Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

14 August 1981. Thought for the Week: "The Conspiracy has gained so much ground in this century that the attempt to bring off the final coup by the time the Christian clock strikes two thousand seems certain to be made. The instrument is ready: the Mafia like mob in New York called the United Nations: it was created to destroy nations. "The Conspiracy is so old that efforts to trace its ultimate source flounder in the sands of time: the fanciful might picture it originating with the devil in council. It has reappeared periodically between the ages and between times seemed to become dormant or defunct: but it was always there."
Douglas Reed, former London Times foreign correspondent in The Grand Design (1977)


Many Jewish sources now concede the internal situation in Israel is bleak. The debt situation is horrific, with over $18 billion owing to the U.S. for armaments alone. The powerful Zionist lobby in America is working with unceasing pressure for an escalation of the enormous handouts and loans available to Israel since 1948. But they are beginning to run into heavy flak, as Reagan institutes drastic cuts on the home front.

TIME (July 27th. 1981) records the remarks of Congressman Paul McCloskey to an Officers' Club in San Diego: "We've got to overcome the tendency of the Jewish community in America to control the actions of Congress and for them to force the President and Congress not to be evenhanded...."

McCloskey was immediately attacked by Morris Casuto, San Diego director of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith - the same body which honoured Malcolm Fraser for his "humanitarian" achievements. Israel itself, according to the Australian Jewish News (3/7/81) "has the dubious distinction of leading the world's economies with an inflation rate of more than 130%. According to a 12 month survey conducted by the International Labor Organisation (ILO), the nearest rivals for this booby prize are Argentina and Turkey... Significantly, however, the same issue of the Australian Jewish News reported a dramatic drop in the inflation rate in the month of May. The reasons for this drop were as follows: ... Ever since Yoram Aridor was named Mr. Begin's third finance Minister in January, Israelis have been treated to a series of tax cuts on luxuries and consumer durables such as colour televisions, washing machines and cars. But more significant from an economic viewpoint has been the increase in the number of items subsidised and the size of the subsidies themselves. Instead of the almost weekly increases in the price of eggs, milk, vegetables, cooking oil, as well as public transportation, prices have been more or less stable. The grumbling from the normally outspoken Israelis has quietened down..."
The obvious question, of course, is the source of the finance for subsidies.

The paper continues: "the government was able to keep prices down because it borrowed 1.8 billion shekels (about $160 million) to pay the subsidies... The article didn't say where the money was borrowed. Could it have been Israel's central bank? And is it conceivable that the subsequent debt might quietly disappear? But the policy of reducing taxes and subsidising the consumer end of the sale of basic items is one we seem to have heard of before. Perhaps John Howard or Doug Anthony could press their recall buttons?


Mr. Gary Foley, the part Aboriginal, played a major role in organising the recent visit to Australia of representatives of The World Council of Churches. We understand that Mr. Foley has acted as a consultant for the Australian Council of Churches. Mr. Foley is often mentioned in the media as a "spokesman" for the Aboriginals and is prominent in radical activities. We have before us a photostat copy of a letter which Mr. Foley wrote to Mission Publications of Australia on November 26th 1975, as publicity officer for the Aboriginal Medical Service:

"Dear ……. The Aboriginal Medical Service has for some time been the unwilling recipient of a pornographic magazine of which I believe you are the editor. I want to let you know that apart from toilet paper, the 'Today' Magazine is of no use to us whatsoever, and I sincerely hope you stop sending the thing to us. "We are an organisation that is concerned with the physical and material problems of our people and we have no time for people who are still actively involved in the destruction of our society and values. "As you know (as in original) doubt know, Christianity has brought more misery and suffering to the people of the world than any other single disease in the history of mankind. Our purpose in life is to smash and destroy Christianity and its perverted purveyors in any way we can, so you can see we have no use for your filthy propaganda. Please send us no more!
Yours fraternally, ABORIGINAL MEDICAL SERVICES. Gary Foley, Publicity Officer."

Mission Publications of Australia publishes "Today" magazine, which is a fine Christian publication highly regarded by Christian Aboriginals and others. "Today" was being forwarded to the Aboriginal Medical Services at the suggestion of a Christian Aboriginal leader. There is no evidence that Mr. Foley has changed his views, or his politics, since 1975. It would be instructive to know why the Australian Council of Churches uses him as a "consultant".


