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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

8 May 1981. Thought for the Week: "Morality is as basic as the truth that two plus two are four; that gravitation draws the falling stone and supports the standing man."
E. Merrill Root, American poet.


The announcement of the measures recommended by the "Razor Gang" has temporarily directed attention away from the internal stresses threatening the Fraser Government following the resignation of Andrew Peacock. If the recommended measures were to help solve the basic problems confronting the nation, then Mr. Peacock would pose no further threat to Prime Minister Fraser. But while some of the recommendations are commendable, even though, as in the case of the proposed electrification of the Melbourne-Sydney railway line, some are merely rejecting schemes for the future, it is another example of blatant political trickery to claim that this is the first step in a retreat from Big Government.

Selling off a few government organisations - if buyers can be found! - does not mean that the Federal Government is relinquishing real power, as the States are finding. Breaking yet another of its pre-election promises, the Fraser Government is now abolishing even partial tax indexation. This means that, as inflation continues at a high rate, the flow of tax revenue for the government will automatically increase. Nothing recommended by the "Razor Gang" will have the slightest effect on the basic problems of high taxation, high inflation and high unemployment.

In his reply to Mr. Peacock, Prime Minister Fraser listed the "achievements" of his government, one being reduced taxation. Taxation has, of course, INCREASED dramatically under Mr. Fraser. There is not the slightest doubt that private enterprise can, where there is genuine competition, operate much more efficiently than a government run enterprise. But as every businessman and producer knows, with high taxation, high inflation and high interest rates, he must continue increasing his prices to remain solvent. Needless to say, the "Razor Gang" has not suggested that Members of Parliament should also make a contribution towards reducing the cost of big government. What about the outrageous superannuation scheme for Members, heavily subsidised by the taxpayers? And some of those "perks" which even one backbench Member, Mr. Ross McLean, of West Australia, suggests should be slashed if public acceptance of the "Razor Gang's" proposals is to be achieved? What about halting the grandiose plan to build an unnecessary new parliament at an estimated cost of $300 Million? We see no suggestion that Mr. A. Grassby's Department is to be affected in any way.

The essence of the Fraser Government's "New Federalism" is power without responsibility. It is seeking to thrust more responsibilities on to the States without relinquishing to the States the financial power to discharge these responsibilities. So far from suggesting that it should divest itself of its present financial dictatorship the Fraser Government is striving to subordinate Australia to World Government via the New International Economic Order. As neither the "Razor Gang" nor Prime Minister Fraser have put forward anything constructive for those breadwinners who will lose their jobs if all the proposals are implemented, it was extremely poor taste for the five members of the "Razor Gang" to be photographed wielding a big knife while laughing as if it were great fun. It will be noted by many electors that not one of those five loses one cent as a result of the alleged retreat from Big Government.

Even if the "Razor Gang's" projected savings were affected, which they won't be, $560 million is pitifully infinitesimal compared with the Federal budget of some $36,000 million. And the Australian media generally has swallowed uncritically the Fraser story that his policy will lead to greater economic growth via a regenerated private sector of the economy. Once again events are going to demonstrate that Prime Minister Fraser is either an economic ignoramus or a confidence man.


Speaking in Canberra last weekend, Mr. Al Grassby, Community Relations Commissioner, warned that Australia was in danger of being condemned as a "racist country'' by ''world opinion". We have no doubt that Mr. Grassby is right when he says that Australia could face pressure similar to that suffered by South Africa. Mr. Grassby's comments were made at the end of the third general assembly of the World Council of Indigenous peoples, held in Canberra last week.

According to Mr. Grassby's own admission, the man paid so generously by the Australian taxpayer, he devotes some of his time to studying how "world opinion" regards Australians' treatment of aborigines. "World opinion" consists of comments by the UN Commission on Human Rights, the UN Economic and Social Council, the World Council of Churches, and a summary of Australia's image in the international media.
Mr. Grassby is now emerging as a political agitator on behalf of international revolutionaries operating behind a number of international "fronts". (Anyone who doubts the Marxist oriented bias of the World Council of Churches, which has recently announced that it is promoting an international campaign against Australia because of its alleged "racist" policies, is recommended to read the following works: "The Fraudulent Gospel", by Bernard Smith: $4, "Amsterdam to Nairobi", by Ernest W. Lefever, $5.50; and "Religion Red and Rotten", by Henry R. Pike, $2.75 posted.

