionists that a good letter, apart from its impact on readers, can influence the policy of newspapers themselves.


Sir James Eberle, as reported in The Australian (August 5th), advised Australia to avoid the danger of neutrality. In a professional and realistic address Sir James said that the immediate threat is not that the Soviet Union would invade the Northern Territory, but rather that there is a critical balance of military and naval power which has now swung in favour of the Soviets, and it is this which confers enhanced political power ("political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"). Speaking of Afghanistan, Sir James said it had changed the thinking of many of Western political and military leaders, as it demonstrated that the Soviets were prepared to use force, if necessary to impose their political will on a previously non-aligned nation. The main purpose of the immense Soviet navy buildup is to gain control of the West's sources of energy, and the means of transport of the materials of energy: the Soviet could not well survive, itself, without open sea routes.
He favours the aircraft carrier for Australia to enhance anti-submarine capability, but he does concede that Australia's needs could not be compared with those of N.A.T.O. Our own Jonathan Huntingdon is opposed to Australia's purchase of more aircraft-carriers which support Forward Defence - which Huntingdon says is a thoroughly outmoded concept: our Defence concepts should be now continental; because of the radically changed political alignments in Oceania, not to mention the radically altered capability of weaponry - as a result of technology.

It is interesting that Sir James Eberle, himself, highlights the differences in Defence concepts between Australia and the N.A.T.O. nations. No doubt thinking as a N.A.T.O. Commander, he said: "Although N.A.T.O.'s and Australia's needs could not be compared, proposals to build two aircraft carriers instead of buying the U.S. F-16 or F-18 fighters would complement American and Allied plans". (Our emphasis). How reliable will be N.A.T.O. and Allied plans??? Is it better to look to our own defences, in our own way? A growing number of Defence experts seem to be coming round to this point of view.


The ripples of the "Blackwater Affair" are still sweeping around the nation. It is now acknowledged generally that Mr. John Howard (Federal Treasurer) and Mr. Doug Anthony (Leader of the National Country Party) acted unwisely, to say the least, in their confrontation with the miners. What is interesting is that the unions, as such, are now in open opposition to the Federal Treasury - and this is a new situation. Readers are aware that Communists and Socialists do not criticise the Power of Finance at all. To them, taxation is GOOD; high interest rates are GOOD - any monetary and fiscal policy that strips financial sovereignty away from the individual, thus rendering him even more defenceless against the rapacity of Big Government. Union leadership of key unions in Australia is solidly in Communist- Socialist hands; that's why it is so novel to witness the present antagonisms.

The Theory of Evolution is about to take another knock. An Australian scientist, based in London, has discovered that genetic processes, previously unknown, if proven right - and Dr. Ted Steele is certain that they are right, will alter our thinking on every aspect of heredity and environment; education and breeding. We shall not be surprised if there is an orchestrated symphony of hostility to these discoveries, if proven. The forces of subversion and world revolution need their "equalitarian dogma" and their Theory of Evolution" so that their "racial warfare" can be sustained. If the man in the street comes to realise that there are inherent differences between races (what his plain commonsense tells him) and becomes aware of the stupidity of handing over political power to those who can't handle it - then a blow will be struck for sanity.


It's hard to believe that we have 190 million Indonesian and Malay Moslems (deeply religious people whose second most important shrine has been annexed by the Israelis) - as neighbours, and vital for our (Australia's) collective security. Will someone tell the Liberals about diplomatic subtlety, and please explain that morality, not money, must govern our long-term behaviour.

Some of our more alert readers have started letter writing to reactivate debate on nuclear weapons for Australia, and it's your turn now.

The French are giving a lead on Immigration: they have been expelling illegals that have been in France for up to a decade. In Australia the new amnesty on illegals was begun with a release of Chinese detainees from a Sydney detention centre.

Australians, Ron Dean and David Scott, were, tortured to death by murderers of the Kampuchean Pol Pot regime. Australia still recognises the Pol Pot regime, and whilst in Australia recently the Chinese Vice Premier said the Pol Pot regime was still fit to govern. Mr. Robert Hawke's daughter was committed for trial in Melbourne for painting on a hoarding: her message - "Support the Pol Pot regime".

On the Asian front recently, further depressing news became known. The U.S. Carter Administration is to supply India with weapons-grade uranium, and also China is now free to buy U.S. weaponry: we hope restricted. The Japanese World War 2 "Zero" was designed by the Howard Hughes Corporation, as many a dead U.S. marine won't tell.

How is the Family Under Fire?

From 'Ladies Line', Brigalow, Queensland, 4412. We feel an item - "How is the Family Under Fire?" is very well done indeed, and we reprint it here for the benefit of On Target readers
"Few people grasp the whole picture immediately (the attack on the family). It requires deep thought and study before the pieces of the whole ugly pattern begin to fall into place. Inflation would be the most effective form of attack on the family in particular, and on society in general. We have all witnessed, and many of us have experienced the heartbreak caused by lack of financial security, unemployment, and bankruptcies. We hear everyday of the growing social unrest - especially among our bright, young people - who see stretching before them a lifetime of poverty, and dependency on the financial pittance handed out to them, reluctantly, by governments; whose finance economic policies are responsible for their plight in the first place.

Inflation is an effect, not a cause in itself: but inflation is responsible for countless disasters that are completely unnecessary in a country as richly endowed by the Creator as Australia. Rising costs have forced mothers of young children out of the home and into the work force to perform the most boring tasks for 'licence to live' money. One packet of financial tokens in return for a week's work will no longer provide the bare necessities for many families, let alone what are erroneously regarded as luxuries. Why should woolen garments and carpets, for instance, be considered luxuries in the nation that produces so much of that beautiful fibre?

Why should primary producers be compelled to sell, on credit provided by the taxpayers, to Communist countries, food which fellow Australians cannot afford to purchase. It sounds crazy, but that is the truth. There is no need to go into detail about how children suffer when the mother is out of the home. Those sad stories are only too familiar. The carefully contrived lack of financial security has played into the hands of the Communists, militant unionists, strident radical females, and their fellow travellers. They exploit all situations that will further their ideological interests.

At no time have the revolutionaries mounted a campaign to educate their following about the causes of inflation. To our knowledge there is only one organisation that is equipped to reveal the truthful facts, regarding the policies that have produced these disastrous results, and that is the Australian League of Rights. Others undoubtedly know, but they are not telling. The present situation, with all its human suffering, suits their diabolical purposes very well."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159