The media and the politicians, in both Australia and the United Kingdom, have been doing their best to create the impression that race has not been a major factor in the British riots. There can be no doubt that much of the rioting is related to large scale unemployment, particularly amongst the young who are also the products of the ''new education'' and a society whose traditional values have been eroded. But it is significant that while both Wales and Scotland have large-scale youth unemployment, Wales perhaps being the worst part of the United Kingdom, they have not as yet suffered the type of riots experienced in Liverpool, Brixton and elsewhere. But neither Scotland nor Wales have large numbers of non-European immigrants. The riots have all taken place where there has been a big influx of non-Europeans. Honest observers record a reality, which is unpleasant for the supporters of multi-racialism: Part of that reality is that many of the non-Europeans completely reject British institutions and traditional values. Conscious of their numbers they see no need to relate to the British and are increasingly attracted by the concept of "Black Power". The situation is ready made for the Marxist and other agitators. Australians can still avert the disaster afflicting the British, by demanding that the programme to create a multiracial policy - by bringing in more non-Europeans be halted.

An article in The Australian (August 10th) asserts that the Returned Services League is poised for a comeback to speak for the "silent majority", having recovered from a period of waning influence due to reduced membership and finances. The Australian suggests that the League is preparing itself for a dynamic resurgence, but that, in so doing - "it is risking the key to its political power privileged access to Prime Ministers and the Cabinet." We do question whether or not this is a correct statement of fact: we think the writer of the above statement may be putting the cart before the horse. The R.S.L. DID have influence over Prime Ministers and the Cabinet because of the public opinion it led: hence the VOTES it influenced. That is what politicians are primarily concerned about -votes: grabbing power: and then holding power. That's the name of the game - power. When the membership; hence the funds, of the R.S.L. declined, so did its influence over politicians - to such as extent that some politicians are even now attacking the R.S.L. Yes, even some politicians who are members themselves; but who choose to distance themselves from a particular pronouncement by the R.S.L. for political purposes. An example is the attack on the R.S.L. by former Premier of Victoria, Mr. Dick Hamer, and also a Victorian Cabinet Minister, Mr. Jeff Kennett. They don't like the line of the R.S.L. on Asian Immigration. They have also distanced themselves from the support of large numbers of Victorian Electors who do support the R.S.L.'s line on Immigration. Mr. Hamer is now out of politics: his political assassination was arranged and the scramble for his blue ribbon Liberal Seat will be settled with a by-election shortly. There is little doubt in our minds that the newfound strength of the R.S.L. has developed from the enormous encouragement it has received from the public because of its courage in attacking the Government on Immigration. We are delighted to read that the R.S.L. is poised to "tackle the Government on everything from its domestic and foreign policies to flagging national pride". Our best advice to the R.S.L., drawn from all our experience, is that it should "talk to Australia" boldly and directly, and not become bogged down in negotiations with slippery politicians. Finally, we fully agree with Sir William Keys, National President of the R.S.L., who said that Australia was under threat of "a peaceful invasion" of Indo-Chinese boat people.

We would like to know more about the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (A.C.O.A.). This body has urged the Government to withdraw the Australian Trade Commission from South Africa, and to end landing rights for South African Airways. We should be training the black African leaders, it says, for the coming "Azania" ("free" South Africa). Whilst the anti-South African A.C.O.A. is ranting about that nation economic "domination" over central and Southern Africa, the fact of life is that many black African "nations" (in fact tribes) would have difficulty in surviving without the economic presence of South Africa.

The following letter was published in the "Cobram Courier", July 22nd. We are not able to insert the whole letter (we'd like to) - but just what space allows:
.... "I believe that several Victorian Primary schools have instituted courses in tooth brushing, and the experiment has proved such an educational breakthrough that the Victorian Health Department is considering doubling the programme next year. "Suppose your child is taught something contrary to the traditions and belief of your family? Toothpowder people will resent their children lured away or practising heretical brushing with paste. Three times a day people will not want their children attending schools where twice a day is tolerated as a doctrine. What about the different factions of electric brushes, cordless and manual? Do you want the school system messing in emotional questions like that? "For some years now, for instance, eating has been taught in elementary school. No class worth its salt omits some form of cooking as a teaching method, a great preparation for life, where all the great decisions are made over lunch.
"Then there is interpersonal relations, which used to be known as "But he hit me first" communication and self expression. Ideally, each child should be encouraged to spend class time discussing his innermost feelings with his classmates; skills which he will find useful later if he hopes to be a successful adult, who is able to tell strangers at parties all the details of his divorce. "We still have a long way to go. The art of taking a bath is not taught, even as a laboratory course: nor is creative dawdling, a serious omission. Film is now often included in schools, but what's being done to encourage children to watch television? "But these things will come. We can look forward to a time when it is no longer necessary to bake cookies, or take them camping, because the schools will do it for them. "And the best part will be that this frees the parents to spend long, happy, family evenings teaching the children how to read and write."
This letter appeared over the name of a "Diane Teasedale" (Independent Candidate for Murray)

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