Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

16 January 1981. Thought for the Week: "Big business is by no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger business grows, the closer it approximates to collectivism. It is the upper road of the few, instead of the lower road of the masses to collectivism."
H. G. Wells, 1920.


The wise Chinese sage, Confucius, observed that it was no use running harder if you are on the wrong road. Those responsible for the present plight of the world reject such wisdom. Corrupted by the enormous and irresponsible power they wield, they insist that the growing social disintegration resulting from policies of centralising power can only be halted by still greater centralisation. It reminds us of the Mad Hatter's tea party in "Alice in Wonderland".

Mankind is threatened by madmen, individuals completely divorced from reality. Leading the madmen are the international bankers like David Rockefeller who have financed the massive economic blood transfusions to build and sustain the Soviet threat, and who now work through the Trilateral Commission to create The New International Economic Order, the preliminary to the World State.

Symptomatic of the plight of the world is the Canadian crisis. Fabian Socialist Trudeau, masquerading as a Liberal Prime Minister, is attempting to change the Canadian Constitution, the British North America Act, to centralise all power at Ottawa. A strong supporter of The New International Economic Order, Trudeau will this year be hosting a major international conference on the project in Ottawa. But he cannot fit Canada into the N.I.E.O. unless he has effective central control of all Canada's resources, including oil and gas. The result of Trudeau's bid for complete power is a major Western Canadian revolt, with unprecedented developments as Western Canadians stop buying Eastern Canadian steel and threaten to cut off Western oil, gas and taxes. Many Canadians regard it as alarming that under Trudeau the armed forces have been equipped with anti-riot weapons and fear that Trudeau could attempt to invoke nationally the War Emergency Act, as he did during the Quebec terrorist activities.

Many Americans, who have looked to Ronald Reagan to direct the U.S.A. on to a more independent path, are already starting to express their disquiet. When Ronald Reagan stunned the Republican nominating convention with his choice of George Bush as his deputy, he was conceding the power of the Trilateralists. Bush has been a Trilateralist and played a major role in bringing Red China on to the world stage in the United Nations. Present Red Chinese leaders endorse the New International Economic Order. A British report states that Lord Carrington, another Trilateralist and the man who played a major role in the betrayal of Rhodesia, believes that fellow Trilateralist Bush will be able to offset any attempt by American "isolationist" supporters of Reagan to influence the new Washington Administration.

Dr. Henry Kissinger, having played a major role in assisting the Soviet Union, has now discovered that the Soviet is a threat. Kissinger delivered the first major blow against Rhodesian independence, with fellow Trilateralist Bush expressing admiration for the manner in which Lord Carrington, assisted by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, finished the job. Marxist Mugabe of Zimbabwe has recently expressed his support for The New International Economic Order. Mugabe and Malcolm Fraser will no doubt find they have much in common at the coming Commonwealth Conference in Australia.

The drive to create the World State is dependent largely on crisis conditions. The major cause of the crisis is a centralised debt-finance policy, which requires increased taxation and inevitable inflation. Prime Minister Fraser and Treasurer John Howard continue, like a cracked record, to talk about "fighting" inflation. If, after five years of failure, they still believe what they are saying, they provide one more example of the capacity of politicians to delude themselves with their own propaganda.

In a London address before Christmas, Energy Minister Senator Carrick urged greater investment in Australia, one of its major assets being "low inflation"! An inflation rate in excess of 10 percent per annum is now officially described as "low". Every other industrialised nation has the same problems, and they must, under present financial policies, get worse.
If the Reagan Administration follows the attempts by the Thatcher Administration in the United Kingdom to reverse inflation it will help increase revolutionary ferment.

We said twelve months ago that the decade of the 1980s would be the decisive watershed for Western, Christian Civilisation. 1980 opened with the massive Soviet build up in Afghanistan, with the West unable to offer more than a pathetic attempt to ban the Moscow Olympic Games. The moral bankruptcy of the West was demonstrated when exports to the Soviet Union continued while athletes were urged to stay home.

The vulnerability of the Soviet was dramatically highlighted by the major inspiring event of 1980, the creation in Communist Poland of a free trade union movement in the teeth of a Soviet threat, which even yet may materialise in bloody repression with armed force. The inspired stand by Polish union leader Lech Walesa proves once again that the spirit can triumph over the flesh. Walesa has no difficulty in answering the question of where he has derived his courage to defy the Communist bosses: "My religion helps me. It has helped all my life. A man without religion is a dangerous man..."

Walesa says the West has become "soft", and incapable of making any sacrifice for an ideology. But events are going to force a facing of reality in the West. Nothing can now halt the gathering momentum of disintegration. The madmen of the power movements are creating the conditions in which a process of regeneration can start. But such regeneration requires the type of movement developing through and under the influence of The League of Rights.


A Federal Government, which was badly shaken at the last Federal Elections naturally, reacted rather coolly to the proposal early in December that it should double immediately oil prices in Australia. This proposa1 was made by the international bureaucrats of the International Energy Agency. International control of all energy is a feature of the proposals of The New International Economic Order.

Commenting on the major events of 1980, "The Herald", Melbourne, of December 31st, said, "Over in Africa, another election saw the reasonably moderate Robert Mugabe win power in Zimbabwe ...". As every informed person knows, Mugabe came to power in Rhodesia by the use of terror tactics before and during the actual "election". Mugabe is a dedicated Marxist, says that Christianity and Communism are compatible and that he wants to "harness" the Church to implement his Communist programme. The gullible stress, however, that Mugabe has not asked Red China or the Soviet Union for economic aid. Why should the Soviet Union and Red China provide aid when the Western nations will provide it? The Soviet fear a tribal conflict in Zimbabwe at present and desire the gradual development of a socialised economy and the establishment for a forward base for the assault on South Africa.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is bringing in another "monetarist", Professor Alan Walters, the advisor to The World Bank, and professor at John Hopkins University in the U.S.A., to assist applying the savage finance economic screw to the unfortunate British people. Professor Walters' understanding of real economics may be judged by his comment that "It is enormously tempting for opportunistic politicians and economists to suggest that the country go on a drunken binge by loosening up the economy. They can bask in the euphoria of it for a year or two, but then comes the long, long hangover."
Professor Walters will be paid $100,000 a year for this type of insane comment. The recession in the UK has already bankrupted thousands of business organisations and, if persisted with, it is estimated that by 1982 the UK will have more unemployed than Italy. And, of course, more violence. In the meantime it is announced that Britain will not produce any new tanks. Not because there is a shortage of steel or productive capacity, but because of the Thatcher Government's financial policies. We can predict with certainty that Professor Walters will only worsen the plight of the unfortunate British.

Red Brigade terrorists in Italy said in an interview concerning their kidnapping of a magistrate, that their goal is to create civil war in Italy. They said that the country was at "a decisive cross roads towards civil war for communism." Italy has large-scale unemployment, most of these young Italians.

The end of the attempt to adopt a wage indexing policy through the Australian Arbitration system was inevitable under present finance economic policies. Employers lament the fact that the recent national wage award means that the national wage bill will be increased by approximately $2,500 million. But they do not point out that most of this will have to be created by the banking system in the form of new credit, and repaid plus the current high interest charges imposed by the Federal Government. The Federal taxation master will take a big part of the increased wages. The employers will have to attempt to recover the total wage bill plus interest in higher prices. Thus the continuing pressure for still higher wages. The simplest solution would be for the Government to have the same $2,500 million created at cost and applied to reducing consumer prices. Surely it is more sensible to use new credits to reduce prices instead of increasing them?
(Read Eric D. Butler's "Programme for Reversing Inflation". Price 80 cents).

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159