Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

1 May 1981. Thought for the Week: "Perhaps the first law of racism is that racism begets racism. Paradoxically, so does anti-racism, which focuses so much attention on racial news and implants it so deeply in the public consciousness that the net amount of racism is increased. Anti-racism, moreover, permits many people to practise racism vicariously by adopting the cause of every race but their own.
Wilmot Robertson in "The Dispossessed Majority."


In a letter to "The Australian" of April 24th. Mr. Al Grassby, the man appointed as Commissioner for Community Relations by the Whitlam Government following his dismissal from Parliament by the electors of the Riverina, attempts to respond to a request that he explain the advantages of a multicultural society in the light of the Brixton race riots. Mr. Grassby insults the intelligence of Australians by claiming that the Brixton race riots "arose out of the unemployment rate" and also "because second generation colored citizens of Brixton are no longer prepared to accept what their immigrant parents accepted."
And so, according to Mr. Grassby, this in some way justifies the blacks of Brixton in turning a whole area into an inferno, and to sending large numbers of the British police to hospital.

Large numbers of people of British stock have been suffering under the destructive policies of Mrs. Thatcher, but they have not felt it necessary to stage destructive riots such as that which wrecked Brixton. Unemployed blacks receive the same welfare payments as others. And just what did the immigrant parents of the present generation of coloreds have to accept? The great majority was permitted to flock into the United Kingdom because of the misplaced tolerance and shortsightedness of the British. And those colored immigrants found conditions in Great Britain so much better than where they came from, that they resorted to every type of stratagem to bring as many of their relatives as possible to join them.

Like a cracked record, Mr. Grassby tells Australians that they are already a multicultural society - "made up of 140 different ethnic inputs, speaking 90 different languages at home, and practising 80 different religions." The Australian taxpayers, the overwhelming majority of who disagree with Mr. Grassby, have to pay his $36,000 plus salary and superannuation to hear this type of nonsense. We are well aware, for example, that a percentage, so small that it could not be measured, of Australians could claim to have some Afghan blood in their veins. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of Australians are of Western European background, and that the culture and institutions of the country are predominantly British.
Prince Charles would not need to hear a Grassby lecture to know that he can claim some German and Greek background. He can speak several non-English languages, but he would be astounded if he were told that he was not British.

The constitutional heritage of Australia, including the Monarchy, is British. The whole of the legal system is British. The noble English language is, at least until now, the official language of the nation. It was the distinguished Jewish writer, Dr. Oscar Levy, who wrote in his "Idiocy of Idealism", that the ideal is the enemy of the real. The great idealist is an enemy of stability and true progress, seeking to impose what he thinks should work. There is not one harmonious multicultural society in the world today. And, like all who show their totalitarian bias, Mr. Grassby says "Brixton is quite possible in Australia if the people who favour the inequalities… of the past were to prevail... and (the) oppressed felt they had no means of voicing their just aspirations...."

So if the Grassbys can get enough blacks into Australia, then presumably they could burn down whole areas if they felt "disadvantaged". Perhaps Mr. Grassby should be thanked for telling Australians what could happen to them under "Multiracialism"!


Jeremy Lee Reports From London, England.
"I stayed last night in the home of a tired and disillusioned probation officer in a London suburb adjoining Brixton. As we watched the savage violence engulfing Brixton, and nearby Clapham, on the television screen, the London sky outside was red with the glow of burning homes and shops. A stunned Britain asked itself this morning what had sparked a fire which became a white-hot inferno in hours. The intensity of violence was appalling. Quite obviously we are seeing the outcome of a situation, which has been smouldering dangerously for a considerable time. The recriminations have already begun. Not surprisingly, the London police force has received a large share of the blame. What to me appeared as a magnificent display of discipline and restraint in the face of immense provocation, has been described by the usual leftwing establishment voice as 'police brutality': 147 policemen ended up in hospital.

