Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

7 March 1980. Thought for the Week: "Try asking a malignant tumor what makes it grow. It simply cannot behave otherwise. The same is true of communism, driven by a malevolent and irrational instinct for world domination, it cannot help seizing even more lands. Communism is something new, unprecedented in world history; it is fruitless to seek analogies. All warnings to the West about the pitiless and insatiable nature of Communist regimes have proved to be in vain because the acceptance of such a view is terrifying. (Did not the Afghan tragedy in fact take place two years ago? But the West shut its eyes and postponed recognising the problem - all for the sake of an illusionary detente) ... Most amazing is that the Communists themselves have for decades loudly proclaimed their goal of destroying the bourgeois world… while the West merely smiled at what seemed to be an extravagant joke."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in "Time", February 18th.


By Eric D. Butler
The last meeting of my recent New Zealand tour coincided with the report from Washington, U.S.A., that New Zealand Foreign Minister Talboys, and Deputy Prime Minister, had told the Anzus meeting that while New Zealand would "monitor" the development of its trade with the Soviet Union, it could not consider economic sanctions against the Soviet Union. New Zealand exports to the Soviet Union were "vital to its economic welfare."

An examination of New Zealand's trade relations with the Soviet Union shows that, according to orthodox economic wisdom, New Zealand has an extremely "favourable" balance. New Zealand exports to the Soviet approximately 24 times more than it imports from the Soviet. This is not as "favourable" as Australia's trade balance of approximately 40 to one, but it helps explain Mr. Talboys' insistence that New Zealand is dependent upon the Soviet Union. He made the point in Washington that New Zealand had been forced to find new markets, including the Soviet Union, for its primary products because of the protectionist policies of its allies, including the U.S.A. The British surrender to the Common Market had devastating effects upon New Zealand exports to the United Kingdom.

As I explained to New Zealand audiences, the Soviet Union was winning "hands down" on the Afghanistan issue because the West, including New Zealand, insisted that it must continue sending economic blood transfusions to the Soviet. When I was a small boy and used to play marbles, I recall how we often "swapped" marbles of different sizes. But if after a "swap" with Billy Jones, I noticed that Billy had more value in marbles than I had, perhaps having ten marbles to my seven, I reacted by saying, "You dirty little cheat, you have done me for three marbles."
But if a country "swaps" ten marbles of production and receives only seven marbles of production in exchange, this is described as "favourable". And if, as in the case of New Zealand, twenty-four marbles of production are ''swapped'' for only one marble, this is hailed as even more "favourable". Which demonstrates just what can be achieved with higher education!
Anyone not mesmerised by financial mumbo jumbo can readily grasp that any nation exporting more production that it imports is suffering a LOSS, not a PROFIT.

The Soviet can only pay for food, wool and minerals by using credits, which have been loaned from the West. Communist teaching has always stressed that the "capitalist system" contains "inherent contradictions" which make it "inevitable" that there is a progressive surrender to Communism. I pointed out at my final New Zealand meeting that Mr. Talboys had now formally confirmed that the New Zealand surrender was taking place. My comments stirred a member of my audience, a young woolgrower, and an office holder of the National Party, to propose a motion that in view of Mr. Talboys' abject surrender in the face of Communist economic warfare, that he be sent a white flag to be flown as a symbol of his Government's surrender! The motion was carried unanimously and the woolgrower's wife said after the meeting that she strongly supported her husband and was going home to prepare the white flag.
It occurred to me that the white flag of surrender should be flying in every Western capital, including Canberra, as a symbol of the West's progressive capitulation in the face of progressive Communist expansion. But thank God there is a belated awakening to the reality of the situation as the League of Rights campaign of exposure and opposition to the policy of betrayal gains increasing momentum right around the free world.


Our special Rhodesian correspondent forwarded the report below on February 9th. Even though the election results from Rhodesia are not to hand as we go to press, they will not alter the significance of our correspondent's comments:

Heard on ZRBC/TV news at 6 p.m. on February 7th, not repeated on the main news at 7.45 p.m., and tucked away at the foot of an inside page of the "Herald" next morning, was an announcement of prime importance to the future of Southern Africa. It read: "A Zambian Government spokesman yesterday confirmed reports that Zambia was buying arms worth more than R75 million, including 16 MiG-21 Combat aircraft, from the Soviet Union. The spokesman would give no further details on the arms deal, first reported nearly a week ago. However, sources in the Zambian capital have said that in addition to the MiG-21s the Russians will supply Zambia with artillery and armoured cars. More than 200 Zambians are currently in the Soviet undergoing training on the new equipment."

