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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

26 June 1981. Thought for the Week: Those who campaign for freedom to print anything and everything do not seem to be aware of the appalling dangers involved. Licence to distort is harmless enough when readers are capable of recognising distortion; when readers are semi-literate and mentally off balance it can create a world of illusion, of imaginary evil...Licence to distort can and does promote a licence to kill."
Bernard Holloway in "Punch", quoted by Ivor Benson in "The Opinion Makers". (1966)


The Fraser Government is not only aiding the international blackmail campaign against New Zealand; in its sickening efforts to court favour with "Third World" nations, it seeks to establish itself as leader of the campaign to force the New Zealand Government to capitulate completely on the South African rugby tour issue. If, as appears likely, the Springbok tour of New Zealand proceeds next month, the Commonwealth Finance Ministers' conference in New Zealand could be cancelled (with no loss to anyone), Prime Minister Muldoon bitterly attacked at the Melbourne Commonwealth Conference in Melbourne, followed by a threatened withdrawal by African and Asian states from the Brisbane Commonwealth Games next year, unless New Zealand is excluded.

Having betrayed Australia's kith and kin in Rhodesia, and all those blacks that put their trust in whites, Prime Minister Fraser is capable of sacrificing fellow Anzacs in an attempt to placate the gaggle of former terrorists, tyrants and hypocritical humbugs he will be hosting in Australia late in September.
Assuming that recent New Zealand public opinion polls are correct, 51 percent of New Zealanders are against the Springbok tour, a reflection of the impact of the anti-New Zealand blackmail campaign.

The former Nationalist Prime Minister, Sir John Marshall, in joining the anti-tour campaign, says, "The disruption, the dissension the threat of violence and the damage that could be done to New Zealand's international relations is too high a price to pay for any game". What a low level the old British family of nations has reached when a former Prime Minister of the smallest member of that family, which stood so magnificently with other members of that family in two world wars, openly tells his fellow New Zealanders that they should sacrifice a sporting and cultural activity (which the overwhelming majority really support) because of the threat of violence and associated activities.
As we have stressed over the years, growing violence is inevitable in a sick and disintegrating Civilisation, particularly as it is deliberately promoted.

Having pandered to selected terrorists for so long, the media generally should not be surprised when, for example, there were examples of American school children applauding when the news was announced by their teachers that President Reagan had been nearly assassinated. Hatred of Rhodesia was fanned to the point where the most frightful acts of terrorism by Robert Mugabe and his supporters were rationalised. The Fabian Conservative British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, abused the hospitality of his host, the late Dr. Verwoed, Prime Minister of South Africa, to deliver his infamous "winds of change" speech, a signal for the retreat of civilised government in much of Africa. Dr. Verwoed was subsequently knifed to death in his own parliament - allegedly by a madman. The flood of whites from former Rhodesia is now running at a record level.
No doubt Robert Mugabe will be calling for more economic aid at the Melbourne Commonwealth Conference, to help offset the white exodus.

The carefully orchestrated international campaign against New Zealand has nothing to do with football; it is using New Zealand as the fulcrum to lever South Africa down the same path to destruction, which Rhodesia went. Prime Minister Muldoon would like to capitulate to the blackmailers, but he fears electoral wrath at the coming New Zealand elections if he refuses to issue visas for the visiting Springbok team and the large number of South Africans who will be visiting with them.

With the New Zealand rugby organisers standing firm, only two possibilities remain for the blackmailers: Apply sufficient pressure to the South African Government to refuse permission for the Springboks to leave South Africa; or to stage some major terrorist act in New Zealand which would provide Prime Minister Muldoon with an excuse to halt the tour without electoral damage. Whatever happens, it is certain that there is going to be more violence as civilisation crumbles under the impact of policies which seek to centralise all power on a grandiose scale.

The concept of creating a World Government, the main structure being the New International Economic Order, is that of madmen; so crazed with the will-to-power that they are blind to the destruction for which they are primarily responsible, and cannot see that they also will be wallowed up by the terror they have encouraged. What is required at present is leadership by those who refuse to be cowed by the threat of terror.

Apart from a few honourable exceptions, Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen of Queensland being one, party political leaders generally have declined to resist the revolutionary storm. No one but a religious bigot would deny the courage of Pope John Paul II, whose attempted assassination could well have been the result of the type of inspiring leadership he has given his fellow Poles. Equally inspiring has been the reaction of Her Majesty, the Queen, who, following the recent shooting scare, and widespread speculation in the media that she could be an assassination victim, has made it clear that she had no intention of being put behind a "ring of steel" for ceremonial occasions.

Godfrey Talbot, the BBC's Buckingham Palace correspondent for 20 years, states that while the Queen "knows she is in hazard", she "considers it her place and duty to be among her people and to be seen." We pray that the Queen's example will inspire her New Zealand subjects to stand firm against the international blackmail campaign they are experiencing.


"The Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser, should put his own house in order before attacking racist regimes overseas, a member of the World Council of Churches team touring Australia said yesterday. 'Your Prime Minister's open stand against apartheid in South Africa lacks credibility while such racism towards Australian Aboriginals exists' Professor Anwar Barkat said. - "The Sun", Melbourne, June 19.

Mr. Fraser is learning (we hope) that it is no use groveling to "world opinion" on the subject of "racism"; that the land rights "experts" of the international delegation from the World Council of Churches had already found Australia guilty of "racism" before starting their survey. An indication of what was to come was provided by Ms. Jane Skuse, general secretary of the Australian Council of Churches, who said it was about time some "heat" was put on the Federal Government. She said, "Ever since the referendum of 1967, the Government has procrastinated and left the problem to the States. This situation should bring the situation into world focus."
Professor Barkat endorsed this view and made it clear that an "international" campaign was going to be conducted against Australia. He charges that Australia was practising "a system of genocide towards its Aboriginals."

Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen of Queensland now supported by Premier Sir Charles Court of Western Australia, has wisely refused to meet the WCC "experts". He has fired off some telling counter blasts, as he also has against Amnesty International, which has also criticised the Queensland Government's "racism". Mr. Bjelke-Petersen has drawn attention to a study by the French journalist, Mr. Hughes Keraly, who was once committed to Amnesty's cause. He says. "Mr. Keraly's summation is that Amnesty lies almost constantly by omission or selection of facts and is simply an army of communist propaganda.... Mr. Keraly discovered that Amnesty's international operations are run by an important communist."

There is no doubt that Australia is to become another whipping boy for the international revolutionaries. Australia's vast mineral wealth is one of the reasons for the mounting campaign against Australia. "Land rights" is but one of the camouflages for the campaign. Australians must face the fact that their nation is now fighting for survival, and that the growing number of non-European migrants should be described as the "silent invasion".


A picture of party politics: "The last act of Mason and his staff members before vacating their office was to carefully remove everything from the liquor cabinet... Before McDonald occupied his new quarters the Liberal Party reportedly paid $9000 to have it swept for electronic bugs by a private investigation firm...Since his election as leader McDonald has been affecting a swaggering speaking style. He said the Prime Minister had told him to put steel caps on his boots. If you see a head, kick it! 'There's no argument about that, that's my style' he replied on 2 GB radio." - Bob Carr on the Liberals in "The Bulletin!" June 16th.

Aided by a massive inflow of foreign capital as foreigners take over more Australian assets, there was up until the March quarter an increase in the level of economic activity. But Federal Treasurer John Howard now fears more inflation! Thus a new credit, squeeze with record interest rates. And a hard budget ahead.

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