The inevitable Government inquiry is to be set up. But it is safe to say the obvious conclusions - namely, that Enoch Powell was right all along, and that the combination of racial antagonisms and depressed economic conditions is now out of control; will be smothered beneath yet one more layer of political jargon and socio-economic waffle!

"This morning's Editorial in The Daily Telegraph (April 13th) acknowledged the substance of Enoch Powell's warnings over the years, even if it left the author unrecognised: 'A sizeable community in the heart of London has voted for the law of the Molotov cocktail. Alas for some comfortable, liberal, assumptions about the kind of society we live in!
But it is not, in the main, comfortable liberals who have to clear up the damage - the rifled shops, the broken bones, nor yet the sickening crash of dreams - that has been done in the streets of Brixton…Part of the trouble in Brixton, indeed in 'race relations', is that there are people who will not accept facts.'

"There is an ominous background to the Brixton riots. Firstly, they occurred on the exact anniversary of the savage battle in Bristol. Secondly, they occurred shortly after the prosecutions in the Bristol riots had been 'discontinued in the cause of racial harmony'! Thirdly, there is evidence of pre-planning in Brixton. The New Standard (April 13th.) reported: "Detectives are investigating how large supplies of Molotov cocktails were available only an hour after the start of the trouble on Saturday evening: why white men with cameras were among the black youths photographing police moves; and why the B.B.C. received a tip off that rioting was going on in Brixton nearly two hours before the trouble started.'

"A further report in the same paper said, "One sinister aspect was the appearance of young men with Rastafarian hairstyles, some of whom wore facemasks made from plastic bags. They carried steel bars and systematically smashed shop windows until hardly a pane of glass remained intact....'

"It was Marx who claimed that the British people could never be goaded into revolution, and that the ingredients would have to be imported! The organisation behind the Brixton riots confirms that it is now happening."


In case you have forgotten: "Every time you buy a litre of super grade petrol costing 37.1 cents a litre, the Federal Government returns only about 4 cents per litre in funds for roads." -"Royal Auto", March, 1981, official journal of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. Government taxes are a major cause of the inflation, which Governments keep on insisting they are "fighting". A reversal of inflation requires a challenge to the hypocrisy of Governments by those who elect them - the electors.

Remember how the so-called application of some trade sanctions against the Soviet early last year was to force the Soviet out of Afghanistan? Now those strong anti-Communists of the West, including Mr. Malcolm Fraser, are agreeing to send grain to the Soviet, and to provide more credits for the Soviet bloc, on the understanding that the Soviet does not invade Poland. Which means that the West now accepts the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Events are proving our predictions right once again.


This is the title of a tract cartoon being given out in Melbourne streets by a young girl - obviously (to us) a cult member. A coupon for name and address is thereon. The cartoons are very clever. There is much commonsense in some of the words in the "balloons" which the characters are presented as saying: The main thrust being that Man is a spiritual being, and that ultimate satisfaction for Man can come only from a spiritual awareness of God. And this is right, BUT - most of these words are being presented by a voluptuous, near naked young woman, with smiling, enticing eyes.
The word "Love" is scattered everywhere. As far as we could tell, this tract-cartoon was being given to men only: the "message" is aimed at men. That message is "sex". The whole presentation suggests the work of the "Children of God": it reminds us very much of "Moses David's" illustrated tracts, which are called "Mo Letters". "Moses David" is the leader of the "Children of God". We have seen droves of them, and they usually contain a solid leftwing message.
A District Attorney for a New York State region, some years ago, accused the Cult of having links with the Communist Party of America. "Moses David" is a shadowy character who moves around Europe, and issues "Mo Letters" from various addresses in various countries. His real name is David Berg. It is known that sex is used sometimes as an inducement to entangle young converts in the ways of this Cult. Berg is known to have urged young women members to attract young men by being "flirty fishes for Jesus". Youth, Brainwashing & the Extremist Cults: by Professor Ronald Enroth, now available. Price: $9.00 posted.
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