Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 May 1981. Thought for the Week: "On the African continent, South Africa - and I include South West Africa, is now the only remaining bulwark against Russian expansionism, and they know it. They also realise that the most dangerous threat facing South Africa is insurgency, terrorism, urban guerrilla warfare and racial violence."
General Sir Walter Walker in "The Next Domino?"


Recent developments raise the question of whether it is realistic to debate any further if there is a conspiracy against Western Christian Civilisation. Elected on a tough anti-Communist policy, President Ronald Reagan now says that American grain can flow freely to the Soviet - so long as the Soviet adopts a reasonable attitude towards Poland. The Fraser Government, along with other Western Governments - the Japanese are expressing astonishment about developments - can hardly wait to follow the American lead.
The original partial grain restrictions were imposed because of the Soviet military invasion of Afghanistan. The renewal of open exporting to the Soviet Union means that the West has now formally endorsed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Another "domino" has fallen and Western Governments now concede that, in spite of all their boastful talk of just over twelve months ago, they do not intend to do anything about it.

The Polish crisis resulted, for the first time, in a general admission in the media that the Polish Communist Government, along with other members of the Soviet bloc, was heavily in debt to international banking groups. Now the media report that Poland has been given time to repay its huge debt to the international banks. A press statement says that Poland and its Western creditors have signed "an unprecedented agreement allowing the country to postpone paying close to half the $US4,400 million debt which falls due to Western governments in 1981…"
This is the first case of a loan to a Communist government being rescheduled.

It was not long ago that only the "extreme" League of Rights publicised the fact that the "workers' revolution" was being financed by International Finance. Now comes the revelation that Harry Oppenheimer of Anglo-America, South Africa, a Rothschild man, has been engaged for years in fixing the price of diamonds, gold and platinum with the Soviet Union. Veteran League of Rights supporters have, of course, known about this for years.
No doubt the ABC's TV programme, "Four Corners", felt it was revealing something sensational when it dealt with the Oppenheimer-Moscow connection last weekend. Harry Oppenheimer who boasted during an Australian visit, that he was working to overthrow South Africa's policy of separate development ("apartheid") has also been actively engaged in working with the Communists in Angola and Mozambique.

With the increasing open admission of the Communist-Big Finance link, it can be argued that no longer is it correct to talk about a conspiracy. The promoters of the programme for the creation of the World State no longer bother to attempt to disguise their activities. Which suggests that as that programme comes closer to fruition, it is much more difficult to mask what is taking place. And there is also the possibility that the promoters are now so confident of success that they do not need to bother about any type of camouflage.

We have always held the view that during the final stages of the programme against Civilisation, there would be a relatively short period during which the reality of the situation could no longer be disguised. And during that period a small body with the knowledge of what to do and how to do it, could make the difference between a complete collapse or the birth of a new Civilisation. The next few years will be critical. 1984 has a greater significance than ever before.


Last week's events at Canberra provided further evidence supporting our view that the Fraser Government is doomed. A number of Prime Minister's colleagues, State and Federal, have discovered that the man is incredibly "stupid". And Federal Treasurer, John Howard, describes the act of stupidity, the leaking of a story that the States could have obtained an extra $70 million at the Premiers' Conference if they had fought harder, as an "error of judgment." The low level of party politics at Canberra may be judged by reports that Mr. Fraser sees John Howard as a possible successor!

The Australian beer industry has been conducting a hard-hitting campaign to head off the possibility of a further tax on beer drinkers in this year's Federal Budget. The campaign is skillfully directed at the individual Federal Member. But assuming that this campaign is successful, it will mean that the Treasury and other Canberra "experts" will be looking elsewhere for increased taxation revenue. Under present financial policies an increase in total taxation is inevitable. What is required is a united campaign by all taxpayers, not just sections, to demand that total taxation be REDUCED. Yes, we know that Mr. Fraser and Mr. Howard talk about tax reductions next year, or in 1983, before the scheduled elections. But by this time, with the abolition of tax indexation, they will have increased enormously tax revenue without legislation. And, like Robin Hood, they will then generously reduce direct taxation marginally, and invite their victims to applaud them.

All that needs to be said at present about the dreadful situation in Northern Ireland is that the IRA has been receiving aid from Communist backed terrorist movements around the world. The polarisation now taking place in Ireland is designed to mask the fact that the ultimate aim is a "united" Ireland under revolutionaries. The media has been playing a disgraceful role in presenting the Irish disaster; the suggestion being that the Irish, both Catholic and Protestant are "peculiar". This century has seen many examples of people being organised into historical groups, which can be exploited by revolutionary promoters. Modern party politics are a manifestation of the problem.

The rhetoric of the Federal Government cannot alter the reality that the Fraser Government's "New Federalism" means that the States will either have to increase transport and other charges, or impose higher taxation. Increased charges mean higher inflation.

Reports reaching us from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) make sad reading. Whites continue to be murdered in their homes. Mr. Mugabe continues to play for time, knowing that Joshua Nkomo's troops have never handed in all their military equipment. Only a Malcolm Fraser, whom we learn is satisfied with what he thinks is happening in Zimbabwe, could believe that the Matabele will indefinitely agree to be dominated by the old tribal enemy, the Mashona.

Like the "economic miracle" in West Germany, the Japanese "miracle" is disappearing under the pressure of the mounting international finance economic crisis. Japanese inflation and unemployment increased sharply during the 1980-81 financial year. There have also been a growing number of Japanese business bankruptcies. The U.S.A. and Western Europe have insisted that Japanese exports, mainly cars, be reduced. Even the International Monetary Fund concedes that the situation is "gloomy", and predicts a further down turn in economic activity. As the trade war becomes fiercer, as it must under present financial policies, there will be increasing promotion of the New International Economic Order as the alleged solution. Remember how the British were told that if they joined the European Economic Community, they would be assuring a prosperous future? Making problems bigger does not solve them. A nation like Australia could solve its own problems without reference to the rest of the world.


"At least 38 people, including 7 police, were injured in rioting between Indians and Coloreds (mixed race) in Reiber township at Boksburg, 32 kilometers east of Johannesburg, during last night." - The Age (Melbourne) May 11th.

So much, again, for the multiracial society. No doubt the Al Grassbys of South Africa will offer all the reasons and excuses that they can think of to mask the unpleasant truth - that social friction between very many races can and does flare into violence under little provocation. We recall the most shocking racial and religious racial riots at the time of the partition of India and Pakistan between Hindus and Moslems. We recall the anti-Chinese riots in Malaya and also in Indonesia. There have been severe race riots in America (one, during the World War 2 years was hushed up), and Watts, in California, was left like a battlefield after Negro rioting.

The recent West Indian rioting in Brixton, England, was undoubtedly manipulated by subversive influences; nevertheless, the ingredients were all there, waiting for the fuse to be lit; and/or the flames to be fanned after a spontaneous combustion. The subversives in our society, and many people of good-will who should know better, do not concede that very many races have such fundamental differences in their attitudes, customs, approaches to living, etc. that they just cannot live in the same society without the development of a high social friction. All the tut-tutting and do-gooding in the world makes no difference at all.

The various Race Relations boards in various countries attempt to pour oil on racially troubled waters, but more often than not only exacerbate the racial problem by continually keeping it in the news, and attempting to coerce people of all races to do and accept what they inherently dislike.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159