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Edmund Burke
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12 September 1980. Thought for the Week: "....we have to realise that there exists, and is being exercised for anti-social purposes, a monopoly of the (money) ticket supply, without which distribution cannot be carried on. That monopoly has to be broken. How it is to be broken is a very serious problem, a problem which has got to be faced, and solved, or the civilisation with which we are acquainted will shortly cease to exist."
C.H. Douglas in "The Break Down of the Employment System" 1923.


As Prime Minister Fraser insists on attempting to project an image of strong personal leadership, in both foreign and domestic affairs, he has no reason for complaint when commentators insist that he accept personal responsibility for policies he is imposing or advocating. Events over five years have consistently demonstrated the accuracy of our assessment that the Fraser Government has been a major disaster, imposing policies which would have produced a national uproar from large sections of the Liberal and National Parties if these policies had been imposed by a Labor Government.

The Prime Minister, who in Opposition, criticised Gough Whitlam with the comment that Australia could not afford the luxury of a travelling tourist as a Prime Minister, has spent tens of thousands of dollars on his trip to the United States to receive a medal from the Zionist B'nai B'rith organisation for his "humanitarian" activities. Those who have managed to obtain a copy of the carefully documented work, "The Zionist Connection", by the distinguished American Jew, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, will be familiar with the subversive role of the B'nai B'rith in American and domestic affairs.
Associated with B'nai B'rith has been the notorious Anti-Defamation League, an organisation that has used smear tactics against those opposing Zionist policies, many of its victims being Jews. As demonstrated by Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, most of the propaganda concerning alleged "anti- Semitism" in the Soviet Union, is sponsored by the B'nai B'rith a tax free organisation.

It is not without significance that Prime Minister Fraser has been selected for a special award by the organisation. Mr. Fraser found it necessary to assure his Zionist hosts that Australia's immigration policy was now "colour blind", and by inference criticised those Australians who have kept Australia free of the type of friction which bedevils all multiracial societies. He recalled with pride his contribution towards the establishment of "independent" Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) but did not refer to the fact that he made a major contribution towards forcing the Christian Prime Minister Bishop Muzorewa from office to be replaced with a terrorist butcher, Mugabe, who has also been in the U.S.A. demonstrating his "independence" by appealing for massive loans for a country disintegrating by the hour. Those with the power to make these loans are the real policy makers of the world, not the puppets like Mugabe.

It was Mr. Fraser's comments on the Soviet Union, which again raise the question of whether the Prime Minister is a knave or an incredibly stupid fool. As part of his campaign to influence the coming Federal Elections, by projecting himself as an international statesman, Mr. Fraser dealt once again with the Soviet threat. But having admitted that the West, in terms of population, wealth, technology and resources was superior to the Soviet, he then said that if the West finds itself vulnerable to Soviet power, "it is because of a failure of perception and resolve". Not one word about the fact that the Soviet has been sustained with massive economic blood transfusions from the West, financed by international banking groups.

One of those engaged in financing the Soviet is Mr. David Rockefeller of the Chase Banking giant. Did the Prime Minister discuss Mr. Rockefeller's support for the Soviet when he had him as his personal guest? And what about the amazing Dr. Arman Hammer, a friend of Lenin, who through Occidental Petroleum has poured massive economic aid into the Soviet? Did Prime Minister Fraser remonstrate with Dr. Hammer about his pro-Soviet activities when Hammer recently visited Australia, ostensibly to discuss the building of a chemical plant at Gladstone, Queensland? Dr. Hammer maintains his own private flat in Moscow.

Until recent years the Wall Street-Communist link was generally unknown. Writers like Eric Butler were ''extremists'' and suffering from ''paranoia'' but Prime Minister Fraser cannot plead ignorance. Mr. B.A. Santamaria, of the National Civic Council, held up as a "responsible" anti-Communist, by many, has recently dealt with the subject, charging in his comment on the Polish crisis (News Weekly, September 3rd) that the enormous expansion of Soviet power "was brought about by the policies of Western banks in advancing loans totalling some $U.S.60 billion to the Soviet Union and its satellites; by the export of Western technology, without which large sectors of Soviet manufacturing industry would have remained primitive; and by supplying vast quantities of Western cereal grains and other foods to make up the shortfalls of Soviet production caused by the inefficiencies of an agricultural system based on collectivisation. Metaphorically, the Soviet was thus enabled to guarantee its people ample guns and sufficient butter."