The "world opinion" Mr. Grassby talks about is completely synthetic and manufactured. Anyone who has travelled extensively knows that even in Western Europe and the U.S.A. there are large numbers of people who have only a vague idea about where Australia is. We have no hesitation in saying that the overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world have hardly heard of Australia. But Mr. Grassby is demonstrating that he is prepared to make his contribution towards ensuring that as many people as possible around the world have a completely false picture of race relations in Australia.

Prime Minister Fraser has demonstrated that he is prepared to do everything possible to placate the "Third World", and for this reason we can expect a continuation of the bitter anti-South African campaign, which will almost certainly be a major issue at the coming Commonwealth Conference in Melbourne late in September.
And if the Muldoon Government is not pressured into stopping the South African Rugby tour, we can expect the greatest pressure to be applied to prevent New Zealand being represented at the Brisbane Commonwealth Games next year. If still Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser could resolve a created crisis by using the new passport control system to prevent New Zealanders from entering Australia.

The developing situation adds up to the fact that Australia is being moved to the same situation in which South Africa finds itself. What is required is a nationwide campaign of resistance to the international revolutionaries. A major feature of that campaign should be to demand that Mr. Al Grassby be removed from his position because he is using taxpayers' money to give aid and comfort to those international revolutionaries now openly threatening Australia.


When Prime Minister Fraser received a special award from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, many asked why Mr. Fraser should have been selected by an anti-Christian organisation sometimes described as the "Zionist Gestapo". The ADL has made some interesting awards over the years, the latest being most revealing. A "Freedom of the Press" award has been made to Mr. Hugh Hefner, the notorious original king of modern pornography. According to American critics of the ADL, it has been quietly promoting pornography for years, and that its award to Hefner of "Playboy" and "bunnyclub" fame has now made its support official. Meanwhile, the American Psychological Association reports that pornography is to blame for increasing violence against women.

The Fraser-Peacock clash last week proved a big let down after all the build up. Mr. Peacock did not reveal anything really new concerning the style and methods of the Prime Minister. But Mr. Fraser's reply did confirm our view that there are no basic policy differences between the two power men. The main interest of the backbench Members of the Liberal Party is who is likely to have the most appeal at the next elections, and save their political skins. One interesting sidelight on Mr. Peacock was the revelation by Melbourne "Age" columnist, Mr. Michael Barnard, of how Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock had rung him at home one night after he had written a pro-Rhodesian article. After challenging Mr. Barnard's competence to write on international affairs, Mr. Peacock threatened that he would be making a statement in Parliament revealing that he had a statutory declaration from a member of the League of Rights, stating that Barnard was closely associated with the League. Mr. Peacock never made his threatening statement. There was no truth in the allegation, confirming that Andrew Peacock handles the truth as carelessly as he charges Malcolm Fraser does.

The following letter appeared in "Stock and Land" (Jan.29th, 1981) over the name of the Chairmen of "Dairymen for Freedom":
"The cost spiral which is a deliberate 'fault' in the financial system, called inflation by the experts, is the basic cause of over 100,000 dairy farm holdings being closed down in 25 years. "Only the 'best' farms remain mainly centered on the irrigation districts. "We are told of the prospect .... 'of Victoria eventually supplying milk to most parts of Australia...' "We are being told that irrigation dairy farming is inefficient and that farmers will be forced to change to intensive feedlot production. "Those who succeed in making this expensive change may, with a bit of luck, 'tough out' the cost spiral a little longer; the others will cease dairy farming.
"In the meantime, New Zealand dairy farmers are being told that Australia is unsuitable for dairy farming, and are being assured that their market is in Australia. "Mr. Donald Eckersley, N.F.F. President, has in fact been in New Zealand to arrange just that! "According to a CA press release (N.Z.) 24.9.80....'a formula is being examined...(for)...the future growth of N.Z. dairy exports across the Tasman'. "As I have not seen any press release in any paper by an industry leader or politician that makes the situation clear, I am forced to the conclusion that somebody has something to hide, and that there is no intention to tell the 'cow-cocky' the truth about New Zealand trade, inflation, or the drive to eliminate the family unit farm."

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