Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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14 March 1980. Thought for the Week: " can imagine what a shock it was to someone like myself, who had been brought up to regard liberal intellectuals as the samurai, the absolute elite of the human race, to find that they could be taken in by deceptions which even a half witted boy could see through in an instant. I never got over that; it always remained in my mind as something that could never be erased. I could never henceforth regard the intelligentsia as other than credulous fools who nonetheless became the media's prophetic voices, their heirs and successors remaining so still. That's when I began to think seriously about the great liberal death wish."
Malcolm Muggeridge in "The Great Liberal Death Wish".


As so often is the case, some of the press cartoonists have devastated more effectively than the commentators, the nonsense about the Tax "Cuts" announced by Treasurer John Howard in his usual earnest manner. We prefer Pickering of "The Australian" who shows Dad playing the "Super Tax Cuts" poker machine and peering at a few paltry coins coming out, while Mum, looking up at the bright "Super Tax Cuts" sign, asks, "Ever get the feeling you put more in than you got out?" Exactly. Modern taxation is not only legalised robbery; it is imposed by politicians who are little better than confidence tricksters.
The essence of what Mr. Howard and Prime Minister Fraser are saying, is that having drastically increased total taxation contrary to promises to reduce taxation, they will fractionally, and only temporarily, slow down the rate of increase. And only after July 1st! The slight easing of the tax burden on families is laudable so far as it goes, but there is little doubt that even this policy was motivated more by political considerations than any sense of real concern for justice.

The Labor Party has been moving towards making an alleged concern for the family a major election issue. The continuing inflation, which Mr. Fraser insists he is still "fighting", has hit hard at Australian family life. Family allowance rates have not been increased since 1976, since then their value having been eroded by approximately 40 percent. Families also drive motorcars and have been paying their share of the savage Government- imposed rip offs at the petrol pump. And they will also have to pay the further increase of an estimated 12 cents a gallon after July 1st. This increase alone will wipe out the estimated 85 cents a week reduction in taxation for the majority of Australian taxpayers.

Early this year Treasurer Howard issued an official statement in which he said "the Government believes that the extra revenue from crude oil levy does enable it - with complete economic responsibility - to contemplate taxation reductions in other areas." But $340 million of oil levy-revenue has been used to reduce the deficit. This one act demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of the Government when it claims that higher oil revenues are necessary to help ensure that oil exploration is increased in Australia.

The one certainty to emerge from the latest taxation trickery is that the Federal elections will be held during the latter part of the year. We have not the slightest doubt that some more taxation trickery will be attempted when the Budget is presented in August. Only the strongest possible protest by enough electors will prevent this. Unless this protest is effective, we can predict with complete certainty that next year will see new record taxation levels. This prediction is based upon the simple mathematics of the situation.

Wages will rise an estimated 12% - at least - during the current financial year. Applying the progressive income tax scale - a Marxist conception - gives a result of a 20% increase in taxation. It is appropriate to recall that it is now four years since Mr. Malcolm Fraser promised to end this type of tax increases by complete wage indexation - which would mean that a 12% inflation rate would have resulted in a 12% taxation increase. Mr. Fraser insisted that indexation would "keep Governments honest" and that if they wanted extra revenue they would have to legislate for it. On his own admission, Mr. Fraser has for the past three years been less than honest. Now his part indexation means that he is still far from being completely honest. Increased taxation will be obtained without legislation.
Perhaps a group of candidates might come forward at the next elections on the issue of honesty in Government! Honesty and integrity are two ingredients sadly missing in politics as the party politicians play their tricky games.


By Eric D. Butler
One of the most sickening comments on the Rhodesian betrayal, is that the British have now properly discharged the last of their colonial responsibilities - even though this has meant handing over Rhodesia to a Marxist whose terrorist thugs were responsible for some of the vilest crimes, most of them against inoffensive African civilians. And there were those indescribable butcheries of Christian missionaries whose whole lives were devoted towards trying to bring Christian light to darkest Africa.

So far from discharging what it claimed to be its responsibilities, Margaret Thatcher's Government, pressured by all the forces of international treachery, participated in one of the most disgraceful betrayals in British history. The role of the invincibly stupid Malcolm Fraser should not be forgotten as Rhodesia sinks in the same way as every other "liberated" African State has sunk - Further confirming this stupidity - which is the most charitable term I can use - Prime Minister Fraser, applauds the election of Marxist Mugabe as a "remarkable and noteable achievement." The man who asks us to believe he is concerned about Communism then says that Mugabe's statements "do much to encourage the people within Rhodesia and also the wider world community", quoting Mugabe's statement concerning "the need to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of all people of Zimbabwe. He has spoken of his determination to uphold the constitution in Zimbabwe."

Presumably Mr. Fraser is so ignorant of African realities that he is not aware that, to take but one example, when Kenneth Kaunda came to power in Zambia, previously Northern Rhodesia, this "moderate" also promised that he would uphold the Constitution and, like Mugabe, insisted that he wanted the whites to stay. Kaunda progressively tore up the Constitution, pressured the judiciary, and made life unbearable for the white farmers, who left. Zambia then had to import food. Today it is a Soviet base from which increasing pressure is going to be applied southwards.

Judging by her lack of enthusiasm for the sweeping victory of Mugabe, Mrs. Thatcher had really believed that the recent farce termed a "free and fair" election would result in perhaps a coalition between Nkomo - humorously described by many commentators as a "moderate" - Bishop Muzorewa and the whites keeping Mugabe out. Mrs. Thatcher's ignorance of African realities would be matched only by that of Prime Minister Fraser and Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock. African realities made the Mugabe win inevitable.
Black Africa has always looked to firm leadership, even if it becomes ruthless.

The concept of a legitimate opposition is alien to the African, which is the reason for the one party dictatorship. When moderate African leader Bishop Muzorewa, who won a big majority in last year's elections, described as "free and fair" by all observers, including those from Australia, allowed himself to be pressured into going to London to participate in an agreement in which he would submit himself to another poll, he was doomed. Africans could only regard this as a sign of weakness.
The Muzorewa Government might have achieved something if the West had recognised him, lifted sanctions, and provided support against the Communist backed terrorist campaign. But when Muzorewa could not end the conflict, and the mass of Africans saw that the British were determined to impose the terrorist leaders, with Mugabe claiming to speak for the majority tribe, the Shona, the end result was inevitable.

Mugabe drove home his claim by leaving no doubt that if he did not win at the polls, he would return to terrorism. The majority of Africans reacted, as he knew they would. As a shrewd Marxist-Leninist, Mugabe knows all about "peaceful co- existence" as a tactic. Assuming he can stay on top in the inevitable power struggle in Rhodesia, Mugabe and his backers know they must reach some temporary agreement with South Africa in order to consolidate the base from which the long term objective, the destruction of South Africa, can be pursued.

I well understand the wishful thinking of those whites, including Ian Smith, who hope that they may be able to survive under a Mugabe tempered by the responsibilities of office. But I fear they will only survive so long as they are deemed necessary. As one who devoted fifteen years to the defence of an independent Rhodesia, who came to know and love its people, both white and black no one can feel more deeply than I do about a great historic disaster, not only for Rhodesia, but for the whole of the West.

However painful, it is time to say farewell to the Rhodesia I knew, to face the truth that after Rhodesia comes South Africa. And that if the West betrays South Africa, only a miracle can save the West. But if the betrayal of Rhodesia shames the West to the point where it rediscovers its soul and manhood, then Rhodesia may not have died in vain.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159