There is something nauseating about a Prime Minister striding the world stage with shouts of alarm about the Soviet threat while his own policies have resulted in Australian exports to the Soviet being trebled over the past twelve months. The coming Federal elections must be used to challenge Mr. Fraser and those who still support him, to reveal just what they are about. Are they, like Mr. Fraser's Zionist hosts of the B'nai B'rith, consciously engaged in a game of exploiting the Soviet threat, which they help to sustain, to advance the strategy of the New International Economic Order? Or are they the type of "useful idiots" Lenin sneered about?


Studying the photos and television films of those allegedly representing the aboriginals of Noonkanbah at the United Nations, we wondered where the aboriginals were. Is, for example, a half-cast an aboriginal? And who has paid for the visit to the United Nations? We have not the slightest doubt that the Western Australian Government is right when it speaks of "powerful outside interests" exploiting the situation. Genuine aboriginals are being used as raw material for the same type of revolutionary activities witnessed in other countries. There is more to come.

Opposition leader Hayden is probably understating the situation when he says that the standard of living of the average Australian family has been reduced by $16 a week under two Fraser Governments. There has been a marked decline in quality and services. And if present financial policies are persisted with, we predict rising unemployment and continued high inflation. Interest rates are being held down until after the Federal Elections. Like a drug, the Hayden programme offers only a slight short-term relief, with the basic problem worsening. Australia's productive capacity has never been greater. All that is required is a sane adjustment of the creation and use of the nation's money tickets so that, in the words of C.H. Douglas, the rate of issue of tickets corresponds with the rate of production of goods "so that there shall be a continuous relation between tickets and articles, and that there shall be neither an undue quantity of tickets, nor, as at present, a lack of them". ("The Break Down Of The Employment System" 90 cents posted.)

The shock election of a member of the New Zealand Social Credit League in a by-election last weekend was unpleasant news for Prime Minister Muldoon at the Commonwealth Conference in India. Regarded as an ultra safe National Party seat formerly held by a Cabinet Minister, it caused a major political upset by recording a decisive majority vote for the Social Credit candidate who also expressed surprise at his election. The Labor Party received only 12% of the vote. Clearly a conservative electorate was so incensed with the policies of the Muldoon Government, could not bring itself to support Labor, but decided to record what must be seen as a massive protest vote. Mr. Fraser might take note! There could be a big protest vote in the coming Senate Elections where non-party candidates are offering. Former Liberal M.P. John Jess has resigned from the Liberal Party in Victoria to represent the Pensioners in the Senate campaign. It is no secret that Mr. Fraser is concerned about the Senate vote.

The "compromise" agreement between Federal Treasurer John Howard and the Queensland miners saw Mr. Howard continuing to talk about a "principle" being accepted. But the principle was thrown out in the face of a most disturbing reality: the coming Federal Elections! With the striking miners enjoying widespread support throughout Australia, the Federal Government did not relish the thought of going into an election with what was widely seen as a tax revolt. However, it has been established that the heavier taxation imposed by a government elected to reduce taxation, has generated tremendous electoral "steam". The Whitlam Government doubled total taxation from 1972 to the 1975 figure of $17,500 million. The latest Howard Budget takes the total rip off to $34,500 million.

Prime Minister Fraser and his colleagues have waxed indignant about the protection policies of the European Economic Community. But at the New Delhi Commonwealth conference Mr. Fraser was under pressure from the Asian countries to reduce Australian tariffs so that they could export more to Australia. But facing an election at a time of high unemployment and recession conditions, Mr. Fraser has declined to make any firm commitments. Most of the growing drive by nations to export results from financial policies, which make it impossible for nations to buy all they produce. Trade wars lead either to military war, or to New World Orders in which nations lose their sovereignty.


Plant Breeders' Rights: The Senate (Aug. 21st): Senator Brian Archer (Lib. Tas.). . .."Can the Minister... advise whether the State or Federal governments have the prime responsibility in the matter of plant breeders' rights? Which States have so far given an indication of preliminary support or preliminary opposition for the proposition?

Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle (Lib.Vic.)... "The present position with regard to the scheme is that at the latest meeting of the Agricultural Council in Brisbane on August 4th this year Ministers acknowledged that there was considerable concern in the community about the proposed scheme. As a result, the Commonwealth's intention is to introduce legislation in the autumn session of Parliament next year, and the legislation will be allowed to lie on the table until the Budget session next year to allow for public discussion and debate. I point out that the Commonwealth has no vested interest in introducing a plant variety rights scheme. The Agricultural Council will consider the proposed legislation at its August meeting next year before it is proceeded with in the Federal Parliament. As the Minister for Primary Industry has stated previously, if the Agricultural Council then decides that it does not want to proceed with the scheme, the Commonwealth will not take the legislation through the Parliament."

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