Of course, no one believes that the inefficient, bankrupt Zambian Government, which cannot afford even to feed its own people, is "buying' these arms, which can in no way be related to Zambia's defensive needs. All the announcement means is that Zambia has now officially become a communist occupied country and the spearhead of the future Soviet attack on Southern Africa; and that, whatever the outcome of the "free and fair" elections to be held in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, February 27-29, the Soviets intend to continue their attack on Southern Africa. Thus Zambia joins Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Afghanistan, etc. etc., as a Soviet satellite.

No doubt, if the matter should ever be raised at the United Nations, the USSR will be able to prove that it was invited into Zambia by some small communist clique speaking in the name of the oppressed people of Zambia, in order to liberate something or somebody...etc. Meanwhile, the humanitarian Rhodesian and South African Governments opened the Zambia border for the express purpose of sending maize into Zambia in large quantities to feed the millions of Zambians who are at near starvation point owing to the inefficiency, corruption and laziness of their government; thus repeating the USA's mistake in dumping grain on the USSR in order to liberate the Russian peasant from the necessity of growing food and permitting enormous manpower to be diverted to the manufacture of missiles, tanks and armaments for use against the West.

In spite of the fact that Rhodesia has at present no government to represent Rhodesia's interests, there are signs that the South African Government is having second thoughts about its humanitarian role. In the "Herald" (February 9th) is this item: "No Maize has been loaded in South Africa for Zambia since February 1st because of 'a delay in financial arrangements', a spokesman for Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Railways said yesterday. When shipments were resumed on January 10th, ZRR was in a position to accept about 220 trucks of maize a week to go to Zambia via Victoria Falls. The spokesman said that of the 300 trucks loaded in South Africa from that date, 215 had been received by ZRR and 176 had been handed over to Zambia Railways. Of the 128 trucks loaded in South Africa and destined for Liona Den via Beitbridge, 101 had been handed over to ZRR".

Zambia should be taught a hard lesson; guns or butter - rather, MiGs or maize - but not both. The USSR is always generous in supplying arms and surrogate troops but not food. Properly applied, the withdrawal of assistance in providing food can be an effective weapon against Soviet advance. Famine has always been a persuasive recruiting officer; and if Zambia is threatened with starvation, it may one day prefer South Africa and Rhodesia's maize to the USSR's MiGs.


A Diamond Valley Actionist (Vic.) has sent in a letter from a local newspaper on the subject of schooling and standards. We do not know the writer of the letter: the actionist was impressed and sent it to us. We think it is good enough to reprint:

"My sons, aged nine and seven, attend a local primary school. I was invited to be present... at a discussion with their teachers and to receive their reports. "The older boy was awarded "Bs" with the exception of an "A" for spelling. When I produced his workbook containing many errors in spelling and grammar, I was told: 'You are too hard on your son. The work contained in the book relates to free expression; it does not matter whether it is correct. He is well above the class average, and as such cannot expect to receive more attention - some of the children are on a much lower level - some cannot even add or subtract correctly! (These children are in Grade 4).
"I was also told: 'You must realise your son is one of a minority in his own country. The bright children of foreign parentage are in the same boat. They have to go with the majority, which is a low level! "Mr. Grassby, - are you listening?

"I am proud of my Anglo-Saxon ancestry - just as those people who have taken the gamble to uproot their lives and those of their families from lands other than the United Kingdom, to come and settle and contribute in many ways - socially, culturally, and economically - to the ongoing benefit of themselves and this nation. "Their father and I were state school educated, sometimes in classes of up to 60 pupils - twice the number of today's average classes - and education which has given us the motivation and self respect to hold responsible positions. "This learning process was 'instilled' in us by people dedicated to their profession, and belief in the future citizens of this country.
"As well as discipline and other rudimentary things, we learnt that reading, writing, and arithmetic and their proper expression and use thereof are absolutely essential throughout our lives. "We respected our teachers and the knowledge they were endeavouring to pass on to us. I consider the early formative years very important in a child's education, thereby laying the basis of a lifelong learning process. I expect my sons and their colleagues to receive the same standard of education as I received or even better - considering how much more of this State's Budget is allocated to education, and the 'better qualified' teaching staff.
"We people who live in the City of Preston are good, hard working citizens who, through the medium of taxation have the right to expect their children to receive a good education to equip them for life - no matter what trade, profession or vocation our children may choose.
"On behalf of, I feel sure, the majority of worried parents in this City, I urge all teachers involved in our places of learning - take a good, long, hard look at yourselves; ask yourselves if you are contributing to the utmost of your ability to the present and future generations of children in this City."

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